Fade to Black: Bonds

Chapter 1


Let's fly, forgetting loss as all the people cried in pain. They tried to live their lives, in the sky where they could fly. Tell me where he is, tell them to go away, but there's so much here so let the times whirl. There's a voice that says your heart and your soul and the sun comes down with all their calls. So where is your feeling and where is your light? Forgotten gods no ones ever seen.

Over a year ago the city of Magnolia experienced something that no other city had experienced before, destruction at the hands of a monster. Their city was almost destroyed, but then more monsters showed up but they were different. They sought not to harm the humans but instead to protect them from the darkness that began to engulf the world. It wasn't easy though for they faced a foe more powerful than any enemy they faced before, but through teamwork from both humans and monsters they were able to stop his rein of destruction. Many died and for that a great memorial was erected in memory of the fallen, but through the destruction and chaos both human and monsters began to find common ground. The process was long and very tedious, not to mention exhausting to a lot of humans but with the help of Frank and his platoon as well as Rorik and Mellina their city was rebuilt, stronger and better than it was before. The city of Magnolia was not only their home but also a symbol that stood for what could happen if the world were to except the mystical and with it would come a new world.

December 5th, it was cold, it was kind of wet, but at least the sun wasn't out and for Alucard that was a good thing. For hours he had been waiting for this one guy to show up in an alleyway ear the local bookstore, according to Fletcher some were telling him that they had been hearing deals going down inside the darkness. Well if that was the case it was time to bust some heads.

"Achoo! God this damn snow. Couldn't you just lift it for just a little bit? No? Ok." he asked the almighty.

Of course he couldn't answer, he was talking to himself. Even though he was a vampire the cold still bothered him a bit. With his cloak wrapped around him tightly he laid on top the overhang of a nearby street bench as his eyes continued to scan for their perp.

"Al, Al are you there?" he heard his partner ask through his earpiece.

"Yeah I'm here, frozen as ever."

"Right sorry for dragging you into this but out of all of us you're the fastest." she replied in an apologetic tone.

"Nah it's alright, this isn't anything to worry about." he reassured her.

"That's good, have you caught any sight of the target?" she asked.

With the drawn profile in hand his eyes moved from side to side as he tried to match up the picture with anyone nearby.

"Nope, but I'll keep in touch." he replied as he turned off his earpiece.

Huh he wondered though, using his energy he called forth a little black flame in the palm in his hand just to see if it would warm him up a bit.

"Oh yeah, that's the stuff." he sighed as his body began to warm up a bit.

Just when it was getting good though a man began approaching the alleyway dressed in a stock hat and leather jacket that looked like the perfect place for drugs to be stored, at least that's what he thought.

"I found him, I'm going in for the capture." he said as he jumped down from his spot.

"Alright but be careful, this guy could be a slippery snake." she replied.

"Yeah like they all aren't."

Well it was showtime as he leaned against edge of the entrance. With his ears wide open he listened closely to their little conversation while also preparing for a little chase.

"We've got everything you need here. Whatever you want we can get, the goonja, kika, fire reds, I'll supply you with whatever you need."

Yep he was definitely guilty, all those were drugs known only to those in the Underground but it looked like they decided to bring it up top for a little fun. Time for the catch. Taking a deep breath he stepped into the darkness as he used his enhanced vision to see through the darkness.

"Don't move freeze!" he shouted as he confronted the perp

"Yo what's up man? Up for a little fun?"

"Open your jacket right now or I swear I will blow you sky high." he threatened.

"And who do you think you are intruding on my business?"

"Oh just one of the ones who saved the city. Now as I said open your damn jacket." he demanded once more as a bolt began to form in his hand.

"Alright man keep your lid on." .

As soon as he opened his brown jacket up he knew he had them. Arranged all around inside were different little packets of all kind of drugs. From some made by humans to the ones made my monsters, they were all there.

"You were trying to see goonja to a human you piece of crap?"

"Hey he wanted some stuff so I got it."

"You do know what that stuff can do to a human right? Swelling of the brain, heart attacks, that stuff is only meant for monsters and..."

He was gone, but he didn't get far before he spotted him running against the wall as nothing more than just a shadow. Great he had a shadow running on his hands.

"Eh what about me?" his customer asked.

"You can go, but lay off the stuff man. You look even deader than my friend." he said as he began the pursuit.

His eyes were locked on his fellow monster as he moved between people. When he looked up at the street they were turning on, Hooper, a plan began form inside his head.

"Hey Julie, he's headed towards your position. Lay a little trap out for him will ya?"

"Sounds good to me."

Knowing shadow riders they loved the dark and with Hooper Street having only one alleyway he would more than likely take it. As he ran against the wall though he saw his pursuer running right next to him.

"Going somewhere, besides jail?"

"Come on man I'm just trying to make a living." he begged as he took the bait.

Just as he though, as soon as he spotted the darkness he fled right into it. Now it was all up to her as he stood outside and waited. He kept on running though until he saw he was in the clear. With sweat running down his face he jumped out from the wall and took a deep breath.

"Stupid punk, who does he think he is? Huh, what's this goop?" he asked as a puddle of black goop began to form under his feet.

It was clear though that it was all a set up when it began hardening around his feet before walls of the stuff shot up. Within seconds he was trapped within a black box. He struggled and struggled but as hard as he tried he couldn't break free of his prison, he had been duped.

As Al waited outside though snow began to fall once more just as his partner walked from the darkness of the alleyway carrying a large, black box.

"Whoa nice catch, I guess you learned a new trick on your own huh?"

"Yep, it's all there in my mothers book so I decided to try something new out."

"Awesome, and good job catching him." he said as they both gave a high five.

Within fifteen minutes the M.P.F was out and ready to take in their newest perp. With Frank as the chief everything ran fairly smoothly, though his son preferred to play with the little kids at a daycare he didn't judge him for that. They wanted to make life with monsters as comfortable as possible for humans.

"Hey Frank we got you a present." Al said as Julie uncovered the worm.

"Awe that's nice of you two and I know just where to put him." he said with a grin directed towards the punk.

With his invention the Calming Cuffs arresting monsters became a breeze. With Mellina's help they were able to lock away any monster's strength and energy, leaving them completely empty and drained. Once he was loaded up up Julie called her matter back to her cylinder as Alucard stretched for a few seconds.

"Hey Al I was wondering, the winter festival is coming up this week and I was wonder if maybe you would like to go...with me?" she asked as her cheeks turned a bit red.

"Hm, yeah that sounds like fun. We haven't had too many days off this year anyways so this could be good for all of us. Yeah, I'm in." he said with excitement as he gave her a thumbs up.

"Thanks, my father has been a bit busy at City Hall lately and he probably wouldn't make it and I know everyone else will probably be there..."

"Whoa Juls, I'll come. You're my friends after all and I couldn't just leave you out there alone to let some sleaze ball catch you."

"Oh please someone does try anything I'll catch them just like I did back there. Remember what happened to you when I caught you peaking?"

"Yeah you used the gunk to tie me to a garlic stand. I can still feel those burns too." he teased as they both began to chuckle.

Yes life had changed, whether it was good or bad they were both just glad that they didn't have to hide anymore. With the snow falling all around them and Christmas quickly approaching life could only get better.

"Hey uh Julie, could I have a sip?"

"Geez, don't you have anymore back at home?"

"No, my dad drank them all when he was trying to create a new alcoholic drink."

All she did was roll her eyes and smile as she pulled her hair back to expose her neck.

"Just a sip."

"Got it." he said as his fangs pierced her neck.

Oh well, he was a vampire after all and even if he didn't but a sip to quench his thirst he still needed some. She didn't mind though as long as he wasn't too rough. She was his partner after all. Gulp by gulp he took a bit of blood from her until he let go only to lick the wounds to seal them up.

"Ah...gotta say, you're the sweetest around." he said as he rubbed his stomach.

"Is that suppose to be some kind of pick up line?" she teased.


And with that they both headed to the arcade to enjoy the rest of their day together.