Fade to Black


As the wind whistled around them the guards of the Sekuya armory stood watch just as they always did, in wait that something may appear. What were they guarding? Something no living thing should ever have possessed. From outside they could hear the tree branches scratching the windows all the while they stared into the darkness that was their sector. Then suddenly, an explosion shook the building. Fearing that someone had broken in they took their places in preparation for the intruder.

"Freeze, don't move, and no one will get hurt." one of the guards shouted as a masked figure stepped through the doorway.

Instead of talking it only raised its hands, as if to surrender. Thinking possibly he'd given up they lowered their weapons, only to have him throw out both arms. With caution they raised their guns, but it was too late. With a snap of his fingers the air around them exploded; sending them all to an early grave. Only one guy remained as he approached the young man.

"Do you really wish to do that son?" he asked in a deep voice.

As if to say no he fired off a shot, only for it to miss him completely.

"You've chosen poorly." he said before raising his hand.

And with one swing he found his head severed as the intruder walked past with a hint of guilt or doubt about what he'd just done. With a large vault blocking his way he used the only thing he needed, his strength. With both hands around the wheel he gave it a good tug; tearing it perfectly off. What did he get for his troubles? An empty lit room, but he knew better than to trust the first thing he saw.

"Clever, real clever." he said before punching the floor.

Just as he'd thought, a hollowed out room had been built just for this. It was lit much like the other one, but instead it held what he'd been looking for. Sitting on a black pedestal was a pure red gauntlet with a red demon eye placed in the middle.

"They've tried, and they've failed, they tried, and they failed, looks like I'll have to do this myself." he said while picking up the weapon

To be continued in...

Fade to Black: Final War