"Taking a walk at midnight is not one of my best ideas I admit, but what else am I supposed to do? Its not like I was sleeping anyway. Okay, well maybe I'm not so much as walking as I am running, and maybe I'm not so much taking a run as I am running away… but its all the same right?" I explained to myself, trying to convince my head that this was okay. "Okay fine, look you know that's BS, and I know its BS, but lets just pretend okay?" I told myself. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was talking to myself and I slowed down to curse my idiocy.

Somehow I almost walked past the shoe that was under the willow tree, it had a distinct worn-down quality to it, but at the same time didn't look too old so it would probably have lasted the wearer a few more months. The shoe looked really familiar to me, as if I should remember it, but couldn't. "What the—" Sadly I never finished that obviously very philosophical thought because that's when the second shoe fell on my head from the tree. "Where the hell are these shoes coming from, I mean its every girl's dream for it to rain shoes but this is not what she means." I thought. As I looked closer at the shoe I realized it was the match to the first one.

For reasons unknown to me, only at the moment did it dawn on me to look up into the tree. Slowly, like that dramatic moment in a movie, I looked up and squinted at the branches of the willow tree I was under. Even in the near pitch-black darkness that only happens at midnight, I saw where the shoe came from. Hanging from the very highest branch was a distinctly human shaped body.

I don't remember much of the chaos that ensued after that. After all, can you really expect me to considering the circumstances? But either way, police arrived, and there was a whole ordeal. Naturally, I told them I was just taking a midnight stroll and happened to see the body, that I had no connection to the person. But really what is a girl supposed to do? This was the third time I was running away from that damn mental hospital (or the sanctuary as they called it) going back was not an option; I'd sooner hang like that other guy. Speaking of him, you're probably wondering who he is (or was since he is dead). Well, his name was Jonathan. I didn't know him personally, but lets just say there is a lot of time to ask questions when you are stuck in a mental hospital.

Jonathan was fairly normal; overall really he was your average teenager, on the outside at least. Who knows what was really going on in his head? Well that is a lie, there are a few people who knew what was going through his head. One of those people being me.

It's entirely true I didn't know him personally at the time of his death, but I used to. Once upon a time, just before the accident that landed me in that loony mental asylum, I had known Jonathan. Actually more like was best friends with Jonathan. One way or another, Jonathan and I were close friends.

We had a mutual friend and she was crazy to say the least. She drove me absolutely insane, and one day I more or less snapped. I pushed her, not very hard, but apparently too hard. She didn't get up. I tried to explain to the cops that it was her own fault, she just kept talking and talking and talking, but Jonathan didn't see it my way. He told them everything. So next thing I know I'm in mental hospital.

Jonathan ruined my life. So I returned the favor.