Brought Forth A Calamity


Throughout history one thing was always present - war.

Times change, but war continues to exist. Even if the common people hated it, it still occurs.

The reasons for war are many, greed, religion, or simply pride. However, these reasons get lost in the bloodshed, and the cycle of hatred it creates.

Humanity never learns from the past, and thus the closed wounds re-open.

The world of Orpheus, humanity split in two by the two empires that dominate this world. The ever hungry, Xaxis empire; and the once tranquil Helix empire. The Xaxis who wanted to expand their borders ignited the flames of war and thus humanity returned to its preordained cycle.

The bloodshed terrified the people, their fate no longer their own.

However, as the war seemed to be at the point that it would never end a certain monstrosity descended.

Using it's immense power both sides were mutually devastated. The two empires were rendered into a state where war was no longer a possibility, and thus it ended.

However, even though the flames of war died out, the colossal monster, Calamity, still existed.

Since then twelve years have passed, and humanity had been left with a new destructor in war's place.

Author Notes

Well this idea basically came out of nowhere. I've essentially got a concept and a couple of characters, but I'm not very confident I can write this in a way that will remain interesting. But I'll do my utmost best, wish me luck. I know there isn't much to go on with just a prologue so I'll try to get another chapter out soon so people can see just what kind of story this is.