Chapter 03: The Ieon Ruins

The trio of Hikaru, Melody, and Winter had traversed for a day through the woodlands and had at last reached their destination. Before them was a huge construct that had decayed with age yet still stood sturdy.

"We finally found another," Hikaru said as he ran has hand across the huge stone slab that blocked the entrance.

"What could you possibly do here that would be of any benefit?" Winter crossed his arms, "Like I said there is no way of entering."

"Well for normal people I suppose you would be correct, Winter-kun," Melody responded with a smile, "Just stand back and watch." She requested as she pulled him away leaving Hikaru in front of the entrance.

Hikaru took a quick glance back and nodded to his compatriot.

Ether of all colours began to flow out of Hikaru as he spread out his arms. "A Hikaru, cvirvoweor ns Ieon, qorvhsn ns qhs ysrzvax," The words that left Hikaru's lips appeared to incomprehensible but yet they were spoken confidently, power could be felt out of every word "rviyor ozieeig va ojc oyiv ns ky rssbl." As soon as he had finished, the huge slab in front split in two and opened forwards almost as if it was inviting them inside.

"What happened?" Winter stared in disbelief at the now open entrance and then to Hikaru, "What did he do?"

Melody slaps him slightly on the shoulder, "He just opened the door for us, now lets go." She says as she runs to the side of her partner. Winter quickly shakes off his confusion and runs to catch up with the mysterious duo.

The interior of the ruins were pitch black but Hikaru lighted up the area slightly by releasing small amounts of Ether. Winter stopped to look at the strange hieroglyphics that were carved onto the stone wall, but he couldn't read any of it.

"You interested in what it says?" Hikaru asked as he stopped to approach the wall with Melody still by his side, Winter nodded.

"To make a long story short it is telling details of a war that was fought millenniums ago between the two ancient civilisations, the Ieons, and the Muu." Hikaru translated.

"War?" Winter asked.

"The two civilisations fought endlessly to the point where they had long since forgotten the reason for their feuds," Hikaru supplements as Melody looks at the ground with a sad expression on her face. "It goes on to talk about the final battle between them. The two civilisations attacked with their respective trump cards, The Ieons using 'Hope', and the Muu 'Fortress'. The outcome was the victory for the Ieon civilisation."

"Even way back then there was still worthless conflict?" Winter says in sadness.

"Humanity exists on a planet that has been thoroughly fertilised with blood," Hikaru explains, "Whether it's humans killing other humans, or Calamity just killing indiscriminately. Whatever the case, conflict will never disappear and peace is just a dream within a dream." Hikaru states the cold truth.

"But then even if Calamity is stopped won't conflict just reignite?" Winter asks.

"Winter-kun, like you said conflict will reappear in the future if Calamity is destroyed. But if Calamity remains, there won't even be a future." Melody explains.

The trio stood in silence.

"Anyway we should move on, I promised to show you humanity's hope against Calamity, didn't I?" Hikaru breaks the silence and the three of them continue further into the depths of the ruins.

They eventually arrived in a wide spacious area with something that looked like an altar and a huge iron statue of a knight at the far end of the room. Hovering over the altar was some kind of orb the size of a crystal ball. It was giving off a light emitting Ether. "We've found it," Hikaru says happily, Melody also smiled.

"Huh, what is that?" Winter just looked in confusion.

"One of the Ether Cores that supplied the power to the ancient weapon, Fortress." Melody explained.

"Fortresss? The Muu's weapon?" Winter asked in shock, "Wait the way to destroy Calamity?"

"We need a weapon of unimaginable power to best Calamity, Fortress possesses that power, that's why we are gathering the ingredients necessary to revive it." Hikaru explains.

Winter just stared in disbelief at what he just heard, they were serious in their objective to destroy Calamity. What no one had been able to accomplish in the last decade they were aiming for it and they had a concrete plan about how to do it.

"Anyway lets just take that Ether Core and run. The Xaxis Empire maybe onto us already, we did open up that previously unopenable door after all. And I'd rather not have to deal with them." Hikaru stated.

"But Hikaru-san if you shared your plan with the Empire wouldn't they support the idea, Calamity is an eyesore for all of humanity." Winter asked innocently.

Hikaru shakes his head to the side, "Do you think it would be a good decision to hand the power hungry Xaxis Empire a weapon that possesses destructive power on par with Calamity?" He asked.

Winter stood shocked for a minute. Although he was born and raised in a town that was part of the Xaxis Empire, he never liked the things they did as a nation. The Emperor claimed that his ultimate wish was for world peace but to Winter it was less like peace and closer to domination.

"No, I guess not." He replied.

If a weapon was in the hands of any nation then they would seek to use it, great power will always bring about greater conflicts.

"The same can be said for every other nation, just having Fortress in their possession could bring about unease in neighboring countries, which in turn could lead to another war. That is why we must do this alone." Hikaru explained, "Then maybe I will be able to repent." He whispered.

"Hm, what did you say just now, Hikaru?" Melody asked.

"Nothing, now lets just take this and leg it." Hikaru evaded the question as he approached the altar but when he was a few metres away the Ether Core suddenly grew brighter.

"What the!?" The three shielded their eyes as the Ether Core hovered out of the shrine and entered the head of the statue of the iron knight near it.

"Hikaru get away from there!" Melody shouted as Ether flowed through the statue that had risen to its feet and slashed down towards the altar with its huge blade.

"A defence mechanism to prevent the Core from being taken, huh." Hikaru analysed as he escaped the colossal blade and drew his own sword, with Winter drawing his dual daggers and Melody a bow.

Yellow Ether gathered at Hikaru's feet and he closed the distance between himself and the knight. "I'll attack head on. Winter, you flank it when you have the opportunity, Melody you hang back and provide support from the rear!" He ordered.

"Leave it to me." Winter gathered Red Ether into his blades and ran in an arc towards the knight.

"Roger." Melody jumped back to increase the distance as she shot a Red Ether filled arrow at the knight, that deflected it with its blade.

Hikaru slammed his Orange Ether covered sword at its feet whilst its blade was guarding the arrow. The knight released Blue Ether to guard against the attack at its feet but it only slowed it down and Hikaru's blade sliced halfway through its foot before the resistance got too strong and had to withdraw.

The knight swung down its huge Red Ether covered blade, Hikaru swiftly dodged. Melody unleashed another arrow at the knight's head as Winter jumped into the air and swiped at its arms with his daggers.

The two simultaneous attacks caused the knight to stagger. "All right, attack with everything you've got!" Hikaru ordered as he increased the amount of Orange Ether in his blade, "Ether Wave!" He shouted as he shot condensed Orange Ether to the knight.

"Flame Pillar!" Winter directed his spell at the knight as the intense flames shot forth.

"Star Arrow!" Huge torrents of Ether flowed behind the arrow that increased the speed and piercing power.

All three of the trio's special attacks pierced the knight, that crumbled to pieces, exposing the Core.

Hikaru took it into his hand and smiled, "With this, we're one step closer." The Ether Core then disappeared as one of Hikaru's rings shined, he had transported it to another location for safe keeping.

"Come on, we've gotta get out of here." He said as his comrades gave an affirming nod.

After retracing their steps and setting foot out of the Ruins and the slab doors shut behind them what awaited them were multiple armed soldiers.

"Crap," Hikaru said as he looked at their opposition.

"As I thought it was you two who opened the Ieon Ruins, Hikaru, Melody." A man in his mid twenties dressed in noble wear and a cape approached. Hikaru and Melody each wore angered expressions at the man.

"He's..." Winter stared in shock at the man before them who he thought that he would never have met in person.

"The fourth prince of the Xaxis Empire, Prince Rudith. To be found by such a troublesome guy, my happy day has just been ruined." Hikaru spouted.

"Oh, but mine has just gotten a lot better, surrender. You're no match for me." Rudith declared proudly.

Although it was frustrating for both Hikaru and Melody they knew he was right. Rudith was scum, but his power was top notch. Fortunately they knew that he couldn't kill them so the choice they made was the best course of action.

They both dropped their weapons to the ground.

"You as well, child," Rudith ordered, Winter too dropped his daggers to the floor as his body shook in worry.

What are they going to do to us? He thought

"Don't worry, they have no intention of killing us," Having guessed his concerns Melody whispered into Winter's ear, calming him somewhat.

The trio had been captured by the very people they wanted to avoid the most.

Author Notes

Well the first use of the Ieon language (that is closer to a code) and writing it out is really tiring so I best make sure not to use whole speeches of it. The scumbag prince makes a reappearance and he's just an annoying as his introduction. Well I probably should extend a few points here and there (probably the fight scene). Anyway if you think it's good tell me so, if you think it's bad also tell me so as well as how to improve it.

Hope you enjoy it for what it's worth.