This chapter contains two women engaged in acts of physical intimacy. Consider it one for the road.

59: Forever, Always

The smell of the sea almost overpowered the smell of Quinn when Artie woke up, but not quite. They were honeymooning by the beach, so the scent of salt water was everywhere, but the wonderful of aroma of Quinn was just below her nose. Quinn surrounded her in their hotel room and beat the beach off with a gentle caress and a kiss. The beach would never stand a chance.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Quinn asked, her voice a bit scratchy. She handed Quinn a bottle of water from their bedside table.

"I just woke up. I was enjoying holding my wife," Artie replied with a smile. Quinn was draped on her, bare and delicious. She had her arm around Quinn's shoulder, holding her in place.

"Wife." Quinn sighed and smiled, cuddling closer than Artie would have thought possible. "Quinn Brenner."

"I still can't believe you changed your name for me."

"I'm your wife and you're my family. Besides, there was nothing attached to Matherson, not directly anyway. There's love and familiarity and family attached to Brenner."

Artie wanted to stick out her chest, feeling pride in the fact that Quinn carried her name. If they did have children, they'd be Brenners. They'd be the Brenner family. We'll be a great family. The family Quinn deserves.

"So, what do you want to do now that we're both up? Should we go to the beach?" Quinn asked.

Artie scoffed. While she loved the beach, she had no plans of stepping out of this hotel room for the four short days they were there. She just wanted to enjoy her wife in every way imaginable, so she kissed Quinn as an answer and was certain Quinn understood the message. Feeling the flick of Quinn's tongue burned through Artie and she pulled Quinn fully onto her.

Quinn giggled and sat up, rolling her hips against Artie's stomach. Artie groaned, from the feel and the sight. Quinn on top of her, pale skin on display, pink nipples at attention, dark hair raining down her shoulders, eyes dark with love and desire, was always a vision. Memories of Quinn riding her floated through her mind, making her moan. I think we'll have to repeat that and a bunch of other positions as soon as I actually get out of this bed to get my dick again. But, there were plenty of other ways to love Quinn without leaving the bed. Artie pressed her hand against Quinn's stomach and simply ran it up and down, causing Quinn to exhale slowly.

"I just had you an hour ago. How can I still want you?" Quinn wondered, staring down at Artie.

Artie grinned. "I hope you always still want me. I know I always want you." She definitely did not need an explanation as to why.

Quinn leaned down and kissed her long and hard, fueling the blazing fire inside of her body. Artie moved, needing to sit up some, needing to be able to make Quinn's body sing with passion. Quinn slid down her body as she sat up and she broke the kiss, wanting to kiss something else. Quinn hissed as Artie nipped on her ears and Artie's hands rolled Quinn's hips for her, making her grind against Artie.

"Please," Quinn whispered, gripping Artie's hair with one hand. The slight pull made Artie hiss.

Artie nodded, moving her lips down Quinn's neck and easing her fingers to Quinn's inner thigh. Quinn bucked against her; it felt sinfully good. Taking a straining nipple into her mouth, Artie pushed into Quinn, who was literally dripping, taking two fingers with ease. Quinn moaned and put her hands on Artie's shoulders, anchoring them together. Quinn moved with Artie, filling the room with her sweet scent and breathy whimpers.

"You're so beautiful, Princess," Artie whispered, kissing Quinn's flushed neck. She loved the way Quinn's body hugged her fingers and pulsed for her.

"Love you," Quinn replied, tucking her head to kiss Artie properly.

Artie moaned into the kiss and Quinn moved more frantically against her, chasing what Artie wanted her to desperately catch. Slipping in another finger and getting a sharp, long hiss from Quinn, Artie circled Quinn's clit with her thumb. Quinn's hold became tighter and Artie knew she was close, so she moved her along by nibbling her earlobe. Quinn's body went taut and her nails dug exquisitely into Artie's shoulders. The mews she made as she came down would never get old to Artie. With her body glistening, Quinn fell against Artie and Artie held her.

"Love you," Quinn whispered again.

"I love you, too, Princess." Artie kissed the top of Quinn's head and caressed her back.

She could feel Quinn smiling against her chest. Then, Quinn pushed her onto her back and kissed her with fire. Hot lips trailed down her neck and chest. Artie watched the dark head move lower down her and felt hypnotized by it. Quinn did things to her. Everything about Quinn, simple movements, held her total attention.

"You taste so good, Art," Quinn said, licking across Artie's stomach.

Artie grinned. "Not as good as you, I'm sure."

Quinn smirked and continued her quest. "Be that as it may, I like you." Her tongue traced the cuts of Artie's abdomen before traveling upward.

She ran her tongue over Artie's breasts before raining kisses down on them. Until Quinn, Artie had never really cared much for her breasts. In fact, she had always been happy they were small and easy to tape down when she was a teen. She never cared for lovers paying them much mind. Quinn seemed to love them and this made Artie appreciate them.

"Why so much attention on parts that don't matter?" Artie teased, running her hand through Quinn's hair.

Quinn glanced up at her. "Oh, but they do matter." She kneaded one small hill. "These were the first parts of you that gave me pause. When you would…" Quinn sighed. "When you fucked me, I'd feel you against my back and it was so… good. It felt so good."

Artie's eyes went wide. This was surprising. "You felt my little boobs on your back and thought it felt good?" She never even thought about her breasts touching Quinn back then, but it was because she never thought about her breasts.

Quinn's smirk was so sexy that it made Artie's body quiver. "Very good."

"Well, who am I to argue?" Artie grinned. If she likes my tits, then whatever. They're all hers.

"Now, you're getting the hang of this married thing, my dear spouse."

Artie liked that. She wasn't the husband, but she wasn't one to call herself a wife. She was a spouse.

"Yeah, your dear spouse." Artie smiled and ran her hand through Quinn's hair once again.

Quinn grinned and then went back to work. She kissed her way down, below Artie's navel as she parted Artie's legs. Artie moaned loudly as Quinn's tongue touched her. Losing a hand in Quinn's hair, she let loose all sorts of purrs as Quinn lapped at her. Crying out, Artie moved her leg, giving Quinn more room to work. Quinn took it and ran with it, tongue in a rhythm, joined by her fingers.

Artie was certain that all she'd ever need was Quinn's tongue, but her fingers were an added bonus. Her body embraced two fingers and burned for them. Climbing higher and higher until there was nowhere to go. When she peaked, it was like being in outer space because she couldn't breath, but she could feel. God, she could feel and it felt like Quinn was everywhere, ecstasy was everywhere. Her wife was everywhere.

The first thing she noticed when she regained the ability to think was Quinn laughing. She rubbed Quinn's back to get her attention and because she loved Quinn's back. Quinn looked up and moved up Artie's body, so they could exchange a kiss. Quinn settled against her.

"So, am I getting good at that?" Quinn teased.

"Oh, my god!" Artie groaned. "Let it go, woman!"

Quinn chuckled. "Don't you mean 'wife'?"

Artie grinned and she was sure she looked dopey, but she didn't care. "Yeah, wife. So, Mrs. Brenner, what should we get for dinner?"

"Oh, so, we're getting up?"

Artie laughed. "Hell, no! I'm ordering food. Maybe pizza. Want pizza, lovely wife?"

Quinn giggled and nodded. They ordered pizza and took a bath together and then made love again… and again.


Artie's phone going off drew her from an exhausted sleep. For a second, she thought it was one of her sisters, but that wasn't her home ringtone. It was Vega. Quinn muttered and moved against her. She quickly answered so the call wouldn't disturb her wife.

"Hey, Vega," Artie said. There was a long stretch of silence. "Vega?"

"She said yes," Vega trembling whispered.

Artie sat up. "Wait, what?"

"I asked and she said yes. She said yes," Vega breathed.

"Oh, my god. I can't believe you asked," Artie said. It was insane. She wished she was home now, by Vega's side, supporting her.

"I can't believe she said yes. Thank you, Art. You were right."

"Hey, you can't always be the right one out of us," Artie remarked with a chuckle. Wow, I didn't think she'd give in so quickly. Wow. Yvonne must be going crazy.

Vega laughed. "I guess. Enjoy your honeymoon. We'll talk later."

"Yeah. Congratulations. You did the right thing." She wanted to be encouraging and felt that was the right thing to say. She wasn't sure when just Vega disconnected the call.

"What was that about?" Quinn asked, her eyes still closed.

Artie rubbed Quinn's shoulder and kissed her just because she could. "Vega asked Tega to marry her. Tega said yes."

Quinn nodded against her neck. "That's great."

"Yes, it is. But, so is this." Artie hugged her wife close. She'd always hold Quinn close.

The End.


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