Chapter One

You meet shady people in the park at night

Cy's POV

I was stressed out, which was why I was in the park in the middle of the night. See I'm a lawyer. I fight for the underdog, and usually, I win. Today however, I lost, and it was completely my fault.

Okay, I'm not going to lie. I may use some highly illegal tactics to win cases. Like having Ace, who is supposed to be the receptionist at my firm, hack into a perp's computers, or having Police Officer Dakota Jackson, who is supposed to just be a friend not an employee, plant evidence. That's it though. Well, I mean unless you count Dr. Willa Scott, who is just my doctor, but sometimes she falsifies medical records for me and I may pay her for that.

Anyway, I only lie and cheat if I know the person is guilty . They deserve it. In this case though, I just wasn't sure he did.

Amanda Lend came into my office a month ago. She was the picture of a betrayed housewife. Her husband of three months had cheated on her, she had explained to me. That should have been my first clue. Three months? What?

So being the brave hero type that I am I took her case. My goal was to prove he had caused the upset in the marriage, therefore making the pre-nup they had signed before marriage null and void and landing Amanda with half of millionaire Timothy Lend's assets.

My team worked for days trying to find evidence of Mr. Lend's supposed affair and we came up empty. I had done all the normal things. Hacked his computer, bugged his phone, looked at his medical records, and staked him out for two days straight. Nothing showed that he was anything but faithful to his new wife. I should've dropped the case then, but I didn't.

Today I went into court and argued my case. I did it flawlessly as I always do and just at the end, when I am positive that I had won, my damn conscience got the best of me. I made a mockery of myself during my closing argument. I explained that I didn't believe Mr. Lend had cheated, which was what I was trying to prove he did.

That's why I was at a park in the middle of the night. I needed the fresh air, to clear my senses, to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day, all that inspirational crap. What I wanted to do was go to a club and pick-up a random person, but I was trying to quit behavior that is only acceptable in college.

I let my guard down as I stood in the park, which isn't a smart thing to do in the middle of the night, and this night it almost cost me.

The man was a bit bigger than me and before I could properly register what was happening he had knocked me on the ground and was trying to get my wallet. I kneed the man hard in his groin and he still didn't retreat.

"Steroids are bad for you," I grunted. He pulled a knife and held it against my neck, I stopped moving. Not really in the mood to die tonight. Suddenly my savior arrived whacking the big brute on the head with a tree trunk . The man was momentarily stunned then he got off me and headed towards what could possibly be the hottest man I've ever seen. A blond hair, blue eyed angel. This gave me time to pull my Springfield 45 out of my hidden holster and cock it. It wasn't necessary legal for me to have it, but when you pissed off big people in Sin City by not being afraid to go against them, it was wise to keep a gun.

The man turned away from my knight and faced me. "I suggest you run along," I threatened him. My hand holding my gun remained calm while the rest of me was shaking slightly. Just because I owned the gun didn't mean I felt comfortable shooting it.

He hesitated for a moment and then,thankfully, fled as fast as he could.

"Thanks for that," the beautiful man said.

"Thank you," I replied then held out my hand to him. "Cy Dallas."

He shook my hand, "Bliss Cage."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Bliss Cage." Was it just me or did that sound like a fake name?

"Likewise. So, don't you know better than to hang around the park late at night? That's when the shady people come out," he teased me.

"I could ask the same of you," I responded.

"Well, who's to say I'm not one of the shady people," He grinned. His teeth were so perfect and straight, and blindingly white.

"What are you doing out here?" I asked seriously.

He looked at me with raised eyebrows as if the answer was obvious. It was then that I took in his choice of clothing. His jeans fit him almost too snugly and left nothing to the imagination. The top three buttons of his shirt were undone and a small silver chain was around his neck. My guess, he was a prostitute.

"Would you care for some company tonight?" Bliss asked. I realized I had been silent for too long.

"Who do you work for?" I knew all the pimps in town. It came in handy to know which high profile people were paying for their lovers.

"Why, are you a cop?" Bliss said taking a step back.

"No, I'm a lawyer," I assured him.

"Well, I'm glad to see we're equals then," the man deadpanned.

I smiled. I loved sarcasm. "You know, company would be nice."

"This is nice," Bliss observed as I showed him into my high-rise condo.

"I got it for a bargain," I said closing the door and locking it. "I knew the builder. The owner built out of the price-range for this neighborhood."

"I didn't realize I had come here to discuss real estate," he said dryly. He was cheeky. I love cheeky.

"You never told me who you worked for," I pointed out coming up behind him. He was looking out the floor to ceiling window at the city below.

"Eliot Lamar," he whispered.

Oh, I hated him. He was arrogant. Thought the world was a better place because of him. He believed he was above the law, actually he believed he was the law. Yes, I'm aware I just described myself.

"So, what do you want to do?" I asked. I realized it was a dumb question as soon as it left my mouth.

"Well, as soon as I get paid, I'd like to fuck."

"Ah, yeah." I stammered. "I'll be right back."

I went to my closet and opened my safe. It's were I kept my bribe money. I pulled out the amount that had been agreed upon in my car and then went back to the living area. "There ya go," I said handing him the cash. He quickly pulled out his wallet and placed it inside.

"Where did you want to do this?" he asked once he had put his wallet back into his jeans. I'm not really sure how it fit.

I pointed towards my bedroom. He led the way.

I stood in the doorway of the room and watched as he undressed. He was beautiful with his clothes on, but it was nothing compared to him with his clothes off. His skin was flawless and pale and his muscles were just the right amount of toned.

"It helps if we're both naked," he teased when he noticed me staring.

I walked toward him and gripped his chin with my hand raising it slightly. I placed a small kiss on his lips. "I think it's my decision whether or not I wear clothes," I whispered against his lips. I felt him tremble beneath my touch. Yeah, he only thought I was paying him to rock my world, in reality I was paying to rock his.

"Lay down," I commanded taking a step away from him. He went to lie on his stomach. "No, on your back." He flipped to his back.

I grabbed a few condoms and a bottle of lube from the side table and sat them on the bed next to him.

"How did you meet Eliot?" I asked as I began to undress.

"Is this a therapy session?"

I took that to mean he didn't want to discuss it.

His breathing increased when I got on the bed and positioned myself between his legs. His eyes were focused on my cock. I wondered if its nine inch size made him nervous.

"I'm sure you can take it," I teased him. His eyes shot up to mine. They were a beautiful shade of blue. I could drown in them.

I leaned over him and captured his lips, using one arm to support my weight. I made use of my free hand by slowly running it down his body. His perfectly toned body, it wasn't too hard and it wasn't too soft.

"You wanna take it, don't you?" I breathed against his lips once I broke the kiss. My hand was resting on his thigh. I knew where he wanted it to be though.

"Yes," he moaned out. I grabbed him and he shouted out.

"Hush," I teased him. He whimpered slightly when I started to slowly stroke him. God, he was sexy. "You're beautiful," I told him.

He opened his eyes and looked at me his small whimpers never ceasing. "So beautiful," I repeated. I was surprised when he shook his head. He didn't think he was beautiful. He needed to look in a mirror.

I straightened up and grabbed the lube from beside us. He watched me closely as I poured some on to my hand and coated my fingers with it. I brought my hand down to his ass massaged around his entrance.

"You don't have to be so gentle. I've done this before," he growled.

"You mean I'm not your first?" I jested pushing two fingers into him at once and beginning to scissor them.

His only come back was a moan. Did I mention he was sexy?

"Do you like that?" I breathed at him.

"God yes," he cried as I hit his prostate.

I had wanted to tease him longer, but he was irresistible. I needed to be inside him. I pulled my fingers away from him and grabbed one of the condoms. I slipped it on quickly then added lube to it. Finally, I plunged into his tight heat.

"Fuck," he yelled.

"That is the idea," I breathed out trying to stay still as I let his body adjust to me.

"I'm already close and you haven't even started moving," he moaned his eyes closing and his head falling back onto the pillow.

I grinned and leaned down so I could kiss him again. I set a slow pace wanting to savor the feeling of his soft lips for as long as I could. He was a fantastic kisser. Finally he bucked his hips up and I took that to mean he was ready for me to move. So I did, slowly pulling out until only the head remained inside him. I just as slowly pressed back in. I looked up and met his perfect blue eyes. Oh god he was so beautiful. I know, I've mention that a few times.

I kept the pace slow but it was intense. I felt like I was making love to him not fucking him and I couldn't bring myself to care. It felt right. Was there such a thing as love at first fuck?

Finally I felt his body begin to shake and I knew he was close. I reached between our bodies and griped his need. It only took a few small strokes before he cried out his release. I'm pretty sure that was the fastest I ever made anyone reach their destination, and I hadn't even pulled out any stops.

Could he be as attracted to me as I was to him? I would have to think about that later because at that moment as his muscles clasped around me. I found my own release and moaned into his neck.

"Would you like me to stay or leave?" he asked as we lay beside each other trying to catch our breaths.

I turned to look at him. I ran my hand down his chest slowly. "I want you to stay." I scooted closer to him and pulled him into a spooning position. He seemed to fit perfectly in my arms.

"So how did you meet Eliot?" I whispered after a few moments of silence.

"It's complicated," he murmured turning in my arms and snuggling into me. I gently kissed his head.

"Life's complicated."

"I'm not in the mood to tell a client my life story," he mumbled against my neck.

Client. What an awful way to describe what I was to him. I found myself wishing I was more. I decided to change the subject. "What's your real name?"

"If I tell you can we go to sleep?" he yawned.

"Promise," I whispered against his ear.

"Brandon Cage."

We fell into a easy silence and before I knew it the man in my arms was fast asleep. I decided to join him after I made a promise to myself to find out as much as I could about this knight in my arms.