Bringer Chapter 1-

Dante: Ah! What the hell. (He sat upright to see a young girl his age, with light red eyes, and shoulder length pink hair looking at him)l

Lucia: you were still asleep so I found a creative way to wake you up. (She said with a sly smile)

Dante: by creative you mean throwing a bucket full of HOT WATER AT ME!

(The girl smiled as if enjoying the tantrum)

Dante: Honestly Lucia, sometimes I think you enjoy torturing me.

Lucia: Stop overreacting, if you don't hurry up, well BOTH miss the trials

Dante: Oh Crap! I forgot! (he started getting out of bed, and stopped realizing, he was not fully clothed and that there was a pretty girl in his room), hey could you give me a moment ( signaling to the door)

(Lucia nodded and headed out, leaving Dante to dress)

(As soon as he was ready, Dante hurried out of his apartment building, where Lucia was waiting for him)

Lucia: ready to go?

(Dante nodded and together headed to the "DOME" where the trials were being held)

(The dome was a place where "Bringers" were recruited, trained, and sent on missions. People who wanted to become bringers usually entered when they turned 15, where they would spend a year training, after which they would be sent to fight Taemons, humanoid beings with yet unknown origins who took delight with murduring anything in their path. And on rare occasions Dragons)

Dante: Traffics a bit much today, think?

Lucia: yeah, it's a bit strange actually.

Dante about to cross the street, looks up and notices a "black raven" corps helicopter) those are Air force troops, Is something up? (He whispered silently)

Lucia: what was that?

Dante: huh? Oh nothing.

(When they finally reached the dome and entered, they weren't surprised to find it as full as it was)

Dante: hello? We want to sign up (he approached the guy at the front desk, after waiting nearly an hour in line)

Guy: what unit?

Dante: undecided (undecided took a special sort of test to know what they unit they exceled at)

Guy: (smiles) loser

Dante: What!?

Guy: nothing, alright, how about you (looks at Lucia)

Lucia: Cerberi (offensive unit, usually allied with fire, or Dark elements)

Guy: Really! you look more like a raven to me, a girl as elegant as yourself.

Dante: watch it

Guy; element?

Lucia: Don't know

Guy: alright you're all signed up,

Dante: that was underwhelming

Guy: alright you two are in dome, 3, good luck

(Dome three was a separate dome all together, a few blocks down from the first, it was surprisingly crowded, even for trials, at the very front stood a podium, Dante and Lucia sat in the back, when a boy they're age, with long spiky Dark red hair approached them)

Boy: you!, you guys new?

Dante: yeah.

Boy; I feel ya, I heard unit training this year is gonna be tough, some have been talking, about having to kill some dragons, to pass


Boy: Yup, a few are still around even after the Great War with the Taemons all those years ago, slaying one is considered a heroic feat.

Ace; Wait why would we need to slay anything I thou-

(Suddenly all the lights in the dome, went off and centered toward the podium, someone was beginning to speak)

Man; LISTEN UP! (Everyone quiet down, the man was intimidating, he seemed to be middle aged, and had brown and gray hair, combed back, he had the built of a wrestler and was pretty tall) Today you will be tested, in three categories. Your strength, tactics and, Mind. Based on the results you will be placed in one of the units. Cerbiri, you will be sent to the front lines with the intention of defending ground territory, whenever taemons appear you will be the first to go. (People started murmuring, didn't seemed like a lot of people wanted to be bait), Ravens, you will watch the skies, and protect Human territory, from any renegade Dragons or Arial taemons, lastly (he grinned at this) Bringers! The best of the best! You will be sent to the front lines!...But first, ( suddenly the entire room felt like it was being sucked down into hell, and when it finally stopped)

Lucia: What...

Boy: The …

Dante: Hell….

(All around the new recruits was an oval shaped stadium, packed with hundreds, of spectators, the man at the podium continued to speak)

Man: Welcome to the coliseum! This is where you will find your power, this is where you will be tested, and perhaps for some of you… this is where you die! ( people started to murmur nervously)

Man: if you look behind you, (the giant double doors behind the recruits opened), that is the armory, get whatever you need from there. Because in an hour, you WILL be pitted against each other….. At my count, you will be released… 1… 2….3!

(Everyone rushed to the doors, hoping to get the best weapons first)

Dante:This is brutal, half of us have never even picked up an arm, in our life's, and now they expect us to fight!

Lucia: Good thing, were not one of those half…..

Boy: Well this is it i better get prepared by the by, my name is Zane... (He stared at Dante smirking), if the rumors are true (Dante froze up), I hope I get to be the one who fights you….The infamous Dante Shirosashi!.

(AU: for anyone actually reading XD, from here until chapter 19 there might be a few typos like "pedante" and fdante" in places where peace and face are supposed to be, sorry bout that, I'll make a point on going back and fixing theme)