Coffins Masqueraded

AN: This was actually written for a contest that we had to do for school AND a writing prompt. It was about a boxcar thing, but I never actually bothered to turn my assignment in, mostly because it was never finished. ^^ Anyway, I finally managed to pull an ending together, and this is what came out! Hope you like! ^^ Asta!

The train stopped directly in front of the two girls. Its towers of billowing smoke drifted up into the reddened sky, tainting the peaceful scent of pine. It's metal caging was smooth and reflective, almost liquid. Rounded and unerring, the train's casing opened, revealing a sheet of liquefied metal, appearing like a wall of oil on water. From within the depths of the mysterious car, came a voice, a song beckoning the innocent children into its metallic arms. Its song was simple and floated upon the passing winds that caressed their faces. Magic in its notes called the souls of those that stood before it, hypnotizing their minds and grasping their senses.

Their urges to resist succumbed to the peaceful melody that entrapped them. Slowly, like gliding swans on a shining lake, did they walk to the train. The air erupted with silence with wind gushing through the thick burrow of pine that lay behind. All the while the song called to the girls 'come, come'. Whispers surrounded them, echoes of echoes of echoes, jumbled into one mollifying sound.

Come, come.

The two girls were now face to face with the liquid. Its warmth radiated off into their faces, it was the calming breath of love, of need. Ripples of color flowed through the sheet as it rose and fell in rhythm with the hymn. Each small ridge seemed to have a life of its own, moving and interacting with the rest of its community. Sparks of color danced in the girls' eyes, hypnotic fairies living in their irises.

They melted into the sheet of metal. As they stepped through it, they breathed in the soft scents of roses and felt the soothing, warm wings of this liquid encircle their bodies. They felt complete ecstasy. All sense fused into one, sight had no meaning, sound nonexistent, touch inexplicable, taste invisible, smell obsolete. This impersonating boxcar was a rip between worlds.

Their lungs did not want to breathe in the air once the two girls left this sheet of metal. Grasping for a sense of the pure liquid proved impossible and only after their minds became reeling and senses completely tarnished did the two girls finally open their lungs to what seemed like their first breath. Only then did they realize that their playful games, taking place just minutes before, were ended and simply petty.

A reflective blue danced around the interior of the car, patterning itself in ways of water. In the center of the car, which seemed to grow vastly in the few moments they had been here, lay a pool of clear, aqua water, flowing so gently, it seemed to be ethereal. Dwarfish drops of liquid jumped from place to place, landing in the water with a tone so high pitched it was felt more than heard. The beats of the droplets were soothing, peaceful, and yet, so alive. Like cubs, pouncing in an open field, did they move.

And the train began to move. Without warning, it sped into forward motion, without hesitation or briefing. No sound emerged from the metal tracks below, and somehow it seemed to be a smooth dancer on a silk platform. It became hardly transparent that the train was moving, as its speed increased, so did the girls' ease in the car. Like an infant in its mother's arms did the train mollify the girls into peace.

As the tones of the water sounded, a clear, blue light crept across parts of the walls in the car. Though the room appeared to be comforting, the walls did not share this quality. Upon them, carved out in great detail, were faces, horrified, young faces etched in fear beyond comprehension. Eyes wide in fright tore at the girls' minds, and in the back of their thoughts did they wonder why such images were hammered into their eyes. Each beat of the water brought light on another image, another face, another child.

Gently, as if the walls were frozen and could shatter at any second, did the brunette girl reach up and touch one of the faces that stood watching them. Her fingers ran through the ridges and crevices that were carved here with such accuracy. She couldn't help but fear that these were carved from experience, and that she knew that these images could only be carved by sight of the emotions. The blond girl was mystified by the pool of water, and the reflections skated across her face in continuous motions, smoothly. No words had to be said, for fear that it might disrupt this balanced utopia.

If we touch it, do you think it will feel warm?

It feels so peaceful here. Maybe this isn't real. A dream maybe.

Can I step into it? Will it let me? I feel so out of place hereā€¦

I think that these faces are warning us of something.

The girl pulled her hand away from the wall and glanced at it, scrutinizing it as if it had just reached beyond the stars. As if it was foreign. She mechanically walked to the small pond, almost knowing what she was doing as if it were a script and she was just a character. Looking into the water, not noticing the blond girl next to her, she swept her hand through the water with care.

As the ripples dissolved to the edges of the pool of water, the droplets sped up their rhythm almost as if angered by the interruption. The music made the girls' heartbeats quicken in fear, they were unaware of what could possibly fall before them now.

Both of the girls, after a time, had become completely encased by the speedy melody produced by the liquid. There was not a thing they could do independently, they were at the mercy of the droplets and their unselfish desires. Were the girls scared? No, for fear was a feeling, and all feeling had been destroyed.

As the water called them to its liquid tomb, the brunette seemed to have a mere millisecond of uncertainty, like she wanted to pull away from the illusions of happiness that the pool provided. Like she wanted to be alive. But the emotion was only showing for a split second, and fled off with the wind.

When the coffin masqueraded as a train halted in the forest again, the two girls did not disembark back to their homes. The metallic boxcar was lonely once again, only this time, its interior decorations had been added to.

Two more faces blinked back their tears of hopelessness as the train sped away once more.