The 'Grand Axis' is one of the scientific anomalies that I use in origin lines rather liberally. It is a relatively basic concept but the applications are massive in scope for the movement of items and the hiding of forces. The following is somewhat of an article on the Grand Axis I have written to keep the concept straight in my mind


The standard understanding of the Universe is that there are four particular dimensions to it. Three spacial dimensions constitute what we see, one temporal dimension is what allows things to change. The exact nature of this relationship between time and space in terms of dimensions is understood from one case to another, the spacial dimensions increase the affect of gravitation, the increased number of temporal dimensions decreases that effect. By that route, we are lucky that the correct relation of dimensions temporal and spacial exist. By even greater luck there is technology which has managed to break through these limits of space. This is through the understanding of the 'grand axis'.

The grand axis represents the meeting of all possible dimensions, spacial or otherwise. The infinite different possible spacial axis all meet at this particular point, similar to the origin point in a 2 and 3 dimensional system (0,0) and (0,0,0) respectively. It is theorized that a particular universe might use all the dimensions of the axis (and thus have an infinite amount of sides on any particular regularly shaped polygon), however the mathematics at such scales are of little import, as no body is thought to exist in such a setting.

Our world, the Universe, uses three dimensions, the x,y,z spacial dimensions and a temporal dimension. These are 'solid' and despite the fact these planes exist it is not possible to see any other universe that uses any of our axis. The reason for this is that if a universe was constructed of x,y and q, another special dimension, any shape would have infinite 'thinness' and thus be impossible to see, and would not interact with our world. This is similarly the case when two spacial dimensions differ, as the space is still less than 3 dimensions and does not interact.

That said, there are an infinite amount of spacial axis, and thus an infinite amount of 'worlds' with other dimensions that are of ~90 degrees to one of our axis. Four a four-dimensional object this means that a particular force it exerts is completely impossible to detect if it were to have faces in a three dimensional world. Any force applied along the q axis while three of its dimensions were in (x,y,z) would have no effect, as there is no perpendicular surface to that fourth dimension to actually affect. With the quantized force lacking any impact in a particular direction, the force is null in three dimensions, meaning that it is nonexistant.

The applications of this are varied, and difficult to perform. Using the different spacial axes of the Grand Axis which allows for objects with massive weight to move with insignificant force applications when one dimension is locked in q (one dimension is 'shifted' to q). This is particularly useful when the axis being used is a 'gravity well', or a universe with massive amounts of contraction in space in a certain direction. These phenomana are poorly understood, but it is thought that is how ENDS are able to travel at the immense speeds they do. No model of action for a synthetic to date has the ability to quantize the forces at the same time, as it is thought that a 6-dimensional object must move in order to make full use of gravity wells. The instant-calculations make this impossible until perfect quantization occurs.