Baby. You called me Baby.

A word that I thought I would never hear or called.

One word... It could mean something. It could be just a flattery or it could be a genuine nickname.

You called me that. You were afraid to call me that word, a fear that I will call you a freak.

But I am not. It made my heart flutter. You are not a freak, nor something similar to that.

You are just a person who truly love me, and wants to call me his Baby, because I am your Baby.

I know people will not believe you. I know people will assume you were just like the rest: calling your girl sweet names, and you also do that with other girls.

But you are not. You only wanted me.

And I want you, too, all by myself. It is selfish of me, but I do not want everyone interacting with you.

My mind stops processing whenever you call me that. I always get flustered and taken by surprise.

That is how much it means to me. Everything that you had said to me.

What you have done to me... You all mean that, right?