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Italics - Thoughts

Bold + Italics - Telepathic Communication

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Chapter One

-Third Person POV-

She felt her heartbeat start up again, her mind working again, her body losing the numbness. Was it a dream or a miracle? Was she going to Heaven? It felt as though she came back to life. The woman opened her eyes to find a preteen girl with light blue hair in ponytails and different colored eyes; one green and one blue. Who the hell was she? She sat at the side, mumbling a prayer. When she looked around, she found herself in a room that belonged in a movie. The walls were glossed with golden paint. The room had nothing in there, save for the bed; a large, golden mirror; and the dresser. It looked nothing like how she remembered her room.

"Where...am I?", she whispered.

The young girl that prayed jumped in fright as she realized the woman lying in the bed was awake. "Ehh?! Y-You're already awake? But Maemi said it would take at least a month for you to be even strong enough to open your eyes!", She exclaimed. The young girl leaned in enough to burst her personal bubble, then withdrew and ran for the door. "Amazing! It only took three days! I have to tell Maemi about this!"

The woman frowned. "Hey, you didn't answer my question..."

As the girl was about to open the door, she turned back to the woman. She frantically bowed and said, "Ah! My apologies! You're on the planet Galaxia, home to one of the strongest races in the Universe!", before the woman could ask anymore questions, the girl quickly said, "Excuse me for a moment! I'll be back very soon!"

She left and closed the door behind her. The woman stood up in the bed, promptly looking at herself in the mirror. All of her features were unchanged, except for her skin that paled only slightly. Her shoulder-length, red hair; her light brown eyes; her short stature; they didn't change one bit. She sat up in bed easily and tried to wrap her head around what happened, but the only thing she came up with was that she died and was resurrected.

Many questions circulated in her head. How long has she been dead for? How did she get here? What is Galaxia? Who are these people that look like humans? Are they aliens? How did she come back to life? Why was that girl praying beside her bed? Slowly the woman got up from her bed and opened the door, revealing a huge, decorated hallway. Seeing as there was no sign of anyone, the woman tiptoed across the hallway, going wherever it took her.

For a while, it seemed as though the halls repeated endlessly with nobody in sight. All of the halls had the same glossy, golden paint with pillars left and right. Beside every other pillar were huge, decorative vases, most of them being blue with some flower pattern. The woman became annoyed at how she was trapped in an endless place with nobody in sight. That was until she heard two young women talking from afar. The woman quickly ducked behind a large vase as the two turned the corner, laughing and talking to each other.

"...do good for my brother. I mean, he's always so cold and distant.", one of them said.

"You think, Lianna? You sure its not the stress of his job?", the other asked.

"I'm sure! And yes, his job is stressful, but what are we to do about that?", Lianna jumped up and down like a little child. "Think about it, Kyoko! It can be a stress reliever! Talking about your feelings reduces stress and depression!"

Kyoko sighed and shook her head. "I hope this works. Your brother isn't as imaginative as you."

The woman wondered what they were talking about, and if that whole conversation had anything to do with her. She sneaked away from the vase and turned the corner. Completely out of the two visions, she continued exploring this mansion.

The mansion was like an endless maze to her. She felt as though she lost herself in it. The woman started to think that it wasn't much of a mansion anymore and more like a palace. The thought of returning to her room crossed her mind, but the halls looked so identical that she couldn't trace where anything was. She was only left with the choice of roaming the halls.

She saw three shadows turning the corner, slowly approaching her. The woman ducked under another vase in the hallway. When she snuck a peek, it was the blue-haired girl along with a woman and a man. They all walked in a strange synchronization, talking about someone.

"Who is she exactly?", the older woman asked.

"I identified her as Cici. She's just a regular human.", the blue-haired girl answered. "I don't know how she escaped! She shouldn't have enough strength to move yet!", she was about to say more when the man stretched his arm out to stop her.

"It's alright, Mitsuko. These things happen.", he said sternly. "She couldn't have gone very far. I assume that she lost herself in these halls already."

'Shit. They're looking for me!', the woman, Cici, thought frantically. As they turned the corner and were out of sight, she ran off in the direction they came from. She looked back to see if they heard her and came to get her back, but there was no one. "Good. They're gone...I should head back to my room...", she turned back, only to bump into something...or someone. "Ouch! What the hell?"

"Then maybe I can escort you to your room.", the man Cici saw earlier suddenly appeared. She looked up to see that he was much taller than her. He had curly, but slightly messy, dark blue hair and almost soulless pale blue eyes. He wore what looked like a uniform, along with a cloak. Cici found him to be quite handsome, but she already considered it as a trap.

"No thanks. I don't want some creepy man taking me to my room.", Cici remarked sarcastically, but she quickly went back to being serious. "But seriously, who are you? And how the hell did you get here so quickly?"

His neutral facial expression didn't change. "I would've asked you the same, but I already know who you are, Cici.", he said. "I'm Harry Ferrington, the leader of the Galaxians."

"Oh, good! You can answer all my other questions as well!", Cici said happily, clapping her hands. "Okay-"

He frowned slightly and shook his head. "I don't have time to play twenty questions with you. We can talk about the matter tomorrow, once you get some rest.", he stepped forward, and she jumped back. Cici's face darkened into a mix of confusion and anger.

"No, you're going to answer my questions! I'm not going to be kept in the dark by some creepy man that claims to be the leader-", she suddenly was attacked by light, which binded her hands and feet. She fell forwards, squirming against her binds. "What the heck!? Release me at once!"

Harry narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm afraid that's no longer an option.", he looked up at the other girl walking with him, who was behind Cici. "Maemi, take her back to her room please."

She didn't want to be taken back to her room, she wanted answers! As the woman, Maemi, approached, she slightly scooted towards Harry. Maemi scratched her head and said, "Sheesh! Even though I bounded you, you're still being persistent."

"...This is amusing.", he remarked. Maemi approached her one more time as Cici tried to get up. Cici got up and snapped her head backwards, hitting the woman in the nose.

"Ouch! What kind of human is this?", Maemi said, covering her nose. She watched as Cici loosened the bonds of light. Maemi tried to bind her again, but she dodged to the left. "To be this strong within an hour of resurrection...it's unnatural!"

"Let me handle this.", he said as he closed his eyes.

Cici tilted her head, slowly approaching the man. "I'm not doing anything bad, I just want to know why I'm here!", that's when she noticed her advance came to a halt. She didn't stop, something forced her to stop. "Ugh, now what happened?"

"I made sure Maemi had an easy time getting you back to your room.", he replied, opening his eyes again. He ignored Cici's piercing glare and said, "Cici, I'll talk to you later. I have some business to attend to."

Before she could say anything else, he disappeared. Maemi huffed and easily lifted the human by the waist with one arm. She tried to fight back, but found she couldn't move her arms and legs at all. Still thinking about what happened in the past hour, she grumbled and let herself be taken to the room.

Maemi placed the woman in the center of the room. She then remarked, "So much work just to get you, a human, back to your room!", she then looked a bit closer at Cici. If she could've, she would've backed away. "Mortals shouldn't have so much strength after going through a resurrection. What makes you tick, human?"

"How am I supposed to know that!?", Cici shouted back. "And was I supposed to be weak after I came back to life? Because I felt just fine."

"Really? Hmm, I'm going to have to talk to Nobu about this when he gets back.", Maemi tapped her chin lightly, pacing up and down the room. She finally headed towards the room's exit, when Cici started shouting again. Maemi wearily turned back to her and asked, "Ah...what is it now, human?"

"I'm still stuck here! When will I be unstuck?", she asked, still stuck in her walking pose.

"Oh...", Maemi thought for a moment, then smiled. "Just...hang around for now." The woman left the room, leaving a grumbling Cici to do nothing but wait.

It had been at least three hours since the whirlwind of events that happened to the red-haired. She had long fallen asleep in her statue-like state. Suddenly, she was awoken by the feeling of falling to the ground. Cici jumped, breaking her statue state and falling to the floor. Or at least, she thought she broke it.

'Cici, it's me. Sorry I didn't unbound you.', she could hear Harry in her mind, making her wonder for a second if she was dreaming. 'No, you're not dreaming. I'm a telepath.'

"Oh looks who's back!", she said sarcastically, crossing her arms. A great idea for a comeback made her way into her brain. As Cici was about to say it, she was cut off by the sound of his voice.

'No, you didn't scare me so much that I can't show my face to you.', he said, causing her to grumble more. 'Now then, didn't you wanted me to answers your questions? Or shall I leave your mind?'

"No, no, no! Answer my questions!", she pleaded. "I told you before, I refuse to be kept in the dark.", she thought of her first two questions. "What is Galaxia? And what are Galaxians?"

'Galaxia is a planet that's a few light years away from Earth. What you humans call your 'Heaven' is a place not far from here. The same applies to what you humans call 'Hell'. It's just a planet, about the size of Mercury, that is the centre of the planets in this Galaxy...hence the name.'

'And as for Galaxians, well, we're just people that inhabit this planet. We look like humans, and have some of the same systems as humans. But we aren't humans. We have powers, and unlike you humans, who are bound to rules, we're free spirits.'

"Alright...", Cici said, bobbling her head side to side. It already sounded complicated, but she just went along with it. Well, at least they aren't some strange aliens. "How did I come back to life?"

'You came back to life because of Mitsuko. She got you here on Galaxia and resurrected you here. This is where most humans go after they die, they come here for a second chance.', he explained.

"...It's going to take me a while to get used to this...", she remarked to herself, laughing nervously. "Okay, thanks, when I have more questions, I'll ask you."

'You do realize that there are others in this castle, right?', he said it as though she didn't understand. She frowned upon hearing that. 'I have a lot of work to do. Human leaders are the same, correct? Then you should know how I feel.'

"Still, I'll ask you until I meet everyone else, okay?", Cici said it as though she was the one making the commands. Harry was about to say something, but she cut him off. "Great! Now get out of my head."

'...If you so badly insist.', he said, with a hint of mockery in his tone. 'But may I ask one question before I leave? Who are you?'

"I'm Cici, the human you just revived or whatever? That should be pretty obvious. Why are you asking such a...dumb question?", she said, slightly annoyed by how obvious the answer is. She could've sworn she heard a sigh, like she was the stupid one. Once again, she frowned.

'Because you far surpassed the normal human standards.', he explained. 'You have such a strong will for the average human as well.'

She thought about that for a moment. To her, it explained why there was so much surprise when she revived. But still, what is so special about that? Yes, Cici understood that she exceeded the normal standards, but why did it cause so much surprise? Was it because Galaxians don't have such a strong will?

'I'll be leaving now. Goodnight, Cici.', he said. She felt the pressure on her head lift like fog. Finally, she can get a good night's sleep. She hoped to meet everyone properly tomorrow and start off on the right foot. But heading into the night, there was one thing still left on her mind that no one would be able to answer...

...How did she die anyways?