I'm the oldest

You put so much on me

I need to be perfect

so the others have a good role model

I can't show fear

I can't show scars

I can only be happy

I'm your test child

Phones, Dates, and more

You test it out on me

But I'm not perfect

I made the mistakes

they are doomed to repeat

and you'll compare them to me

They aren't me

We are all different.

She's athletic

You couldn't pay me to be

He's into Sonic and Mario

I'd rather watch Revenge

I'm the eldest

I get your sexual innuendos

I have a job, school, and friends

I get it when you're tired

Yet when I'm tired

there's no good reason.

I baby-sit your kids

at least once a week

You say it's my job

being the oldest kid.

I already have a job!

You test out punishments

See which ones I truly hate

because I'm the eldest.

I'm the oldest

So I'm a drone

a backboard to bounce your lectures off.

I'm the test child!

The family black sheep when

I haven't done much wrong.

The girl who hides emotion

because she needs to be perfect.

The one who gives up her time

to watch your kids.

The child that tries to relieve your stress

only adding to her own.

Does that seem fair?