War between God almighty and Jupiter, King of Gods, have been going on since the beginning of the world and they seem to be getting worst. Not only is the war never ending, but Lucifer is now seeking for revenge and the only way he can is by taking out the fallen angels who still serve God almighty. He has come close over the past couple hundred of years, but always turned out to be trapped by Gods commanding officer over the fallen the angel of victory. He seeks the help from a Goddess Minerva who is all wise. She leads him on a path that brings him to Proserpine who he takes as a wife. The war between the Gods rage as he plans his own army in the dark pits of hell. Proserpine gives birth to three sets of twins and among them his last hope of winning the angel of victory is born and named as the Goddess of war. His kids grow up with a special talents of their own and now he see's a chance and trains them. The time has come to see if his army can defeat the army of God almighty. Will the Goddess of war and her twin God of darkness win against the angel of victory? Or will something get in the way of her duties?

His voice rang through the night as the soft sound of wings brushed the floor below. Three sets of twins appeared together and bowed their heads to the ground to the one who called. It was pitch black, but that did not matter for they could see perfectly. The sound of heels on rock rang loudly as a women of hair wild and red like fire came forward. The man who had called out into the night wrapped his arms lovingly around his love, "Hello my darling." His voice was like a whisper which did not stop her from hearing. The women smiled with such pleasure that the room seemed to light up at that moment. She then looked down to her children and her eye's seemed to soften. She untangled herself and walked forward in front of their bowed bodies, "You may rise my young ones." Slowly they risen in sync standing next to their twin. The man came forward and had the look of business that he usually wore, "The time has came." He spoke to his winged children who shown no emotions or confusion on their perfect faces, "We are going to the surface. You are finished with your training and your gifts have been built and mastered." He looked at his kids with a stern eye, "Do not disappoint me." Together they said, "Yes sir." The rare smile he has for his children played on his lips, "I believe you won't." His deep chuckled circled them, "You are after all my children." The women went to each of her kids and placed a small kiss on each head as she whispered words of love. After the women kissed her youngest head the children bowed and then quickly disappeared to get packed. The man sighed and wrapped his arms around his loving wife, "You think their ready?" Her bell like laugh escaped her cold lips, "Now Lucifer they are your kids after all." They stayed like that in dead silence for the next couple of minutes thinking of what challenges laid ahead.

The sun glared down on the twins acting more like a spotlight other then lighting up the world, but in all honesty the twins did not need the sun to draw the attention of nearby students. They could draw attention no matter where or what they wore especially Sundale, Goddess of lust. Unearthly beauty shined on each of them making them all look familiar, but at the same time each was different in a unique way. The thing that students found strange about the new group is how each look painfully beautiful but next to their twins they looked breathtaking as if they were meant to be together.

Sundale stood in the front with her brother Sunear, God of deception, placing his left arm around his twins small waist. They took center in front for they were the oldest of their siblings. Sundale smelt the air taking in the smells around them. With her eye's still closed her lips curled up on the sides, "Is that angel blood I smell?" Sunear keep a straight face as he looked for any angels from the light side around them. It wasn't like they were worried about being attacked since they did have there sister Fortis, Goddess of war, behind them with her brother Obscura, God of darkness, standing guard of their family. Sundale kept smelling the air as if she was a animal on a hunt. Finally Sunear had to place his right hand on her shoulder, "Father said no killing today." He looked behind to his brothers and sisters, "That goes for all of you. We are to blend in." They all pouted slightly since knowing that their enemies were so near and not being able to kill almost hurt them in a way. Finally the last set of twins, Videte and Fortitudo who were Goddess of stealth and God of power, growled together, "Why are we just standing here?" Videte glared at her oldest sister and brother. She grabbed her twin's hand as he said, "Standing here is sure as hell not blending in." Sundale sighed since now she would have to leave the parking lot and into the elite private school for all kinds. Before Sunear took one step he took one last look to his siblings, "No killing unless it is necessary." They then walked to the building that housed their enemies.

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