As I looked among the garden shrubs
I caught the glimpse of a turtle dove
And remembered all the days before
When sadness consumed my heart's core
I thought of how such a worm as I
Might share in some glimpse of glory once I die
That I might share in the joys of Christ in this life
And gain an inheritance among many called in His name;
I thought of how such a wretch could be
Saved by grace from a grave and barren state
Shown mercy by the God of all Creation
And given this new station
Where joys are not made of circumstances herein
But solely grounded and anchored by the glorious King
Who died on the Cross for my sin
Once for all, for His glory and honor and praise
That all the nations would bow on that glorious day
Confessing His great Name
Lord of Heavens and Earth, my Prince of Peace
Yes, I looked upon that dove and saw His goodness
That the Lord would be that final sacrifice
The propitiation for my sin, and the sins of all mankind
For those who were elected, called out of darkness
By His good pleasure and greatly abounding mercifulness