Two Years – A Poem for Nichole

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Copyright (c) 2014 Graham L. Wilson.

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"wow... I really liked this. Great work! ;)" - April 4, 2012

Those were your first words to me,
And so are those that truly count.
Mind you, if every word since
Had been one of retraction,
I might feel them lessened.
But, of course, as we both know,
That has hardly been the case.

Indeed, if I did not still trust
That you feel that I remain
"really good with poetry",
This whole exercise in the end,
Would seem to be rather pointless.
It is for you, and only you,
That I write this jumble of words.
And your appreciation is all that matters.

Mind you, a compliment alone
A friendship does not make.
Still, it is hard not to like
Someone who followed it up with
A proclamation that my work was
"the best thing I've read on here".
Though, perhaps everyone else on here
Is simply regarded by you so lowly
To make the comparison less flattering.
To over-think an issue, such as this,
Another thing we share between us!

However, really, you saying
"I'm glad you messaged back"
Is more probably the true root,
Of our connection to each other.
What followed then, looking back,
Is just so long a stream of words.
Just by the fact that you still
Managed to read through it all
Told me so extremely clear then
That I had found someone special.

You were the first person
Who I meet on this site
To truly value my work.
Sad as it is for me to say,
You may still be the only one.
Seeing as, on average,
My work gets so little views.
Well, save for certain works,
In the form of erotic shorts.
This one track mind of this site,
For me you have broken alone.

Though really, that is the core.
For you, it does not matter
What I actually write about.
Sex, or life, or death,
Of normal, remote or absurd.
You still compliment them all.
If for nothing else, just for
"admiring [my] word structure..."
You like my "vast vocabulary used",
Or even further, just to think
"Wow! I really like how that's worded!"

To care for another's craft,
Means more than a passing fancy.
One may like just one story,
Or even just one chapter.
In you, I trust, you could
Glance over every sentence,
I ever wrote, crafted, published,
Just to see how it fits together.
Sometimes it is actually better
To care for form over substance.

But as I touched upon before,
I have more than an admirer.
You are not just another reader,
For you are also my friend.
Lengthy letters we have shared,
Or just lines and lines of
Silly, sometimes even witty,
Nonsense and proclamation.
Even at our most abstracted,
The exclamation of random noises,
The soul of your correspondence,
Rings out loud, true and clear.

Although it has not always been easy,
For each of us have had our ups and downs,
And far too many for both of us recently.
We have not always heard each other clearly,
But I just wish to say, to assuage any fears,
I like you now today, greater than I have
At any point these past two years!

We both have grown, and changed,
And the future is always uncertain,
Still I trust in you, and feel
I should like you further still,
Come the end of the next few years!

The photos you have shared,
Have shown your growth and bloom,
Into the full of your womanhood.
Long blond hair, probing blue eyes,
Above lips that refuse to smile.
You may claim this brings alienation,
To me however, your level manner,
Speaks only of your contemplation.
This inner depth I see in your face,
Actually serves to emphasize that
Truly it is your thoughts and words
That have shown me most clearly
How much you have really matured.

I feel that there is much more
Left for the two of us to share.
Indeed, I could say all so much
More to you here, in this poem.
But perhaps that is not for today,
For I have no wish to dilute
The essence of my thoughts.
It is just of you I now think.
I now take a break from life,
To show you what you mean to me.

Please accept this token,
In the manner it was devised.
Take a moment to realize
You are special and charming.
And then please write back to me,
So we may continue to share,
Our conceptions, our experiences,
Our ideas, creativity and absurdity!
Why would one ever want to be normal?
For it would mean losing that which,
Makes our conversations so precious.

Happy anniversary my friend!
Sorry for being a few days late!

- Graham L. Wilson
April 7, 2014