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The knife I held went through something, like I was cutting through butter. I snapped out of my enraged trance when I saw her shocked and pained expression. What had happened? Then, I noticed the knife jutting out of her chest.

What did I do? February the Fourteenth.

I stared at her while tears started streaming down her face. It chilled my blood and I felt like stone. What happened? I ran to her side and caught her before she collapsed on the floor. Her eyes fought to stay opened but her eyelids were losing fast. My heart felt like it was tugged, hard. I was trembling from fear and guilt. Fear for her. And guilt for sending her to her death door. This was all happening too fast! Was I really losing her?

Was I being left behind in this world? 2014.

"Tina! Tina, I'm so-," I bellowed out before a sharp sob escape my voice. It's was my curse's fault! Tina reached out and touched my cheek, caressing it. Then, she said in the most calm and quiet voice I had ever heard her use, "It's ok, Cider. I-," She flinched from the pain, "I forgive you."

And then, she went cold. I screamed my heart out, hugging her tight.

I went into hiding after losing her by my own hands because I knew. I knew that if I stayed or called the cops, they would send me to the slammer. Even if it was man slaughter. And I knew Tina. She would not want me to rot away in a four-by-four cell. But losing her hurt so much! I just wish my blackout ailment was never mine to begin with! It had lost me the love of my life! My soulmate! My wife, from now and forever! And now, I had nothing.

During her funeral, the rain fell to the ground like bullets. Angry and painful to anyone without an umbrella, like me. I stood at the back of the crowd with my black hoodie up and tears pouring from my stoic face. But inside? Inside I was dying. I should not have met her! She would still be alive if not for my selfishness. If not for my curse. I had to save her! I just had to. Even if it meant that I had to break my promise and travel back, using my family's curse.

Yes, the curse will save her. The curse will prevent her death. I was going to do it.

Travelling back in time always had a price. But I did not care and chose this moment to go back to. Right at the moment before my 19 year old self met Tatiana Reeve and set her death into motion. It was at a park, the first time I saw her. Well, not anymore. I caught young Cider and knocked him unconscious. He was strong but I had more experience as a black belt. I took young Cider to an abandon warehouse nearby and locked him in with food and water. He- I- was smart enough to find a way out of there.

Stepping out of the warehouse, I looked towards the park again with longing in my heart. Tina was just a stone's throw away from where I was standing. I wanted to run up to her. To embrace her and apologise! Because she forgave me before I was able to utter the words and that hurt more than she not forgiving me at all. But I felt it in my heart that Tina never having met me was the best thing for her. For us. That was what I hoped.

12.30 p.m.

I quickly ran back into subspace where time flew by me. But not before I noticed young Tatiana catching a glimpse of me. I shrugged it off, it would not affect this future. Subspace was where I witness Tina's life go by without me in it, without Nicholas Cider Garcia. I saw her skipping classes and hanging out with thugs. But I could not do a thing about it. Once in subspace, you could not re-enter the past. And this was my past.

In front of me was 24 year old Tina, hanging out at alleyways during her classes with her gang of thugs. She was shooting drugs and getting high. Again, I wished I could have change this fate but again, I scold myself. She was better off without me and she was going to live longer than I had let her. 'She was better off,' I kept repeating to myself, even though the scene in front of me was yelling otherwise. Even though seeing her like this was slowly killing me.

February the Fourteenth, 2014.

Her life was worse than I had imagined. I had thought, without me, she would find a nice guy and settle down. She would be picking her children up from school, getting hugs and kisses from them. She would smile all the time and play with her daughter's hair, braiding and styling it to no avail. And just laughing that contagious laugh of hers, spreading happiness. That was what I hoped, wished and dreamt for her. She deserved all of the happiness the world could possibly give and more.

But it was not meant to be. I witnessed Tatiana die once again. How? An overdose of heroin. Twice, I saw her die. Twice, I could not do a thing about it. Truly useless! Truly wasted time. My time. Her time. Our life together! All of it! I had learnt, too late, that 'where there was death, there will always be death' as said by Griffin from Man In Black 3. During her second funeral, I died. Another lesson I learnt far too late. Time travel, if you killed your past self, you would die too. It would seem that young Cider did not find a way out of the warehouse after all.

And the ironically twisted thing was, Tatiana died on the same day and the same time as when I accidentally killed her. February the Fourteenth, 2014 at 12.30 p.m.

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Take note that Cider cannot travel to the nearest past. The closes time would be 6 years back.

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