The Babysitter and The Man Upstairs

Written by Amanda Schooley

Young 17 year old Lisa Harris nervously approached the house. It was first official paying job and an easy one at that: babysitting. She knew the family well as did her parents, but that only calmed her down a little bit.

Come on Lisa, you can do this!

Taking in a deep breath, she started up the stone steps leading to the big oak wood door. Lisa swallowed and raised a shaky knuckle to the door. Tap. Tap. Tap. The door swung open and Lisa was greeted by the smiling face of Dorris Glad. "Lisa! Oh good! Honey! She's here early!" Her loving husband Joseph Dorris rushed down to meet her. Both were dressed in fancy clothes; with Dorris in a light blue dress with heels and her hair done up while Joseph was in a shiny black tux and currently fumbling with the matching shoes. Dorris stepped to the side and pulled in shy Lisa. Dorris gave her a bright smile. "Now dear, I know it's your first time doing this, but don't worry; the kids were put to bed early because of their fevers so feel free to watch some TV and take a load off! Joseph and I won't be back until later tonight so if you have any problems, just give us or any of the spare numbers a call. They're on a piece of paper on the fridge. Have a good night dear!" And they were off, getting in the cute little mini van parked in the driveway and whisking away into the sunset.

Lisa inhaled and exhaled as she gently closed the door. Okay so the kids are asleep, she thought reassuringly, that helps.

Turning around, bored, she began to let her eyes wander and explore the house for a bit. Hard wood floors, bright and shiny with polish, creaked with each step she took. Slipping her loafers off and gently setting them near a rack filled with various shoes of shapes and sizes, Lisa made herself familiar with the large living room. The floors were the same however there was some newspapers and letters shoved into various corners. A small brown coffee table with papers neatly stacked on top and a small house phone was placed in front of a big comfortable looking leather couch. A small table with a lamp was positioned next to the sofa and Lisa could see the outline of a baseball bat leaning against it in the corner. An entertainment center filled to the brim with family photos, knick-knacks, DVDs, CD cases, and a big flat-screen TV was placed against the wall. An opening in the wall next to the center led to the hallway leading to the kitchen. Lisa knew these people were rich, so this didn't really surprise her. Slipping the denim bag she carried in with her off her shoulder, Lisa took refuge on the sofa and found it even more comfortable than it looked. She found the remote to the TV in the cushions and flicked through the various channels before eventually giving up and deciding to watch an episode of Sherlock on Netflix. As she lounged on the sofa for a good ten minutes, she decided to work on the school project she was assigned over the weekend. Taking out a few sheets off paper, a textbook, and a pencil she began flipping through the pages, searching and writing down the definitions of the vocabulary words she was given.

Suddenly, just as she finished putting down the period of her sentence, the phone began to ring. Lisa paused from her work to pick up the phone and, after finding that the Glads didnt have caller id, pressed the green 'talk' button.


A click and a dial tone was heard.

Must of been a wrong number, Lisa assumed and went back to her work. After a few more minutes of homework and the occasional glances at the TV, the phone ringed again.

Bobby must be calling me, I did give her the number so we could work on our project...

"Hello?" Lisa asked.

At first it was silence and then...

"Have you checked the children?"


Lisa blinked and looked back at the phone before slowly placing in back on its stand. "Don't be freaked out," Lisa whispered to herself. "It was probably Mr Glad calling to check up and got interrupted or lost the connection. Or a prank call. Yeah, that's right; nothing serious." With that Lisa went back to her homework. After an hour and a half soon passed, Lisa had finished her work and had now taken up the rest of her time relaxing under a wool blanket she found in a closet and flipping through the TV guide for something interesting to watch.

Once again the phone ringed. Lisa sighed and reached for the phone on the stand, holding it to her ear and pressing 'Talk'.

"Mr Glads? Bobby?"



"Did you lock the door?"


Lisa stared at the phone in confusion before taking heed in the message and glancing at the door. She did forget to lock the door. Lisa's eyes widened and she glanced at the phone in her hand again before getting up and taking slow, cautious steps towards the big oak door.

How did he-?

Reaching a shaky hand toward the lock, she twisted it to the right and heard the reassuring click of the lock sliding into place and keeping out all intruders and Lisa took another minute to slide the chain lock into place. Turning around and looking to the left and right in caution before returning to the couch.

Just as she had settled back into the covers of the wool blanket, the phone rang again. Lisa jumped and shakily held the phone to her ear.


"Have you checked the children?"


The phone didn't ring for another three hours. Over that time, Lisa had decided that the calls were just a pranks set up by her friends and eventually dozed off.

That is, until the phone woke her up.

Sleepily, she reached for the phone again.

She yawned, "Hel-(yawn)-lo?"

"Why haven't you checked the children?"

That got her awake.

"Wait, please don't-" She started.


"-hang up..." She finished in a whimper.

Lisa stared at the phone for a long time. No one knew how long, but it was a while before she eventually decided to try and relax for a bit.

Feeling the odd empty feeling in her stomach, Lisa wrapped the blanket around her shoulders and went into the kitchen. Flipping on the light switch, she found the fridge with ease and glanced at the clock on the microwave. 10:06 it read. Lisa found the paper of emergency numbers right where Dorris said they were, as well as a note saying she could help herself in the fridge, and skimmed through the list as she pulled out a pudding cup and a plastic spoon from a nearby cabinet. She eventually found the number she was looking for and dialed it in the phone.

After a few rings, a voice picked up. "Hello?" Lisa sighed in relief. "Dorris, is this you?" "Oh Lisa! Is everything alright? Are you okay?" Lisa took a bite out of her puddling as she heard the worried voice of Dorris Glad on the other end. "No. No. Everything's fine, Dorris. I was just wondering, uh, is your husband there?" Lisa heard some shuffling on the other end. "Um, no dear, he isn't. Why do you ask?" Lisa took a deep breath and tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear. "Well, um, this seems awkward but, I-I think your husband's been calling me asking about the children and I-I wanted to be sure everything's okay," She stuttered, mentally praying for a good response. Dorris didn't respond for a second, but when she did, Lisa's breath caught her throat. "I'm sorry dear. I don't know what you're talking about. Joseph left his phone at home and he didn't call anyone the entire time we ate out," She replied, however Lisa didn't fail to catch the hint of worry in her voice. Lisa swallowed in an attempt to get rid of the lump forming in her throat. "O-Oh..." "Is everything okay?" Lisa rubbed her forehead, setting down her snack on the coffee table. "Ye-Yeah, everything's fine. Um, thank you for talking with me Mrs Glad. I'll see you later," Dorris seemed hesitant on the other end before answering. "Well, okay dear. Just as long as everything's okay. We'll see you soon my dear."


Lisa sighed and slumped down on the couch, causing the cushions to ripple.

Okay so it isn't Mr Glad, and the only other person I gave this houses number to is Bobby she reviewed as she began dialing another number.

A couple of rings and a voice picked up.

"Hello, Brady residence." "Mrs Brady!" Lisa's hope raised slightly. "Who is this?" The woman asked. "It's Lisa. Bobby and I were supposed to work on an assignment for school." The was rustling before a sigh reached Lisa's ears. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Bobby had to visit a relative out of town and she must've forgotten to tell you. I promise she'll-" Lisa interrupted her as politely as she could. "No, um, it's okay. I've already finished it. But do you know if she called before leaving or brought her cell phone with her?" "Well, Bobby left early this morning and called her boyfriend and the area she went to apparently doesn't have service because I tried calling her earlier." Lisa's blood ran cold. "Um, well thank you for telling me. Have a nice day Mrs Brady." "Oh but Lisa-!"


Lisa clutched the phone tighter in her palm, warm with sweat.

If it wasn't Mr Glad or Bobby then who-?

The phone started ringing. Taking a deep sigh, Lisa held the phone up to her ear.


"Why haven't you checked to children?"


Lisa's eyes widened and she unconsciously reached for the baseball bat leaning against the small table with the lamp and began dialing the one number she had currently on her mind. Keeping the bat close to her hip, Lisa held the phone up to her ear.

"911 Emergency." The sweet voice of an answering attendant exited the speakers.

Lisa breathed in and out.

"My name is Lisa Harris and I'm babysitting for the Glads on Langton LN. Could you get me the police?" She asked, not allowing a hint of fear to leave her voice.

"Of course. One minute please."

Lisa tapped her foot against the floor.

"Yes ma'am?" A middle aged male's voice asked.

Lisa allowed a smile to cross her face. "Hello! I'd like to report someone. He's constantly calling this house and hanging up when I try to talk to him. I don't know who he is, and nobody else I know do ether! Please help me!" Lisa cried, finally allowing the panic and fear she felt that night show.

There was only silence on the other end.

"Sir?" Lisa asked fearfully.

"Has he threatened you in any way?" The dispatcher asked in a stern voice.

"N-No?" Lisa stated confused to where this was going.

The dispatcher continued, "Has this man showed any signs of wanting to cause harm to you and those around you, physically or mentally?"

Lisa hesitated before answering. "H-He keeps asking me to check the children. I'm scared to because I'm not sure if something happened to them," she answered stuttering.

She heard a sigh on the other end. "Well ma'am, if this man doesn't show any wishes of harm then we really can't do anything to help. At most, the only thing you can do in this situation is reporting this man to the phone company. I'm really sorry miss,"

Lisa sighed and ran her sweaty hand through her tangled hair. "It's okay. Thank you sir," Lisa sighed and hanged up.

Not even a few seconds later, the phone rang again.

"Why haven't you checked the children?"

"Who are you!" Lisa yelled into the speaker.


Fed up and scared, Lisa called 911 again and found herself once again speaking with the dispatcher. "Sir, please, I'm scared and all alone. I know he's out there. I know he can see me!" she cried.

The dispatcher let out a tired sigh once again and replied in a tired voice; "Well, there isn't much we can do-"

Lisa went into panic mode. "PLEASE SIR! I don't know what do! The kids-I-I-don't know what happened to them that concerns him or what he wants with me, but I-I-I...!" She started hyperventilating, struggling to find some way to take deep breaths and started to feel dizzy. The dispatcher frantically began to try and calm her down. "Miss! Miss! Please, take deep breaths! Calm down! If this situation bothers you this much, we might be able to trace the call back to the location this man is calling you from. But we'll need your help with this! Do you understand?" he yelled over her ragged breaths.

Lisa started taking slower breaths and eventually found her voice again. "Thank you sir," she rasped. "Can you hear me?" he asked. "Yes," Lisa nodded. "Okay, now what was your name again miss?" he asked politely. "Lisa. Lisa Harris," Lisa answered in attempted calmness. The dispatcher started again "Okay Lisa, if we're going to trace the call, you're going to have to keep this man in conversation until we can get a fix on his location. Can you do this?" he asked in reassurance. Lisa swallowed down her nervousness. "Yes...sir," she whispered loud enough for him to hear. "Atta girl. We'll get right on it."


Lisa didn't put the phone down for a second. She knew he'd call soon enough. But she knew that if she wanted to get in conversation with him, she had to catch his attention. She reached for the lamp next to her and flicked it off. Now the only light in the room was illuminating off the TV.

Sure enough, the phone rang.

Lisa took a deep breath and held the phone to her ear.


"It's me. Why did you turn the lights off?" the man asked.

Lisa acted fast, before he could hang up and leave her in the dark: "Can you see me?" She asked frantically.

A pause on the other end before-

"Yes," he answered, his once calm voice slipping into a low growl.

Lisa drew in a breath and held onto it.

"Please sir I want to talk to you. It's lonely in this big house. Are you lonely?"

Silence, but thankfully no dial tone.

Lisa forced a shaky chuckles of her throat. "Well you really scared me," she started as she forced a terrified smile.

Silence replied back.

Lisa coughed and continued. "Y-You really did scare me. Look at me, I'm shaking. My hands are sweaty too. Is this what you want? To scare me?"

Silence for a minute.

"...No," he answered, his voice back to the calm yet chilling tone she got used to.

Lisa didn't let go of the breath trapped in her throat.

"Then what do you want?" She cried, her voice barely below a whisper.

Silence for a three minutes, which made her blood run cold, but his eventual answer made her body freeze altogether.

"Your blood. All over me." The baritone dropped five pitches, creating the deepest and creepiest voice she'd ever heard.

And that was all she wanted to hear.

Lisa slammed the phone down on the receiver, not allowing him to finish. Her grip on the not-forgotten bat by her hip tightened, causing her knuckles to go white.

The phone rang again.

Lisa immediately answered.

"Have you checked the-"

"LEAVE. ME. ALONE!" Lisa screamed into the speaker and she didn't hear his voice anymore.

Lisa shakenly put the phone back on the stand and began letting in and out deep breaths that did nothing in calming herself down.

The phone rang again. Lisa snatched it up and held it to her ear.


The dispatcher's frantic voice interrupted her.

"Lisa! This is the police! Listen to me, you need to get out of there! We've traced this man that's calling you! The calls are coming from inside the house! Don't try find him, just get out of that house!"

Lisa's mind and body went numb for a chilling moment, causing her to drop the phone in her limp hand, as she registered what was happening. When she did, Lisa made a dash toward the front door and turned the handle lock and throwing it open, however in her panic she realized that she forgot to undo the chain lock.

As she desperately struggles to get the hook undone with her rapidly shaking hand, she could hear the sound of a door opening upstairs. Light poured out and gleamed in the wall.

Lisa dared to look over shoulder and saw the silhouette of someone's shadow.

A tall man.

Something in his hand gleamed and he started toward the stairs.

Lisa began to hyperventilate and she finally managed to get the lock undone. Throwing the door open, she let out a scream as a police officer stood in the doorway with his gun drawn.

Lisa sobbed and threw her arms around him, sinking to her knees and he gave a reassuring pat on the back as more officers stormed into the house.

Not long after, the Glads returned and one of the officers pulled them to the side to tell them the unfortunate news. Lisa had calmed down and was sitting on the porch steps withe her head in her hands. Dorris began sobbing, and just one minute after they returned, an officer emerged out with a man being dragged out by the arm in handcuffs.

His appearance made Dorris scream in agony and Lisa's eyes widened.

This man was covered in blood.

He gave a murderous glare in Lisa's direction and as he was shoved into a police car, Lisa realized how fortunate she was.

Because if she had checked the children that night, she would've found them slain in their beds and an insane stranger with a knife, waiting for her to enter.