I stood their as the women dressed me. She put on a golden wig. A jewl riddin neclece. A head band, sun glasses , a sweater, and a long pink skirt that went down to my knees. She positioned me properly. I was in front of the windows for viewers to see. This is my life atleast during the day it is. I live as a fashion manikin or a doll as some would call me. I live to show off trends. The world I show off to isn't very modern, at least not in the surface. It's medeival, the clothes I wear are not and are more modern then the rest. But the world itself? They still use horses to get around.

Soon night begun to fall and the women and men closed up the shop. They it became one at night and I saw the moon through the shop glass. "Yes!" I thought in my immobile body, and soon I was able to move. Every full moon I am granted life. I'm not turned into flesh I am still a manikin but I am alive. It's not just myself either it is the rest of the manikins as well. I soon begun to move my stiff arm. "Finally" I stated. I looked at the manikin next to me. She was bright green with no facial features unlike myself.

I am hot pink and I have plenty, they are poorly painted, but i am glad I have them never the less. The shop we live in is quite odd, but to be honest I don't care if I look bizarre. We made our way down the steps and into a secret chamber. Through the chamber we went down several more steps and finally made our way to the kingdom. I am the princess of this underground land. I am the princess of the world of dolls. I made my way to the castle. "Good morning Wenter" a blue man said. "Good morning Mr. Hopers how's the shop going?" "It's going fine dear thank you for asking" "your welcome" I continued my way strolling greeting several of the manikins I've come to know.

I was at the castle, my world may be underground, however it is still dug deep enough to have buildings. I walked in. I was one of the first manikins to find the kingdom. I was given the role of princess and my adopted parents were voted king and queen. I know it may seem to be a silly concept to vote in royalty, however we created our own civilization based on what we saw of the humans and took elements for ourselves. I made my way to my bedroom. I put on a fine gown that I had stolen from the shop. "Perfect!" I looked in the mirror. I adjusted my wig and took off that silly head band. I was now dressed properly.

I spent the day or what we consider the day doing activities, such as writing in my journal, painting my nails,and laughing with my best friend Albany. She was a much prettier manikin the me. She was always given the best wigs and jewelry, from the shop owners. For whatever reason the owners choose to bring in manikins that are odd colours. She is a shining silver. We always talk and discuss our life duties and pleasantries. However soon morning was approaching and the owners would be in the shop. I put back on that ridicules get up that I was assigned, and made my way back to my former position.

Then morning came and I lost all mobility. Their was a new worker today. The shop almost never has new workers. Her name was Abeo. She was a small person, had beutiful dark curly hair that went down to the floor, and is African Amearican. She wore makeup and stunning clothing, indescribable, but much prettier than anything in the shop. She was the one to dress me today. She was talking to herself. But I liked to listen. She was talking about her boyfriend and how he was a pain towards her. She eventually started talking to me.

She said she knew I "wasn't alive" but she liked talking to someone who would listen. She agreed that the clothes I was wearing were atrocious. Weeks pass and I become very close to a women who has never heard me speak. Finally it was the full moon again and I was exited. However she was staying late talking on the phone with her ex boyfriend yelling in fact. They had broken up and she was crying. Soon I gained mobility no one wanted to move for risk of her seeing, though she was so busy with her phone I doubt she would've noticed. I moved, I heard the girl next to me question what I was doing in a whisper. I told her to relax. I trusted Abeo. I walked to her.

"Are you alright?" She jumped back in her chair. "Oh my god!" She tried to move further back. "Relax my name is Wenter and I'm here to help" she gulped with fear in her eyes. I told her everything about us and our world and how the magick of the moon brings us to life. She was panting with astonishment. "That's amazing!" "I guess you could say that" "and this whole time, this whole month, I was unaware" "don't worry your not the only one" "so why tell me?"

"Because I like you. You seem nice and sweet. And I was hoping we could be freinds" "s-sure" "cool" I said trying to sound casual. "You all can come out now she knows" I yelled. The manikins started moving. She looked slightly disturbed but also quite astonished. "Can you show me?" She asked. "Show you what?" "Your world, your kingdom" "I...guess so. But you'll need a disguise they don't take kindly to humans" "alright" I put her in a fedora,some huge glasses, a bandana covering her mouth, i gave her gloves and a long barker esc scarf. "You look nice" I laughed. "Funny" we went down to the secret chamber.

Before we went I made the other manikins promise not to tell anyone she was coming. We went down the steps. Then down more steps. Finally we arrived in town. "This place is amazing!" She said "I guess you could say that." I said with a smile. I really liked her. She went up to several shops examining the manikins and coming back to me. "They are incredible! I wondered where all the missing and broken manikins went!" She went up to another then ran back. "Some of these don't even have faces" "ya not all of us do" I shrugged. "Thank you for showing me." "Your welcome. C'mon I think you'd like to see the kingdom." " the palace!?" She marveled. "Yep c'mon" I grabbed her hand and I led her to the kingdom with glee.