We made our way through several Forrest's fighting several monsters. Finally we rested. Abeo's head was on my chest. "You know" she asked picking at the vines rapped around my one containing the flowers, "even though this has been a nightmare" she looked up at me. "I'm still glad that I'm here with you." "Really?" I looked down at her. "Yes" she moved up and kissed me. We may not be able to feel, but we still enjoy kissing. Theirs a lot of things that were odd about this journey that didn't make sence, randomly finding a baker selling "human food" and alchemy were apart of that. We made our way using the maps and the book to her cave.

Their we saw her, a beutiful enchantress. She spoke softly. And was silver like my freind. "Welcome Abeo and Wenter" she spoke. "To my home" "how'd you-?" Abeo asked. "I have been watching you over the course of several months, I actually know you quite well Wenter." "How?" She made a gesture with her hand, revealing her to be my best freind. "Albany?" My voice was withering at the thought. "Your the Halis?"

"Yes and I think you've found love" she looked at Abeo. "Does that mean you'll lift the curse" "that depends does she love you?" "I do" Abeo practically yelled. "Really?" "Yes" "fine" as quik as day she shot a lightning bolt at my chest. Though I normally coudnt feel I felt it am I begun to bleed in agony. "No!" Abeo ran to me. She was crying dry tears. "No-no-NO!" I was dying. She grabbed my bleeding chest. "I relished that I was flesh. "Please please I love her you can't do this!" She was turning to flesh as well.

Tears begun to fall. "No" "it's ok" I Managed to say. "No it's not i love you" she kissed me. And as soon as I begun to fade I was suddenly healed. I opened my eyes. "Wenter?" She asked the blood had turned to dust. She looked at the Halis. "I'm sorry but I needed to be sure" she paused. "The curse, has been lifted." Like that she disapeired and we awoke in my bedroom. "Thank the gods" she hugged me. And nested her head on mine. Even though we were flesh the flowers remained. "We're alive" "we're alive!" She repeated. She move her hand towards mine and we kissed once more.

My mother entered my bedroom. "You...did it?" My mom spoke. "You saved the kingdom." "You knew?" "Yes we did. We had feared any human that entered may have been the Halis but we know that we were wrong to keep you from humans" my mother finished my fathers sentence "after all a human saved us" she ran over and hugged me and Abeo. "Welcome to the family" three weeks later Abeo and I had our wedding. It was a traditional Jewish one. We were happy and shared a room.

The kingdom was alerted of the lifted curse. Then one day I saw Abeo by the window. "You alright?" I asked my wife. "Yes it's just..." "It's just?" "I miss my family" "oh" I stated. "Could I please see them?" She refused to look away. "Yes" "really?" "Yes an here, you said you had sibling right?" I pulled my jewelry box out. "Take these jewls as a gift from me to your sisters" "thankyou" she said as she hugged me. "Just be home in a few days" months pass and she doesn't return.

My mother came to my room. "I'm sorry, but it seems she may be gone forever" I had been looking for her for months. "No she has to be out their" "darling you know I care for you, and you know your father does as well but maybe-?" "No" I stated. I left my room slamming the door. More weeks pass and I feel as though I'm dying of heartbreak.

Then just when I needed it I see Abeo run in and hug me. "Thank god your alright." She said as she grasped me. "I'm sorry I won't leave you again. My sisters had persuaded me to stay a few more months with tears, turns our they were from onions and lies, I promise Ill never leave you agin. She kissed my forehead. It was true. She never once left me after that. And we are forever living happily. All is fine now, as I lay here writing this for my grandkids, I want to let you know that we were happy. And now that I am going to be with her again I can say that I will be happy.

The end.