Author's Note

Please do not be offended. Yes, I understand its a sensitive subject, but my goal is not to offend but to maybe open some eyes as to what is wrong and fix it. poems may or may not be taken down as I plan to have a few published. I thank you for reading please review.


Home of the brave

What about

Home of the KKK

School shooting, massacres

Of families with loved ones

Fighting our wars.

Who are we to judge?


Father country

Its dark history

Nazi pride

Can no longer hide though

Its streets cleared

A new sense of pride

Then again, Who are we to know?



Sadly covered in blood

War is unending

Fighting for pride

Taking criticism in stride

An economic system

Is NOT what one should be judged by.


God save the Queen

Then again did she ever need to be?

History here is unclear at the most

Countless Union Jacks would cover the seas

Britain was Queen

Even if for a passing age

But aren't we all rulers of our own fates?


Country of passion

Love and romance as well

That can all turn to hate

Choose your fate well

No one Country is pure

Remember this Tri-Color

No one here can judge well.


Both North and South

Pointless as it may be


You were once brothers.

Yes brothers change

Brothers are stronger together

Maybe it's time we all changed?


Circle of sun,

You deserve some apologies

You need to give some as well

Pretending to be innocent

Is just like covering up

No you don't have to be proud

No here can judge you any how


Five stars,

Government once again

Is what most focus on

Arrogant ways

Are unhealthy as well

That's all I can say

We all have to judge ourselves.


So many tainted in blood,

Yet we choose

Who is right rather than wrong.

Like silly school yard children

fighting over a ball.

Yes there are right and wrong

But will we ever judge ourselves?

Can I say,

I am a white American?

Little pride for my country

A bit more of shame.

Politics unjust

Constitution to dust.

Still free then most

But who I am to judge.