School Days And Love Lives

This is a story about a boy who did everything he could for his loved one, yet could not make her understand his love for her. This is not a story about friendship, trust and all that which make a romance story; it's just about the feelings of a boy and his school days. I will not boast for his tactics, no, just like in the Game Of Thrones you know the truth behind the story and want to tell so badly the GOT world about the injustice but you can't..It's just like that. So let me begin at last..

"Wow!, she's beautiful!" I, Rishabh Dutta, scream into the ears of my friend Yogesh Dutt. A little grief stricken and shocked Yogesh yaps back "why the hell did you shout suddenly? You nincompoop!". I did not bother to reply to the minute insult and rather pointed to the second bench of the class "look at girl to left, she's hot isn't she?!" Yogesh adjusts his eagle vision and looks with so much concentration you'd think he's trying to shoot heat rays from his eyes! "Hmm, er..meh, she's not even that beautiful,I think you got confused, there are sooo many hot new chicks this year and you only spot that one? Kudos to your choice man" disclaimed Yogesh. "Shut up!" I said feeling offended. He did not reply and got back to his own imagination of portraying the girls naked, sick bastard!. As I sat on my bench, I crossed my arms and laid my head down and secretly stared at her till the period started.

It was the first day of school for the 10th standard. I was not a studious student and I am glad for that because if you're not a little crazy, you lead a very boring life!. But still even though I didn't study much I used to gather up some respectable marks which could be shown to IIT crazy parents and they won't have an emotional break down over their under scoring child. But my parents were a little different. I'll get back to that later. So I somehow managed to get into A section (it was a CBSE system where students were divided over their GPA's) and that was good enough for me!. But sadly most of my friends got separated and I was left with the Yogesh and Mahesh. I knew more people but they were the best of buds and the people I could bear to hang out with. But I knew I was longing for someone and that someone was the one the story revolves around.

BANG BA BA BANG BANG! Went the bell, yes the school bell was a bit old fashioned, there were no electric bells, rather a simple round flat piece of sonorous metal that the peon would strike to notify the end of a period. I looked up and gazed upon the dazzling beauties and some females from the island of ugly. I return around and saw my friends discussing and fretting about the new teachers to come "I heard we get the Geography teacher we heard so much about!" uttered Mahesh "Yes I heard she's a real control freak, throws insults to all the students and thinks she's the smartest one around!" supported Yogesh. "I said chill out guys! How bad can she be? And don't worry she won't target us!" I said. I know for sure the gods above heard this and they snickeringly looked at each other and laughed feverishly while rubbing their hands with glee.

Then suddenly the Geo teacher enters and strides across to her table and sits down. We quickly react, stand up and greet her feebly. "Sit down" she says. "My name is Mona Banerjee, your first period is Geo today. Jot down your routine fast and let me take the roll call". Soon.. "Roll no- 38" she yells. "Present maam" I yell back. She gazes upon us then squints her eyes at me and says "you have a brother don't you?". "Yes I do, maam" I reply. "His name is Varun right?" she asks. "Yes, maam" I say without hesitation. She suddenly sniggers a little and says "Good, I know your brother, so if you try to be a little mischievous, I will call your brother and complain about your mischief!" Whispers go around the classroom. My mouth gapes open, it's the first day of class, I barely know her and she's giving death threats like this! The hell is wrong with her!? I try to speak but nothing comes out. She says sit down and I obey. My friends look at me like I had set their homes on fire. "What did you do?" asked Mahesh "nothing!" I defended. Suddenly I hear her fearful voice again "Roll no 38!..Rishabh yes, come and sit on the first bench!" I would have screamed "THIS IS MADNESS!" but I reluctantly obeyed thinking that she would also shout "NO, THIS IS SCCHHOOOOLLL!"(300 movie reference, watch it). So I quietly sit down there and keep my face a little bent. She then begins her class "Let me make myself clear, I hate naughty brats so if anyone tries to act over-smart they will wish they were never born..blah blah.." I thought what would happen in the future; us turned into mindless robots and and.. "Rishabh!" I suddenly look up and see she is staring at me "Why aren't you listening?" "Maam, I..I.." I try to find words but can't. "I am warning you, listen to everything I say, don't try to be over-smart!". "Yes maam" I squeaked. From then I remained absolutely still, not wanting to jeopardize my life. I keep looking dead straight into her eye. "..blah blah and that's why textile mills are so important to us" she finishes her lecture, but suddenly she starts again "I know some of you already don't like me, but that's how I am and that's how I deal with students, so try to bear me..oh yea and I always say this before I begin a semester.." all of us began to wonder what.
"WELCOME TO HELL" she says with a devilish smile. We all shuddered. Yes, she was right, Hell, Hell had just begun!