BANG BA BA BANG BANG! Goes the bell and brings a bright smile to our tainted faces. It was recess! I could see them delineate about the attributes of our new Geo teacher already. She certainly does leave a presence behind her. Well, I thought I had enough discussion of her today and began chatting with my friends.

"Let's go and eat at the canteen" I said, tapping on my pocket hinting I had money. Let me make this clear, you never and I mean NEVER show your friends you have money first or you will regret it. You must find out whether everybody has bought money or just you. I just forgot that day because of so much happening. "I don't have money" said Mahesh. "Me too" Yogesh said in total wicked innocence. "That means Rishabh has to treat us" Mahesh said with a glint in his eye. "The hell?!" I retorted. "Hehe, you know the 'brotherhood pact', brother" said Yogesh. Yes, the brotherhood pact or simply a promise that if somebody brings money they have to treat others. It's not that we don't share, we actually do!, but sometimes you just wish you should've kept quiet. I somehow agreed, to cheer them up and me too.

After returning to class with a stomach full of junk, I saw that the class was finally mixing together, and suddenly the whitewashed classroom with wooden benches looked lively. We sat near the last benchers and tried to turn up a chat with them. They were basically friends who were lame and studious. "Hey" I said amidst their laughter. "Hey" they all said in a successive way. Well now I wouldn't like to boast but I would usually say am a 'charismatic' person. I could either make a topic more fun and engrossing and could make people listen to me or abruptly destroy the topic with lame jokes and make everyone stare at me at annoyance, hehe. We all soon joined the bandwagon and were having a good time. "Why did the teacher scold you?" Rohit, a curious friend asked. "I don't actually know, I think she knows my brother, I will ask him" I said. "Oh" he said. After a bit of chit-chat again the bell rang. SHIT, I said to myself, I wasted my time and couldn't talk with the girls of the class. Oh well, I thought Next time!

Soon the next period started and we were all engrossed into the realm of quadratic equations, for it was the Maths period. Now here again is a teacher worth discussing. He was nice and all but a little strict and gave too much burden to the students. "My name is Raunak Bucha, sit down and let me begin my class" he said. "My period is only of 45 mins, so I urge you not to talk while I explain, and while I am writing on the board, you will not start writing, after I have finished and you have understood the sum, you will copy from the board." Now I thought he had Alzheimer's or something because he forgot his own rule! As soon as he explains the sum, in 5 seconds he rubs it out! We can't copy that fast dammit! WE ARE NOT CHILDREN OF 'THE FLASH'! We complained but he would not listen "Complete it at home" he would say. Suddenly a ringing sound fills the classroom, yes an important thing he showed pride about:his Iphone! In a city where most of the people are below the poverty line, an Iphone was a big thing. He pulled it out with a sheer smile on his face. All the boys awed in union as if he had pulled out the Kohinoor diamond from his pocket. Whispers went around. "Hello, yes, of course, yes, blah blah..ok bye" he murmured. Soon he started the class again and the buzzing of voices went down. Soon the bell rang and finally freed us of his agony. "Do the sums I explained 2 times and show them to me tomorrow" he said "WHAT!?"we all moaned. "No buts, you will do it" he said without a change in his voice. It was the first day of school! Teachers should cut us some slack! We grieved silently and he went away. The next classes went away fast because of the nice teachers but you will have to wait if you want to know them.

We were just shadows of the selves we had bought into the class this morning. Exhausted but meekly smiling now that we had a taste from the 10th standard. Yes it would be tough we knew, but with friends, laughter and new adventures we would make it through!

"Well the day's almost over guys" I said.

"yea, finally" said Yogesh.

"Well at least your hair didn't fall off" I teased.

BAM! He gives a punch to the stomach. I moaned in pain, but also started laughing because I'm weird. I start laughing when I feel pain. I didn't know he'd be angry over the simple joke that his father has no hair so we say his hair will fall off soon too, hehe! After a lot of laughing and bickering we went and joined the assembly. Oh yes, the assembly, where all the students from class 4 to 12 must come and stand to say the school song and anthems. I think its bullshit! I mean learning to say the prayers is fine, but standing in a field in scorching heat everyday in the mornings and afternoons, what happens if a child suffers a heat stroke? But no one can argue with our school's culture so we do it. After the assembly, we took our backpacks and went out the first gate where the buses were kept. I bid my friends adieu and went towards the second large gate which leads to the street. As I walked on I noticed that girl from class I had stared upon. I caught a glimpse of her face as she went out of my sight into the buses. This semester is not going to be so bad, I thought with a smile on my face.