A/N: Hey, Fans! I am going to try to get back in the swing of writing again by bringing you this sub story about an Original Character of mine named Sakamei Tori. She was meant to be a side character in a later series that Revamp and I were eventually going to write, but her story kept creeping up in my mind, so I wanted to just write a story to entertain you all while the long wait between updates. I really hope you all enjoy it.

This story will be one of my non manga works as I am trying to test my talents in other categories, but I WILL continue manga in the meantime, no worries! ^^ Please R&R.


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Title: Quiet As Kept…

By: SilverIsamu


Warnings: FemaleXFemale, Language, Sexual Content, Drug Reference, Violence, Psychological


FemaleXFemale: The topic of Lesbianism is very heavy here. If homosexuality offends, please do not read.

Language: The main character has a really bad potty mouth, not generated for the younger audience.

Sexual Content: There will be really graphic mature scenes in this piece.

Drug Reference: The topic of drugs and other paraphernalia are brought up.

Violence: Another main topic here.

Psychological: This piece bring s up different disorders and may bring different perspectives to otherwise frowned upon topics.

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence/Blood-Gore

Summary: With her mother hugging her death bed and her father falling short to drugs and crime, Tori must decide her own fate and try to figure out life's mysteries. But can she simply rely on faith, hope and the love of her beautiful parole officer to make it? Or will she just be another name on death row?


Title: Quiet As Kept…

By: SilverIsamu


I heard the shot ring out through the city. It was as if my world had ended at that very moment and every breath I took after the bullet reached her heart was more painful and suffocating than the last. I wanted to believe that somehow she was alright, safe and sound in her bed and that this was all a nightmare. I never knew how much she meant to me until I saw her lying there gasping and reaching out for me. Everything I had tried to accomplish was draining from my grasp within seconds.

I kneeled down beside her and took her into my arms. Her eyes. I didn't recognize them as the same bold and playful hazel that I had come to love. They were absent of life and it was all my fault. I am a plague. I could never understand why something so pure and precious would attach itself to the likes of me. Visions of her smile were starting to haunt as she weakly took my hand. Her voice raspy like death. "Tori… please do not blame yourself… for anything…" She moved my hand to her bleeding heart, the beats were faint.

"Azalea…." I let her name be free from my lips. I now fear that I will not be able to utter it for a long time. She was my last belief that there was good left in this world. How can I now survive without my light? The tears were beginning to burn and my usual 'play it cool' seemed juvenile at this point. "Why…? Why me…?"

She let a small smile come across her lips before answering as best she could. "Because I believed in how you made me feel and what you could really achieve… I… still do. Tori, I love…. you…" She fell silent and her grip loosened on my hand that was over her heart. It was then that I let go. Tear after tear marked how much farther she was getting from me. I needed her back, but now that was impossible…

I am a plague set to destroy all that I love, and they call me Tori…