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I walked into English class on the first day of school, my hairline already beading with sweat from the heat. Even though the school had air conditioning, the Southern California sun beat down on the aging building with a fury. It was like the god of heat himself had a vengeance to take out on my education. I sat in the second row, behind my best friend and her boyfriend. Maya turned around.

"Sorry hun, John took the seat before I could protest."

I rolled my eyes. "Like you would protest."

She grinned and patted the desk. "You know me so well. John, don't be rude. Say hello to Hailey."

John turned around and flashed his movie-star smile. "Hey, Hailey. Uh... nice summer?"

"Yeah, great."


I admit, there was still a little bit of tension between us, given the fact that we dated for two years. John was the typical prom king: good looking, quarterback of the football team. Nice guy, just sort of conceited. He'd started dating Maya a week after we broke up, and she jumped at the chance. I would've been pissed at her, but given the fact that she had severe low self-esteem, I wasn't. She deserved to be happy, even if her happiness came from dating the ex-boyfriend I wasn't completely over. I shook my head to rid my thoughts of him and tried to smooth down my frizzing hair as more and more heat-stricken kids wandered into the class until the bell chimed. I counted thirty-seven students in total. The teacher, Ms. Harris, stepped into the room, her haystack brown hair damp and frizzy. She had stains under her the armpits of her t-shirt. I winced a bit. She was a nice lady... just really, really gross.

"Hello seniors! How does it feel to enter your final year of high school?"

The class murmured in response. It was too hot for her excitement. She beamed despite the response.

"Alright, first act of business! Everyone, state your name! Clockwise, around the room!"

She started with some jerk in the back, who shouted the name of a female body part instead of his name, which was Thomas Richardson. Biggest douche in the entire school. Each student mumbled a slightly irritated word, identifying themselves. When the train finally arrived at my mouth, I opened it.


He walked through the door, commanding everyone's attention, including mine. I stopped mid-name. He was tall, about six foot, even. His pitch black hair was cut at the back and swooped upwards at the front, giving him a look that was a mix between childish and mature. His white t-shirt held back lean muscle, and his black jeans were completely out of place. I wondered how on Earth he wasn't pouring sweat from every inch of his tanned skin. The most noticeable thing about him were his eyes. They were piercing orange, and held nothing but danger. The edges of his full lips curled into a smile.

"Seth," he spoke, sauntering to the back of the class.

He flicked his eyes down at me as he passed. It couldn't have been for more than a blink, but I felt his bright irises taking in everything. My long, brunette hair, pale skin, green eyes, my strangely thin body. His smile cracked a bit wider, but it wasn't a happy smile. It was more of an 'I enjoy making people feel super uncomfortable' smile. He was hot, in more ways than one, but I already disliked him.

Ms. Harris gestured to me with her hand. "Finish telling us your name, sweetheart."


The rest of the class stated their names unenthusiastically, until the train reached Seth.

"Well, son, state your name!" Ms. Harris chirped.

"Already did."

"Yes, but you took Hailey's turn. I want you to say it on your turn."

For some odd reason, I turned around to look at him. I swear it wasn't just to look at him. I wanted to see how he'd respond. His rigid cheekbones creased into another grin.


I felt every girl in the class stick out their collective chest. I didn't really have much to show off. Seth seemed completely unfazed by the attention placed on him. I saw his eyes slide over to mine, and I held his gaze for a bit too long. I turned to face front, my face heating up instantly. I was sweating even more, but not because of the weather. Out of all the girls in the class, why was he staring at me?

"Okay! Icebreaker time! I'll put you with partners, and we'll spend twenty minutes getting to know each other! Fun!"

I rolled my eyes. We were seniors; we'd spent every year since seventh grade with each other. I could identify everyone in the room by scent alone.

"Jeff with Ellen, Rima with Katheryn, Cassie with Miley, Danny with Ethan, Maya with Joey, John with Hannah..."

Ms. Harris paired everyone up, then smiled when she reached my chair.

"I want you with Seth," she informed, pointing towards him. "I know you're quite the popular one, and I was thinking you could help him feel... at home here. Maybe show him around the school a little."

I gave her the most sincere smile I could fake. I guess I could be considered "popular", but only because I'd dated John. I was known as "John's ex" nowadays, not that it mattered. No one except Maya really liked me. They'd all pretended because they actually did like John. I expected Seth to walk up and join me, but he didn't. I waited five minutes. Then, I stood up and walked to the back of the class, taking a seat next to him. He looked me up and down, his legs stuck out on either side of his chair in a pose that resembled something a male model would do on the front of a magazine. What a gentleman.

"Hi, I'm Hailey. Hailey Roberts."

"I heard."

His eyes twinkled with the same danger I'd first noticed when he walked in the room. I'd been around enough of the "popular" people to know that the smile he wore was as fake as the "wood" of the desk I was sitting at.

"So... Seth. What's your last name?"

"Don't have one," he said, in a tone that was only slightly joking.

His eyes were focused on me. They were almost predatory. He showed no intent to continue the conversation.

"Could you... stop doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"Staring at me. You've been staring at me since you showed up."

"You're gorgeous. Why wouldn't I?"

I felt my cheeks burning. "I'm not gorgeous. I'm an eighteen year old girl built like an eleven year old boy."

"I haven't seen a lot of eleven year old boys that look like you."

"Everyone has their insecurities."

"Sure. But yours seem stupid."

My cheeks were hot again, but for another reason. I didn't like when people called me stupid, even if... even if maybe I was being stupid. He didn't have the right to point it out. Everyone has their insecurities. Maya thought she was too fat. I thought I was too skinny.

"Look, we have to spend twenty minutes getting to know each other. Can you at least pretend to hold a conversation? And maybe... not call me stupid?"

"I'm not into conversations."

"Not even with a girl you like?"

He cocked a charcoal eyebrow. "I said you were gorgeous. I didn't say I liked you. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't like you."

I rested my elbow on the desk. I'd known him five minutes and he was already the biggest jerk I'd met in my short life. "Good to know. The feeling is mutual."

I slid out my iPhone and tapped out a text to Maya.

This guy's a total jerk. He can't even hold a conversation.

Not even five seconds later, my phone buzzed in my lap.

Who cares? He's so hot I think my eyes are sweating.

I care. Ms Harris wants me to help him feel "at home".

I'd let him feel whatever he wanted.

I let out the slightest giggle. It should have bothered me that Maya was in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend, yet clearly had eyes for any attractive boy with a pulse. I got her attention from across the room, and we shared another giggle. When she turned to face her partner, I caught John's eye. He gave me another smile, and I couldn't help but smile back, even though even an innocent smile felt more disloyal than it should have.

"Who's that?"

His deep voice startled me. I turned to see Seth's orange eyes narrowed in an unidentifiable emotion.

"That's John. You didn't hear him say his name?"

"I know his name. Who's he to you?"

"He's... a previous boyfriend, that's all."

Seth grinned. "You still love him."

I gritted my teeth. "Shut up. I do not."

"Yes, you do."

"I said shut up."

He raised his hands in mock defeat. "Sorry. Didn't realize it was such a sensitive topic."

I unclenched my teeth. He did that on purpose. My heart was racing. He'd gotten under my skin without even trying. Usually I was able to keep my emotions in check when asked about John, but there was something about the way Seth spoke... it was intriguing. Alluring. Also irritating and infuriating. I ran a nervous hand through my hair and met his strong eyes.

"Enough about me. Let's-"

"I don't think I've heard enough about you," he interrupted, his smug grin still plastered across his lips.

I pushed my desk away and slid my chair up to his. Challenge now twinkled in his eyes. He was playing some type of screwy game with me, and I wasn't going to chicken out. I pressed my small hands at the top of his desk, and he laid his large ones over mine. He was definitely my least favorite person in the class, but I didn't pull away. His touch sent something like an electric shock up my arms, and as much as I didn't want to, I liked it.

"You're shaking," he noted. "Do I make you nervous?"

"No. I just don't like being touched by people I dislike."

"For a girl who dislikes me so much, you seemed pretty eager to have a more intimate session."

"I wanted to make you feel uncomfortable."

"Well, looks like the tables are turned, sweetheart."

I slowly pulled my hands from his and set them in my lap. His palms were completely dry, like the heat didn't even affect him.

"You're not sweating. Not even a little."

"You're pretty hot, but not enough to make me sweat. Yet." He finished that sentence with a wink. Yes. A wink. A wink that I swear did not excite me.

I rolled my eyes. "Not from my "hotness". From the heat. You know, the Sun."

"I don't have that great a relationship with the Sun."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"It doesn't."

I squeezed my eyes shut. "You are the most infuriating-"

"You're not infuriated."

"I am. Don't tell me what I feel." How dare he?

The bell rang. I wanted to get away from his as quickly as possible, but he blocked my exit.


"Didn't Ms. Harris tell you to show me around? It is free period."

"How do you know my schedule?"

He lowered his head and bit his lip. "Lucky guess, sweetheart."

"Whatever. Just be normal. And stop calling me that."

We walked out into the hallway, leaving Maya behind, her jaw hanging open. I heard her shuffle up behind us, and she stepped in the space between Seth and I. I was surprised she wasn't electrocuted.

"Hi, I'm Maya," she greeted.

He nodded without even looking at her. Maya gave a confused glance and pulled me to the side of the hall.

"What's his deal?"

"I have no idea. He's probably the biggest ass-"

"Wait. He's coming," Maya interrupted.

"You know, just because you stepped three yards to the side, doesn't mean I can't still hear you talking about me."

"Maybe I wanted you to hear us," I retorted. I tried not to look at him for too long, because God he was attractive. Almost like he'd been sculpted by one of those people you read about in a museum.

His smug grin didn't leave his face. "This makes my job a whole lot easier."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

He held his smirk, refusing to respond.

"I really can't stand-"

The doors of the hallways burst open, and a tall girl with long, brown hair rushed in, her blue eyes wild with panic. I didn't even pay attention to her until I saw the trail of blood leaking from her stomach. Screams filled the hallway, and students backed into lockers to let the woman through.

"C-call the nurse," I whispered to Maya, cemented in place.

"The nurse? I'm calling the cops!"

She whipped out her phone and dialed 911, right before the girl stumbled up to me, her hands gripped on either side of my face. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. Her mouth was twisted with agony, and fear. She had been stabbed with something very sharp, and whoever did it obviously meant to kill her. Her hands were shaking violently, and her breaths came shallow. I tried to steady my heartbeat, but it was no use. I'd never been so horrified in my entire life.

"Are- a- are you okay? T- the cops are com-"

She interrupted my babbling with a harsh scream. As I recovered from my momentary deafness, she pulled herself to my ear, her breath rough and random.

"Your life is in danger, Daughter!" she whispered ferociously, " Beware the boy with the orange eyes! He is not what he seems!"

With that, she collapsed. The boy with the orange eyes. Seth. I snapped my neck to the empty space beside me, then I sent my eyes on a futile search around the hallway. I felt a sinister chill travel across my chest. My lungs stopped working.

Seth was gone.

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