Hey, everyone! I've recently been transferring Secret to WattPad, and as I was doing that, I came across this excerpt in Chapter 29. Before this scene, Hailey found out Leo was alive, and kind of blew up at Seth for not telling her sooner. He left, she and Leo talked, and she came back to the funeral home and found Seth there. Long story short, they end up (finally) confessing their love to each other. When I was reading it, I realized I really wanted to re-write it, but from Seth's point of view, since throughout both Secret and Silhouette, we only ever see Seth through Hailey's eyes, and we only catch glimpses of what he's thinking based on what she can pick out. So, here you go.

I stood with my back to the metal table in the kitchen, and I poured the brown drink into my glass. It didn't have a label on it, and it tasted generic and cheap, but I knew what brand it was as soon as it hit my tongue. Jack Daniels, 1996. It was perfectly aged. I started inspecting each of the jars up on the shelves, one by one, making sure none of them were out of place. I could do it from one spot. I knew all of them by heart. None of them had labels on them anymore, but I remember when they did.

I heard Hailey come in through the front door a few minutes ago, but I decided to stay in here and let her find me. She was upset with me for moving behind her back with Leo, and I was admittedly upset at her when she snapped at me for doing it. I was trying to protect her from the heartbreak of having Leo vanish. I wanted to make sure he was here permanently before I let her know that he was here at all. I wish she'd understood that right away, but I couldn't expect that of her, not when she had her dead brother standing right in front of her eyes. I had to be patient. It was new for me, but I'd do it for her.

I started hearing her footsteps coming toward the entrance to the kitchen, and my heart beat faster than it had before. She was the only person who'd ever done that to me, and I wish it was happening now under better circumstances. She got closer, and I took another sip of the alcohol to calm myself. Everything about her excited me, and it could be hard to downplay it when she was around. I couldn't get drunk off the drink, but it could alleviate my problem for at least a little while.

I felt her walk into the room, and I gripped the edge of the table a little bit harder to stop myself from walking over and apologizing. I wanted her to feel what I do, to know that everything I'm doing is for her, but I needed to hold my ground here. I didn't turn to look at her, and I didn't say anything. If she was going to blow up at me, I was going to take it. I focused back on the jars to take my attention off of her. If this alcohol did to me what it did to humans, I'd be making reckless, emotional choices right now. Choices that involved she and I, on top of this table.

"Are you drunk?"

No blowup. A good sign.

"Gods can't get drunk."

"Then what are you doing?"



I loved her curiosity, but sometimes my answers should've been so obvious to her that I wanted to laugh.

"Because it tastes good. Why else?"

I focused back on the jars. I'd carry on the conversation whenever she wanted to. This was her court.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you, back at the house. You didn't deserve that."

No, I didn't, but I understand why you did it. I wanted to say it to her, but I didn't. She had such a good heart. She didn't need me to tell her why I did what I did. If she was sorry, I accepted it. I kept taking inventory.

"Seth, I really am sorry."

"I believe you."

"Then why are you being so... quiet?"

"I'm taking inventory, sweetheart." Calling her that gave me a spark on the inside. "You're distracting me."

"Leo told me everything."

I knew he did. He called me as soon as she left his house and filled me in. He said she wanted to do it, but he was worried she'd get too "caught up in our chemistry" to report effectively. I told him she was capable, but he told me everything anyway. And he knew I was more likely to get caught in her web than she was to get caught in mine. If I hadn't been around for five thousand years, learning how humans thought and behaved, this girl would have me twisted around her pinky finger. I might have enjoyed it.

"I assumed he would."

"Oh, and I figured out something else. Hondo's trying to merge the-"

"Leo called."

I heard her nearly gasp, and I chuckled, but she didn't hear me.

"Oh. Alright."

My lips turned up to one side. "Don't be jealous."

"Of my brother? Got something to tell me?"

"He isn't the worst looking guy I've ever seen."

She laughed, and I smile. Her laugh was light but certain, and it made me feel something inside that I'd never felt before in all of my five thousand years. It made me... weak. I felt weak when she laughed. I felt weak when she looked at me, when she touched me, when she said my name. Nobody had ever made me feel weak before, and it was strange. Frightening, sometimes. But I was addicted to the feeling.

"Seth, do you love me?"

Yes, yes, a million times yes. I'd been struggling to decide if what I felt for her was love for a while. I hadn't experienced love in a long, long time, but I knew that the skip in my heartbeat whenever I even thought of her, I knew that was love. It had to be. If it wasn't, it was all I had. I circled my drink in the glass, then set it on the table. I'd seen humans use love to manipulate and destroy for longer than she could imagine. I needed to show her my love wasn't anything typical.

"Love is an emotion people say they feel when they need something."

I felt her disappointment, and I wanted to take back what I said and tell her I loved her more than she knew, but I needed to make a point.

"My turn. Do you think I need you?"

I tensed. I hoped she answered this the way I wanted.

"I don't think you need anyone."

Not what I wanted. I wanted her to say that she thought I needed her. I wanted her to be confident in what I thought of her, but she wasn't, not fully. That was on me, and I was going to change it. I turned and faced her, and my whole body ached. She stood there with those big, gorgeous green eyes, that delicate, perfect face, looking at me like only she could, and I wanted to give her the world. I walked up to her, and kept my arms by my side to keep from grabbing her and throwing my whole plan to the crows.

"That's where you're wrong."

I walked by her out of the kitchen. I looked back and gestured for her to follow me. I heard her footsteps keeping in step behind mine, and I pushed through the front doors out to the parking lot. I hopped up on the hood of my car, and she crawled up next to me. I put my arm around her waist. I started talking as I did it, to take my focus off of making contact with her.

"I've been alive for five thousand years, and I've never needed anyone. Never planned on it, either. The closest I got was Dalila." I clenched my teeth together. She was a traitor, and saying her name made me want to spit. "She was important to me. I thought I needed her, but it's clear now that I don't."

I look at her, and she looks at me, and I wanted to put my mouth on hers until none of my words mattered, but I kept going.

"So imagine my surprise when I go on a mission to kill a descendant of Isis to get my powers back, and that girl ends up being the most fascinating, amazing, irritating, confusing, attractive one I've ever met. And imagine my damn shock when I end up needing her."

She made a small gasp again, and I wanted her to tell me she felt the same way. In that moment, she had me where she wanted me. I wasn't good with vulnerability, but I was putting myself on the line, for her. I wanted her to see exactly how I felt. Her soft eyes melted on mine.


I couldn't control it anymore. "To answer your question, I'm telling you I need you because I love you, and vice versa."

She smiled, and so did I.

"I... I need you, too."

I loved the way she stuttered when she was nervous.

"Music to my ears, sweetheart."

She blinked, then pressed her mouth to mine. Her lips were small, soft, and sweet, and so was the way she kissed me. I kissed her the same way, but then she came harder, and I knew she would. She couldn't resist me, the same way I couldn't resist her. I put both hands on her waist and dragged her into me, and she gripped her little hands on the back of my neck. It's a good thing my eyes were closed, because my vision would be blurred into uselessness if they weren't. Her mouth moved with mine like the breeze. I tilted her back on the hood of the car, and she moved her hands from my neck to my hair, and I loved the way it felt. I moved my hands under her top, and the little sound she made, made me want to take her inside and show her exactly what I was capable of. I kissed her harder, and she did the same. I exhaled and breathed in again from my nose because I didn't want to break for air.

When she kissed me, I felt like I was more than a legend, a god out of Egypt. I felt like someone who had a bigger purpose than controlling chaos magic, or fighting evil siblings, or facing an insane student. I felt like someone she could love, and someone who could love her back, love her with the same ferocity that I had to right the wrongs I'd done. I wanted to be her hero, to make this world safe for her to live in, and I would. I wanted to be someone she saw good in.

I'd do it all, for her. Because she loved me, and I loved her back.

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