Mazushi knocked on the door before opening it. His eyes widened as he saw a flailing Hanabi struggling to control his class.

Hanabi has lost the respect of his students! Mazushi could barely hear the names the science teacher was calling out amidst the racket. He can't even get a word in edgewise! Is he even a competent teacher?!

"Mazushi-san!" Hanabi called out. Somehow, he had a slight limp and three more band-aids on his face. "Don't worry, I'll have everything under control! Er, now where is Arisawa Rein?"

I doubt that, Mazushi thought with a sweatdrop.

"By the way," said Hanabi, a bashful look on his face, "you do have insurance for most of your equipment, right?"

"Ah, we don't have an extravagant amount of money."

"Oh," was all the science teacher said, and it was enough to unnerve Mazushi. It didn't help that he saw three pens lying broken on the ground and a table upturned in the corner.

He would duly inform Seihana about this later.


Mazushi gulped when he saw who was next on his list. I hope he really isn't a sadist...

He entered the classroom after knocking. Mazushi instantly gaped at the scene. Kumotta was sitting like a statue behind the desk, while the rest of his class were silently writing on paper. None dared to look up even as the maths teacher greeted the principal.

"Mazushi. What brings you here?"

That baritone voice could petrify Mazushi on the spot. He clearly exudes an aura like Seihana's, but it's much more suffocating! "J–Just to see if everything is all right."

"Everything is all right," Kumotta said, eyes narrowing behind his glasses. "As you can see, the students are writing a 400 word essay stating their goals for this semester."

"400 words? That's a bit too much..."

"That's exactly what I was thinking, but I had to up the amount after there were protests." There was a mutter somewhere in the room, immediately attracting the maths teacher like a hawk would to its prey. "Hm? What was that? Do I have to up the amount again?"

Total silence came after those words. Nothing could be heard save for the scratching of pen on paper... and Mazushi closing the door as he nervously sneaked out.


After Kumotta's class, Mazushi hadn't a clue what the next one would entail.

"Suzuki-sensei! Please translate this volume of Soul Cartel for me!"

"Sensei, c–can you translate this doujinshi?"

"Suzuki-sensei, is it true that you have the raw scans for the next One Piece chapter?!"

The horde of girls and boys around the language teacher's desk was enough to block out the said teacher from view. Mazushi was slack-jawed at the scene that heavily contrasted with the previous class'.

"Calm down everyone!" Suzuki hollered, making the students step away from her desk. The language teacher cupped her chin pensively, looking at a sheet with the students' requests written on it. Finally, she looked up and smiled. "Okay, class; give me two weeks and I'll have everything translated! If you have any other requests, just come to the staffroom!"

Cheers rang in the classroom, deafening Mazushi's ears. Incredible! Suzuki is already popular with her students! Still... the amount of anime accessories she has on is ridiculous!

"Agasa-san!" Suzuki squealed when she saw Mazushi at the doorway.

And what's with that nickname?!


After opening the door, Mazushi now knew what Seihana meant by 'a Kansai-ben speaker who roleplays'.

The social studies teacher was wearing his scarlet haori over an elegant kimono, along with an obi tied around his waist. Layers of shining armor covered his body, emphasizing his stoic outlook. Completing his appearance was a scabbard strapped on his waist, his hand clamped around the hilt of the katana it held. Taking a deep breath, Tate spoke.

"The warrior doesn't care if he's called a beast or a dog."

Tate unsheathed a dangerously realistic katana that glinted under the sunlight streaming from the window. He spoke once more in that uncharacteristic tone.

"The main thing," he said, pointing the blade to his spellbound students, "is winning."

There was a round of applause and shouts of 'encore!' as Tate bowed. "Tha' was a quote from Asakura Norikage, eight son of Asakura Toshikage and a samurai warrior of the Sengoku period," the social studies teacher said, back to speaking in Kansai-ben.

Amazing, Mazushi thought. It was as though the real Asakura Norikage was standing before me!

"Mazushi-han, I didn't notice ya there. Is something wrong?"

"Ah, nothing's wrong!" Mazushi assured. Although, where in Kami's name did you get that costume?!


Mazushi stood before the door, wondering what would be behind it. A bead of sweat rolled down his face as he thought of the possible circumstances.

I hope everything is G-rated in there, he thought as he knocked (he might've seen sinful things if he'd just blatantly opened the door). When he was sure it was all right, Mazushi opened the door and hoped he wouldn't slam it shut.

He nearly did.


Mazushi was already fainting even as Yuri went over and hugged him, the buttons on her blouse snapping.

The male students were instantly KO'ed, blood profusely streaming down their noses. The female students either glared or facepalmed.

The chime of the school bell indicated the end of homeroom.


–han: same use as –san; used by Kansai-ben speakers

kimono : Japanese traditional garment
haori : lightweight coat worn over kimonos
obi : sash tied around kimonos
katana : Japanese sword

doujinshi : amateur manga publications, sometimes interpreted as yaoi (boy x boy) or yuri (girl x girl) doujins.

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