"Step off! Step off!" my brother said intimidating Rigby from Regular Show. It has been 11 hours since we had talked to Chronos and my brother was watching t.v. Like nothing happened. And meanwhile while he was being the biggest idiot of them all, I was sprinting around the house, running to every corner trying to find everything we needed so the world didn't get destroyed.

(Face it, does a god really want to look at a destroyed earth or the same people trapped in time for 100 years? Yeah, I thought so).

So I got everything needed, and then stopped for a breather to check if we had everything. Food to eat, check. Clothes to wear, check. Taser if my brother or anyone else try's anything stupid, check. PS Vita's for when we're bored, check. Macbook for map and downloading music, check. Yeah, looks like we got everything we can take on the bus.

I checked the time. It was 4 o'clock in the morning. Darn it all, we were gonna be late for the bus in the morning, I know it.I looked into the living room. Tyler had finally fallen asleep on the couch, and the re-runs of Regular Show stopped. What? I walked toward him and saw that he had drool hanging from his mouth, and his face pressing on the pause button. I snickered and grabbed a blanket from my bag and put it over him. Sleep tight little amigo.

I woke up to the sound of something sizzling. Oh no, did Tyler catch the house on fire again? "Crap" I said as I quickly got up. I ran to the the end of the house to see what the sound was. And to my surprise, my brother had one of the biggest breakfast's I had ever seen ready. Bacon, Sausage,Waffles, Eggs, Yellow Grits, Toast, Special grape Jelly, and a gallon of orange juice. The perfect Southern meal, just like I remembered it….

I stared at my brother, who had the biggest and craziest smile on his face. What did he do…..

"Did you seriously make all this bro?" I said the food making my mouth water. "Yeah! Just for us ya know!" he screamed in delight and started digging into his own food.

We finnally had gotten on the bus to the airport, and I had felt like so freakin tired. I saw an elderly lady and she looked like she needed some help with her luggage. I quickly went over to assist her as Tyler just sat in his seat playing Rayman Legends on his Vita. That good for nothing little….

"Thank you for helping me sonny boy." the woman kindly said.

"Uh-o-oh yeah! No problem!" I say surprised at her voice.

"I have a little something for ya." the woman said rummaging through her bags. She scanned around until she found what she was looking for. "A box? For me?" "Here ya go sonny." she said and gave me the box. I took the box.

"Holy Crap! This weighs a ton!" I stared at her. I looked inside it. What the heck?! A chainsaw?

"Why would I need this?"

"You'll find out soon enough. Heheheh". The woman said chuckling. And that was that.