The air was warm in Asgard and there wasn't a cloud in the sky as the sun set around them. In the dining room of Valhall there was a hearty meal laid out, roast pig and potatoes with fine wine to drink. It should have been a pleasant day. At one end of the table sat Thor, dressed in a red tunic and breeches with the sunlight making his hair light up in a red-gold halo around his head. At the other end of the short table sat Loki dressed in long green leather robes with embossed serpents on them, his emerald green eyes watching the other with unnerving intensity. No sound was made between them save for the slight clink of knives and forks being picked up and poking at the pewter plates. "Well, isn't this an enlightening family dinner. I'm so glad that we chose to do this, it's a wonder this sort of bonding doesn't happen more often." Loki said with a smile, breaking the silence. "Your glibness is not appreciated." Thor said, his face unsmiling. "So you invited me here to, what then? To glare at me and give me a free meal while you shelter me from the rest of the Aesir? If that was your only goal, then I applaud you for your tremendous success." He raised his wine goblet in a toast to his dearest companion before taking a sip of the sweet red wine within. Thor hated the arrogant way that Loki smiled at him over the lip of the wine glass. "I invited you here to try and talk to you. I thought that maybe I might be able to convince you to turn off of this suicidal wave of madness that has come over you, to change your course for once." "And you do so by remaining silent? Surely there are better wastes of both of our time, brother." It was all Thor could do to not jump across the table and slap his grin off of his mocking face, "Do not use the title of blood brother to try and soften my rage. You too were Odin's blood brother and this is how you repay him, this is how you repay me? We took you in and sheltered you when you were weak, treated you as an equal; then you turn around and treat us with such ichor that one would swear you took us for enemies." "Whatever do you mean, brother? I have not betrayed your trust and to declare such is a heavy accusation to throw around." The taunting tone of his voice, even and slightly patronizing, and his ever lingering smile told Thor that he knew exactly what he was being confronted over. But he wanted Thor to say it directly, to force him to lay out all the things that he had learned for all to see. Thor hated that feeling of being toyed with, yet he knew he would not make any progress forward if he did not dance to his "'brother''s tune- at least for now. "What then of the words you spoke at Aegir's feast?" Loki laughed, "Do my words sting you? What was that you said to me ages ago?" He paused for effect, putting down his wine glass and picking up a cutting knife. Thor's attention was caught by this small gesture. Loki was unpredictable on his best days, but he has just slain Aegir's servant Fimafeng for no reason other than a casual jest at Loki's expense. There was no telling what sort of state his mind was in if he would slay another man's servant without cause while invited into the man's own home. "Ah yes I remember now," Loki said, his eyes alight, "Words are weapon wielded by cravens and fools made only to take wound of those who are of similar ilk. So which are you, a craven or a fool?" That was enough to make Thor's blood boil. With ferocity he leapt out of his chair, grabbing a pewter plate in his hand in the same motion. Rage powering him, he threw the plate across the table at Loki's head. The trickster moved his head out of the way, leaving the plate firmly wedged in the back of the golden chair. To his credit Loki's smile did not waiver though a look his eyes showed cautious regard for his dinner companion, his features all tightening at once. "Do not insult me after I was kind enough to spare your life or else I may think better of my decision. You know very well of the baseless claims that you made-that Frigg slept with Odin's brothers and that my own wife Sif was seduced by you. Ignorance is not becoming upon you." Loki turned his attentions to Thor, now raising himself out of the seat with a fluid grace, "Why do you ask when you have already cast judgment upon me? You ask of my words, yet already you assume them to be baseless." "So you did lay with her as I have when I was her husband?" Loki's grin turned more malicious, "She practically begged for it when you were not around. I see not the harm in allowing her to take that which she has pined for years to claim." Thor charged across the table, moving far faster than Loki expected him to move. Though he moved with great speed the rage that spurred Thor on gave him the edge that he needed to catch Loki before his magicks could let him escape. His large hands wrapped around the other's thin neck and squeezed, pressing him to a wall. Loki aimed the knife at Thor's arms, but he brushed it aside with one hand and it fell uselessly to the ground. He felt cool air brush past him as Loki's hands began to glow bright blue. With haste Loki gripped Thor's hands with his own sending a shock of cold through the hands, through the bone, and straight into his chest. The pain was too great and Thor was forced to let go, recoiling as the pain hit him. Loki coughed and gasped as he filled his lungs with air, responding with a sneer, "So this is why you saved me then? So that you could be the one to kill me rather than letting the others get the satisfaction they so desperately seek, all because she did to you what you have done to her a hundred times over with the mortal girls?" Though Thor wanted nothing more than to pummel Loki's face for the disgrace he had caused his family, for the insults that he even now poured out of his mouth, for the inhospitality he had showed and the disloyalty. Everything in Thor screamed for blood, to take the metal utensils and drive them into Loki's pulsing throat, yet he held himself back. No. He did not put himself at risk by hiding Loki just to kill him now. Yet if he stayed here he knew that he would only cause more violence to the creature before him. He backed off, stomping toward the door. "I must take my leave. I will have a talk when my mind has cleared from the fire you have set upon it." Loki said something as he was leaving, but the blood was pounding too greatly in his ears for him to be able to hear what was said. The heavy wooden door slammed shut behind him, shaking a few of the loose stones in the walls. He did not know why Loki always had that effect on him, how quickly he could get under his skin and sting, but it appeared that he had only gotten more malicious with time.