What we pass on,

The sunset's good bye from a father,
And hello from a mother.
The sunrise's goodbye from a mother,
And hello from a father.

It is all she has know
From when time itself started
They are all she has seen
From since she was born.

That child which was cared for,
Now caring for life of her own.
We, children of children, through space we shall soar
Living our life as a meaningful roar

Leaving our shelter
For those who are small
To grow and to join
The rest of us all.

Leaving the message
That we should cherish,
All of our parents, long after their life will have perished.
For it is memories that last,

Bringing us reminders from the past.
Reminders as lessons in case we forget
The main point of all our regret.
The regret we had before we understood.

Understood that we are stronger as one, than as divided,
By barriers ourselves decided.
Perceived that our values are same,
No matter the look of the game.

As children of parents,
And parents of children,
Our values are all that remain
All that we pass on and are remembered

Long after we have turned to dust.

*Author's Note*

Hello, this is my first try at poetry, please tell me if I suck. I originally wrote this for a class assignment, and the teacher liked it, so I decided to post it here. Please tell me if it suckz. It's prolly pshychotic, and pointless, and prolly stinks too. Well, please please please review it, and tell me if I should continue writing poety. If not, I'll climb back up into my anime hole, and stay there, since I am appreciated there. I hope you like it, it's just a lil thing I thought up on a sleepless night. Please please please review. I need you comments, desperately.