Elemental Soul

By: LilyMiichelle123

Welcome to the first arc of the series: Beginning Arc(: in season 1. Sit back and enjoy this story! :D

In the land of Erlin, Magic was something that everyone appreciated. Magic was something that helped people in their everyday lives. As some people have this ability, others do not and others just keep it as a secret. Despite this, one girl seemed to use her powers for good and to demolish all evildoers. Azusa Lucina, daughter of Anzu and Naru Pegasus, who is the main character, will explain her story as she begins a journey to avenge her parents and to help the people she cares for.

Chapter 1: First Glance: Azusa's Introduction (一見:あずさの紹介 Ikken: Azusa no shōkai)

In the beginning, our protagonist, Azusa Lucina, is a water mage who specializes in all types of water magic and can even master ice magic.

Azusa was born to Naru Pegasus and Anzu Pegasus, who were both important military commanders in Northern Erlin and worked for the Erlin Council for a long time. When Azusa was born, Anzu and Naru decided to give her the name 'Azusa' because the name sounded beautiful and it suited her.

During a young age, Azusa seemed pretty close to her father, but she found herself even closer to her tomboyish mother sometimes. However nonetheless, she still loved them with all her heart. At age 6, Azusa became interested in water magic, so her parents trained her to become number 1. Despite the fact that there were some good and some bad times, Azusa managed to make it through with determination, spirit and passion to become stronger.

She was quite the crybaby when she was younger; however she grew out of that shortly before the incident. 3 years later, when Azusa was aged 9, her parents went off to go on another mission one day, however, Azusa refused to be left alone and begged her parents to take her with them.

"No sweetie. We can't take you with us." Naru said.

"Your father's right! It's too dangerous!" Anzu added.

"B-but…I wanna fight with you mommy and you too daddy! I want to become stronger! I really do!" Azusa cried.

Anzu and Naru both looked at each other sadly for a brief second, until they sighed and faced towards Azusa again with smiling faces.

"Alright! We'll let you come!" Anzu smiled.

"Really?" Azusa smiled as she wiped her tears away.

"Yes! You may come!" Naru smiled and added.

"Yay!" Azusa cheered.

"Hey! Don't get your hopes too high! It'll be dangerous, so when you go on your own quest, make sure to take me with you!" Anzu pointed.

"H-honey…" Naru nervously smiled as a big sweat drop slid down the side of his head.

"Un!" Azusa grinned. (Un is another way to say yes in Japanese)

Azusa and her parents headed out the door as they walked towards the Erlin council, to receive instructions on their mission.

~Erlin Council~

The leader of Erlin council was a tall, elder man who sported a long white beard that reached down to his lower chest and long white hair that reached to his lower back. He had grey eyes, long green robe on with strange red words across his chest that said "Erlin" and wore grey glasses.

Azusa, Anzu and Naru bowed as they presented themselves in front of him and the other counselors. Some of the counselors didn't like Naru though, because they thought he was a show off.

"Head of the Erlin council, Chief Hayate. We have come to accept another mission that you have for us." Naru nobly spoke.

Chief Hayate rubbed his beard very briefly and nodded until he noticed Azusa next to her father, hiding very shyly.

"Oh my Naru. You brought a child?" Chief Hayate said.

"Yes. She's my daughter and she wanted to join us on our mission." Naru nodded.

"I see. You may stand." Chief Hayate spoke.

The 3 did as they were told and stood up; however Azusa continued to hide behind her father.

"Azusa, come out and say hello to Chief Hayate and the others." Naru whispered.

Azusa stepped out from behind her father and revealed herself to the chief. Azusa wore her blonde hair in two low braided pigtails while wearing a white frilly dress with black leggings. She also wore brown sandals.

Azusa blushed as she shyly stood there and bowed to Chief Hayate and the others.

"A-Anya sir! M-my name is Azusa! N-nice to meet you!" Azusa stuttered. (Anya means hello in Erlin; usually use this word when speaking with certain people)

"Hmm…very nice to meet you too, young lady." Chief Hayate said.

After hearing that, Azusa quickly hid behind her father again and lightly pulled at his shirt from behind.

Naru scratched the back of his head as he nervously laughed with a sweat drop appearing on his head.

"Hehehe, sorry about this! Azusa is not used to talking to strangers."

"Yes, she's generally very shy." Anzu added.

"I see. Well, that's fine. Now, on to your mission." Chief Hayate spoke.

"Ha!" Anzu and Naru nodded together. (Ha means yes sir or yes ma'am in Erlin)

"Huh?" Azusa lightly tilted her head.

"Bunches of Sand Demon Scorpions are roaming the Ghastly Temple. Some of the Dark Shadow warriors have summoned them to attack there." Chief Hayate began.

"I need you both to fend them off along with your army. Understand?" the chief glanced.

"Ha!" Anzu and Naru nodded.

As the family turned to leave, Chief Hayate stood in front of his chair while some of the counselors stared at the chief with different looks.

"Chief, are you sure they'll be alright?" one of the counselors, Ichigo asked.

"Yes, I'm sure they'll be fine. Anzu and Naru have done these things before." Chief Hayate nodded.

"But, what about that child Azusa? You think she'll be alright?" another counselor, Go asked.


"Yes sir!" the two replied, timidly.

The chief sighed as he stared at the entranceway. "Please be safe, Naru. This will be a dangerous one!"

~Ely Village~

A few minutes later, Naru, Anzu, Azusa and the troops managed to reach Ely village and reached the Ghastly Temple.

They all stopped and stood in front of the temple as they waited for any enemies to appear.

"Daddy, what is in the ghastly temple?" Azusa asked.

"I don't know sweetie." Naru responded.

"Oh okay." Azusa said.

Azusa suddenly noticed a pretty butterfly flying past her and then she began chasing it. Anzu and Naru were busy talking while the guards kept watch of anything suspicious. Azusa then found a stick and squatted down as she began drawing in the dirt. She drew a picture of herself and her parents all holding hands, until...

"Shh. Everyone keep quiet for a sec." Naru commanded.

Everyone and everything was quiet, until the ground began to shake. Suddenly, two gigantic claws came from the sandy ground and out came a sand scorpion that was 10x bigger than the average human.

"Guards! Prepare yourselves!" Naru shouted.

"Everyone! You know what to do! Get your magic ready!" Anzu commanded.

"Ha!" all the guards shouted as they prepared their magic.

Blasts of magical energy hit the scorpion as it shrieked in pain. More scorpions appeared as well as a dark shadowy figure who appeared above them.

The man laughed as his face and body were revealed to the couple.

"Well, well, if it isn't the two weak generals?" the shadow figure grinned.

Floating above the scorpions was the evil dark wizard who was even more powerful than Naru and Anzu.

"Thanatos…!" Naru glared as he said the villain's name.

Thanatos had black spiky hair with a long ponytail in the back. He had glowing red eyes and had pale skin. He wore a black mage's cloak with black pants and sat on a brown and black magic staff. He grinned widely at his enemies until he spotted Azusa standing behind her father.

"Aww! Too cute! You brought a little baby with you! What kind of parents are you?!" Thanatos mocked.

"Quiet you!" Anzu shouted as she blasted a gigantic beam of water at the enemy.

In an instant, Thanatos deflected the blast by using his hand to simply hit the blast into another direction.

"Hahaha! Did you really think that little magic trick of yours would work?! Ha! Pathetic!" Thanatos laughed.

"Grr...! Curse you!" Anzu shouted.

Azusa felt scared as she hid behind her father with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Aww, what's the matter? Not a great joke?" Thanatos asked.

He suddenly grinned as he looked down at his opponent. "Come Naru! Let's fight!"

"Alright!" Naru shouted back.

"Anzu, you and the others fight these sand scorpions. Azusa you hide in that shed. I'll take care of Thanatos!" Naru commanded.

"Understood! Let's go men!" Anzu shouted as she prepared her magic.

"Daddy, will you be okay?" Azusa asked, worriedly.

"Yes, I'll be fine sweetie. You go hide now, okay?" Naru said, smiling.

"Un! You both promise to stay with me, 'kay?" Azusa asked as she held up her pinky.

"Yes, we promise." Naru nodded.

"You bet!" Anzu winked.

Azusa nodded and ran into the shelter to hide.

The battle began, as magic attacks appeared everywhere. Some of the scorpions had died off; however many guards were killed too due to poison and being squeezed to death by the scorpions tails.

Naru and Thanatos still kept fighting at an incredible speed, while Anzu also kept fending off the scorpions. Azusa stood there trembling and balling up her fists as she looked down at the ground.

"I feel so weak! Why can't I help mommy and daddy?" Azusa exclaimed as she thought angrily in her head.

"I'm so useless! I won't be able to help at all!" Azusa shouted in her head.

Suddenly, her train of thought interrupted as she heard a familiar scream. Azusa peeked from the entrance of the shelter and saw her mother being squeezed by a sand scorpion's tail.

"Mommy!" Azusa screamed.

"Anzu!" Naru shouted as he continued fighting Thanatos.

"Gotcha ma'am!" a guard shouted as he cut the scorpion's tail in half with his sword. The scorpion screamed in pain as it faded away.

"Ah, Thanks!" Anzu grinned.


Anzu and the others kept fighting while Azusa watched her dad and Thanatos fight in mid-air.

The two fought hard as Naru kept getting bruises and cuts, while Thanatos did not.

"Ha! Pretty weak fight if you ask me!" Thanatos laughed as he floated away from Naru.

Suddenly, Thanatos raised his arm in the air as a large dark circle of black energy formed in his hand.

Thanatos then aimed his hand right at Anzu who was still fending off the last sand scorpion.

"Wait a second! What are you doing?!" Naru exclaimed.

"Hehehe!...This is my energy from hell! Say goodbye to your loved one!" Thanatos yelled.

"No…! NO STOP IT!" Naru shouted.

The blast had already left Thanatos's hand as the blast hit Anzu on the arm, causing her to scream in pain.

"Hahaha! Perfect! One done and two more to go!" Thanatos grinned.

"...Why...you...!" Naru angrily growled.

"Mommy! Are you okay?" Azusa asked, still in the shelter.

"Yeah... I'm...I'm okay honey. I used my healing magic, so I'm good." Anzu lightly smiled.

"Un! Okay!" Azusa nodded as she headed back into the shelter.

Naru noticed his wife in pain as she tried to help fight. His body began to shake in anger as Thanatos laughed at him.

Azusa glanced up at her angered father and gave a worried look at him. "Daddy…"

Suddenly, Naru turned around with a ball of blue and white energy in his hand.

"Curse you scoundrel! Ice Spiral!" Naru shouted as he performed his special technique on Thanatos.

Smoke filled the air as Thanatos was nowhere in sight. Naru panted lightly as he kept his hand out.

Suddenly, the smoke cleared as Naru gasped. The blast worked; however, Thanatos still floated in mid-air, with his hands out.

"He absorbed my blast?!" Naru thought angrily.

"Did you really think that'd work?! So cheesy!" Thanatos mocked.

"Grr...! Shut up!" Naru shouted as he began to power up.

A bright light shone from Naru's body as he screamed in anger and frustration towards his enemy.

"Hmm? What's this?!" Thanatos stared, in slight shock.

Azusa stared up at her father in amazement as a white and blue aura outlined Naru's body as he powered up. He screamed as his muscles grew larger and his blonde hair began to switch into a shade of sky blue.

Thanatos floated back a little as he felt Naru's power level increase. "I-incredible power!"

"Daddy…?" Azusa whispered.

Thanatos smirked very slyly as he saw Naru finish his screaming and what not. "Heh! He's not nearly as powerful as I am though."

"Well, well bravo my friend! You must feel pretty powerful, huh?" Thanatos grinned.

"Yes I do!" Naru glared. "More powerful than a fiend like you!"

"Tsk. We'll just have to see about that! Now, come fight me!" Thanatos grinned as he teleported into thin air.

"Hmph!" Naru confidently grinned and teleported.

Naru and Thanatos fought quickly in mid-air as they punched, kicked and blasted at each other. Suddenly, Thanatos pulled out another dark blast and aimed it at Naru.

"Dark Hell Beam!" Thanatos shouted as he blasted his dark attack.

Naru quickly teleported with his magic and grappled Thanatos from behind.

"Agh! You..fool! Get…off…of…me!" Thanatos growled as he struggled.

Thanatos looked into Naru's eyes until he began to gasp. Naru's eyes turned into a shining color of sky blue as two beams of energy blasted out from his eyes.

Thanatos was let go from Naru's grip and fell into the ghastly temple. The entire place nearly collapsed due to Thanatos' hard landing.

A few moments went by until the evil tyrant flew from out the temple with an angered and painful look.

"You punk! You managed to scratch me and now you'll pay for that!" Thanatos growled. He suddenly began to shoot out beams of black energy at Naru's chest, as Naru shrieked in pain.

After that, Naru stood in the air with a painful look as he placed his right hand to his chest, while Thanatos huffed and puffed.

Suddenly, Thanatos grew another dark ball of energy in his hand and aimed it right at Naru.

"I've had enough playing games with you…! Say Goodbye!" Thanatos screamed.

Before the blast hit, a beam of light shattered the dark beam away. Thanatos gasped as he turned around to see who it was.

It was Azusa, who had tears in her eyes and looked angrily at Thanatos. Thanatos then sensed her power and gasped.

"Her energy is rising like crazy! How is that even possible?!" Thanatos muttered.

"Stop Azusa! Don't do this…!" Anzu shouted.

"Your mother's right! Please stay away Azusa!" Naru exclaimed.

However, the young Azusa ignored her parents pleads as she continued to glare at the enemy.

"No! Don't…kill…MY DADDY!" Azusa screamed. Suddenly, a blue-whitish fiery aura outlined her entire body as she flew in mid air and smacked Thanatos down to the ground.

"GAHHHHH!" Thanatos screamed as his back was bruised from hitting a sharp rock.

Azusa began to breathe heavily as she glared down at where Thanatos crashed.

Her parents stared at Azusa in amazement as they saw what she was capable of.

"A-Azusa?" Naru stuttered.

"Huh? What's wrong daddy?" Azusa turned around and asked.

"What was that power just now? It was so incredible! I never felt anything like that before!" Naru thought.

"A-amazing magic power!" Anzu gasped.

Suddenly, Naru and Anzu spotted the rocks moving and soon Thanatos was seen floating behind Azusa with glowing red eyes.

"Azusa! Look out!" Anzu shouted.

"Mommy? What's wrong?" Azusa asked as she turned around to see Thanatos.

"Ahhhhh!" Azusa screamed. In an instant, Thanatos slapped the little girl, causing her to fall on to the ground.

"Azusa!" Naru shouted, until Thanatos smacked him.

"Ha! You pathetic fool! Can't control your kid's temper huh?! Well, I'll just have to teach her a little lesson about messing with an elite, like me!" Thanatos evilly grinned and shouted.

Azusa struggled to get up, as she glanced up at her father and the enemy with one eye open as she scowled in pain. The cuts and scratches on her body began to worsen every step she took.

She gasped as she saw Thanatos preparing his dark magical blasts again from his hands. After the dark beams left Thanatos' hands, Azusa stood there in panic state and for some reason, she couldn't move, at all.

Smoke filled the area where Azusa was standing as Naru and Anzu gasped from shock. Thanatos grinned down as he saw the smoke clear up.

Azusa laid on the ground while her body trembled and her eyebrows twitched in pain. Thanatos began to laugh as he saw the helpless child in pain. Anzu and Naru were so angry that they both attacked Thanatos.

Anzu used her special Aquatic Shining Seal technique, wrapping Thanatos in thick layers of water. Meanwhile, Naru furiously used his Ice Darts technique to stab Thanatos. Cuts and bruises appeared on the evil tyrant's skin as he yelled in pain.

Suddenly, Azusa began to move and struggled onto her feet. "What?! That's impossible! No one was able to survive that, let alone a kid!" Thanatos glared.

"Hey!" Naru shouted.

"Hmm?" Thanatos replied, centering his attention on Naru.

"Don't worry about her! You...pay your attention...to me!" Naru glared as he threw another ice dart at Thanatos.

Thanatos managed to dodge it; however, somehow the dart flew towards his back and stabbed him.

"AGH!" Thanatos shouted.

Thanatos growled angrily as he used another dark attack on Azusa's parents. "This is payback for all you have done to me! Prepare yourselves!"

Naru and Anzu stood in mid-air with their arms near their faces and chests as they prepared themselves for Thanatos' next attack.

Before Thanatos threw the dark attack, he was suddenly grappled by Azusa who had teleported behind him with her magic.

"What the-?! Let go of me brat!" Thanatos growled.

"No! I won't let you hurt my mommy and daddy!" Azusa glared.

"Let...Go!" Thanatos growled as he struggled to get Azusa off.

"Stop Azusa!" Naru shouted.

"Azusa!" Anzu shouted.

Suddenly, as Azusa ignored her parents pleads, a hand grabbed onto Azusa's head and revealed Thanatos who was glaring at her.

Thanatos then threw her down to the ground, which caused her parents to gasp and Azusa to get injured again.

Azusa began to cry and whimper from pain. "Waaaahhhh! Mommy! Daddy! The meanie man hurt me! Waaaaahhhh! I wanna go home!"

Suddenly, the blue-whitish aura appeared around Azusa's body again as it grew larger and larger. Every time she got louder, the aura would grow more and more and reached up to where Azusa's parents were.

"What...the-?!" Naru gasped.

"It's that power again!" Anzu replied.

Suddenly, as Azusa cried, her eyes flung open as a blinding shining light came from her eyes and hit into Thanatos' eyes.

"AH! IT BURNS! MY EYES! AHHHH!" Thanatos screamed as he covered his eyes.

Naru and Anzu glanced down at their daughter for a brief second and stared at each other, until they nodded at each other and aimed their magical attacks at Thanatos.

"Ice Nebula!" Naru shouted as spirals of cold wind came from his hands.

"Aquatic Whip Slash!" Anzu shouted as both of her arms transformed into whips of water and smacked Thanatos rapidly.

After Naru and Anzu performed their attacks, Thanatos stood in a somewhat crippled position. Suddenly, dark magical bolts of lightning centered around Thanatos as he looked at Anzu and Naru, grinning evilly.

Anzu and Naru were about to attack again; however the two nearly collapsed as they both ran low on magic energy.

Shortly afterwards, Thanatos quickly teleported with his magic and was soon seen in front of Anzu with his hand up to her stomach. Suddenly, a large purple ball appeared in Thanatos' hand and shortly afterwards, the blast hit into Anzu as she fell to the ground.

"ANZU!" Naru shouted as he glanced at his wife.

Anzu was torn in half by the blast and her body fell to the ground. Blood poured from out of her body as her eyes went blank and no longer had any pupils in her eyes.

Azusa saw her mom dead right before her eyes and began to cry because of what happened. She ran up to her mother and tried healing her and even shaking her to wake her up; however her mother had long gone.

Naru glared at Thanatos and began to power up. He began punching and kicking Thanatos with everything he had; however Naru was took weak to do anything else.

Azusa continued crying as her eyes grew larger from grief and shock. Thanatos aimed his hand towards the crying child and prepared another dark magic blast; however Naru quickly teleported in front and took the blast instead.

Azusa couldn't believe her eyes as she saw her father with cuts, bruises and ripped up clothes, falling from the sky and landing next to her.

"DADDY!" Azusa screamed. Naru was unconscious; however he wasn't dead. Thanatos floated down a bit as he grinned evilly at the unconscious couple and their helpless daughter.

"Ha! Thanks so much for fighting with me today Anzu and Naru! Hope we get to fight again sometime, or wait maybe not! Hahahaha!" Thanatos laughed as he flew off.

A few moments afterwards, the sky turned gray as thunder roared throughout the village. Rain began to pour as Azusa stared down at her parents. "Why...why?" Azusa muttered.

Suddenly, Naru's eyes began to open as he saw his daughter crying. "A-Azusa...?" Naru asked.

"Daddy? Daddy! Are you okay?" Azusa asked as she held her father's hand.

Naru struggled to shake his head. "No honey...but I've been better." Naru began to cough as blood came out of his mouth.

"Daddy? Why is blood coming from your mouth?" Azusa asked. She then lifted up her father's shirt as a huge hole was in his stomach.

Azusa gasped as she tried to figure out a way to save him. "Daddy! I'll heal you!" Azusa panicked.

She was grabbed very weakly on her shirt by her father as he struggled to shake his head again.

"No sweetie...save your energy...don't worry about me, okay?" Naru said.

"Nie! I can't leave you here all alone! I won't let you die!" Azusa cried. (Nie means no in Erlin; pronounced Nii-Eh)

"It's too late for that honey..." Naru said.

He then turned his head very slightly and saw his dead wife and noticed the necklace she was wearing. He weakly grabbed the necklace from around Anzu's neck and gave it to Azusa.

"Azusa, can you do me a favor?" Naru asked.

"Yes! I'll do anything!" Azusa cried.

"I...want you to keep that necklace around your neck at all times, okay?" Naru asked.

"Un!" Azusa nodded.

"That necklace is a reminder of me and your mother...I want you to remember...that we'll always be with you..no matter what..." Naru said as his eyes began to close.

"Nie! Don't close your eyes daddy!" Azusa cried. "Please!"

"This isn't goodbye honey...because we will always be...by your...side...okay?" Naru said as he took his last breath. Shortly afterwards, Naru died, leaving Azusa in shock.

Both of her parents were gone, right before her very eyes. Azusa sat on her knees, crying as the rain poured down from the sky. As she sat there, her hair suddenly began to flow. Her pigtails broke out to reveal her wavy blonde hair.

The blue-whitish aura suddenly turned purple as her eyes began to switch from sky blue to purple. Azusa became infuriated as she cried and suddenly, the rocks and everything else around her began to shake.

The ground began to shake as Azusa stood up and unleashed some of her anger. Azusa screamed at the sky as the blinding light appeared again and her hair began to turn into a sky blue color, until she fell onto her knees from exhaustion.

She panted lightly as she looked at her parents and glared. Azusa stood up and glared towards the entrance of the village and at her parents again.

"Mommy...Daddy...I know what I must do now! I will avenge you!" Azusa glared and spoke.

She then summoned her water sword and help it up to her face. "Thanatos! I will never forgive you!"

To be continued...

After a long battle between Naru, Anzu and the evil wizard, Thanatos, Azusa's parents have been killed! Now, it's up to Azusa to kill off all evil! Can she do it?! Stay tuned till the next episode of Elemental Soul! R & R! Tell me what you think! J Thanks! Bye-nii~