Elemental Soul

written by: Lily Miichelle123

In the land of Erlin, Magic was something that everyone appreciated. Magic was something that helped people in their everyday lives. As some people have this ability, others do not and others just keep it as a secret. Despite this, one girl seemed to appreciate her powers; however she kept her powers in secret from the world. Azusa Lucina, daughter of Anzu and Naru Pegasus, who is the main character, will explain her story as she begins a journey to avenge her parents and to help the people she cares for.

Last time on Elemental Soul, Azusa is going to school! She's already made new friends and does she possibly have a crush on Bry?! Meanwhile, an evil guild called Demon Shadow is secretly spying on Azusa and setting up tests to see her potential! Can Azusa defeat this creature?! Stay tuned and you'll find out! ^^

Chapter 10: Friendly Sparring! Beginning of a challenge! (フレンドリースパーリング!挑戦の始まり!Furendorīsupāringu! Chōsen no hajimari!)

The next couple of days were fun for Azusa. She made newer friends everyday and hung out with her little gang, Little Mages. Azusa became closer to Bry and Tilly than she did with her other friends.

One day, during a day off from school, Bry and Tilly came over to Azusa's house. Bry had dark brown shaggy hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin and wore a green shirt, blue shorts, white socks and brown sneakers.

Tilly had short light brown bob cut, brown droopy eyes, slightly tanned skin and wore a yellow frilly shirt, brown leggings and brown slip-on shoes.

"Hi Bry! Hi Tilly! Please, come in!" Azusa greeted.

"Hello Azusa!" Tilly greeted back.

"Good morning to you Azusa." Bry greeted.

They entered into her house and looked around with joyful faces. "So you live here alone?" Bry asked.

"Well, I did for a little bit, until Chief Hayate came!" Azusa answered.

"Chief Hayate? You mean the captain of the Erlin council?" Bry asked.

"Yes, and Ichigo, Go and Colette came to raise me too! They taught me a lot!" Azusa smiled.

"Ah, I see." Bry nodded.

"Hey Azusa, do you have any fairies, ponies or even dragons in your backyard?" Tilly asked.

"No, I don't. I've seen a little fairies fly in the woods though." Azusa replied.

"Oh cool!" Tilly smiled.

Suddenly, Azusa turned around to see Ichigo and Go walking downstairs. Azusa smiled and introduced her friends to the two men.

"Ichigo, Go, these are my friends, Bry Gleamer and Tilly Birch! Tilly, Bry, this is Ichigo and Go, they work for the Erlin Council."

Ichigo and Go blinked for a few seconds and then properly said hello. "Hello, nice to meet you both!"

"Nice to meet you!" Bry and Tilly said.

"Okay! Now that we've gotten introductions out the way, let's get training, shall we?" Azusa winked happily.

"Sure! I'm ready!" Bry smiled.

"Me too!" Tilly smiled.

As the kids ran off to the backyard, Ichigo and Go smiled in awe as they saw how happy Azusa had become.

Once they reached the backyard, Azusa began warming up with Bry and Tilly. They did a few stretches, push-ups and other exercises to boost up their energy.

"Okay! Now that we've warmed up, let's get started!" Azusa cheered. She then prepared her water magic, by forming a water ball in her hand.

Bry formed a rainbow ball in his hand and Tilly formed a plant vine in her hand. They stared at each other with confident smiles for a little bit and shortly. they began fighting.

Ichigo and Go went outside to watch them spar. Azusa charged at Bry and used her water to spray at him. Bry formed a gun from his rainbow magic and absorbed the water into the gun.

"Azusa, please remember that water magic is useless against water magic. It'll only increase my attacks." Bry said.

"Oh yeah? We'll just have to see about that!" Azusa grinned.

"AQUA LIGHTNING BLAST!" Azusa shouted as she performed her next attack, until suddenly.

"Did you forget me Azusa?! VINE WHIP!"

Tilly used her vine to grab Azusa by her arm and yank her away from fully performing her attack. Azusa smiled and chopped the vine in half with her hand.

"MY VINE!" Tilly shouted.

"I didn't forget you Tilly!" Azusa smiled.

She suddenly teleported and attacked Tilly. Tilly and Azusa then began punching, hitting and kicking each other, while Bry tried to join in.

"FLOWER'S WILL!" Tilly shouted as she formed a gigantic twig with vines and flowers on them. She began hitting Azusa with it, until Azusa flipped and chopped the twig in half with her foot.

"Not again!" Tilly cried.

Before Azusa could perform her next attack, Bry teleported behind her and grabbed her from behind. Azusa struggled to loosen up, until Tilly ran up to Azusa and began punching her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go hard on you." Tilly apologized.

Suddenly, Azusa's hair began to flow and a blue aura outlined her body. Wind began to form around her body. Bry and Tilly looked at Azusa with concern.

"W-what's going on?" Tilly asked.

"I've never felt power like this before!" Bry said.

"Hmph." Azusa smirked. Suddenly, she opened her eyes, that changed to a lighter blue. Then, she suddenly, screamed and her hair turned into a light blue. She then did a swing kick on Bry and punched Tilly.

Bry and Tilly stood back and saw Azusa power up. She continued powering up; however Ichigo shouted at her to stop.

"Azusa! Don't-!" Ichigo yelled.

Suddenly, Go stopped him. "Ichi, stop. Maybe, she'll show a new move or something."

Go was right, Azusa began to moving her hands in circular motions and began enchanting a spell. A spell that she had learned from her mother. The winds began to pick up and the water nearby the house began to flow rapidly.

"What's she doing and how did she become like that?" Bry asked.

"Water from depths of the ocean, lend me your strength!" Azusa said.

"Marine River Phoenix!"

Suddenly, a gigantic water phoenix appeared from Azusa's fingertips and charged at Bry and Tilly, who were too shocked to move. Once the phoenix hit them, both of them slid back across the grass, soaked in water.

Azusa then panted a little as she continued to standing in her position. Bry and Tilly panted too, but they smiled at Azusa.

"You're very strong Azusa!" Bry complimented.

"Yeah! Sorry I was rough." Tilly smiled.

"It's okay, I'm sorry I was rough on you too!" Azusa half smiled.

"It's okay!" Tilly smiled.

Azusa, Bry and Tilly all laughed despite their slight injuries, but they were proud and so were Ichigo and Go.

"Azusa did a great job today!" Ichigo smiled.

"Yeah, she sure did." Go nodded.

Soon afterwards, after using their healing magic on each other, Azusa, Bry and Tilly sat outside and had a picnic. They had sandwiches, juices, fish and other foods.

Ichigo and Go made a bbq and gave them full plates of yummy food. All 3 of them devoured their lunches and afterwards, they chatted.

"So Azusa? What were your parents like?" Bry asked.

Azusa looked at him slightly surprised until she gave a half-smiled and looked down at the picnic cloth. Bry suddenly felt bad and took back the question.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ask." Bry said.

"No, it's okay. I'm okay now, really." Azusa smiled. She took a deep breath and answered the question.

"Well, my daddy was very nice and funny. He always helped me with so many things, especially with my magic. He was cool!"

"My mommy was strict, but she was funny and wild! I liked her a lot but I liked my daddy more." Azusa answered.

"You see this necklace I'm wearing?" Azusa pointed at her necklace around her neck.

"Un!" Tilly and Bry nodded.

"Well, my mommy wore this and she wore this the day she died. My daddy gave this to me before he died. He told me that they'll always be with me." Azusa explained.

"Azusa..." Ichigo muttered sadly.

A tear fell from Azusa's eye as she looked down at the necklace. "I'm sorry."

Azusa looked up and saw Tilly crying and Bry with tearful, sympathetic eyes. Azusa wiped her tears away and smiled.

"It's okay! Don't cry! I'm okay now!" Azusa smiled.

"Okay..." Tilly and Bry said as they wiped their tears away.

"Aww how sad!" a voice said.

Azusa turned around and saw a large, bald tanned man who had brown eyes, large brown eyebrows, and a bulky build. He wore a white tank top, green baggy-ish pants and black shoes.

He grinned cockingly at Azusa, who had glared at him, which the others did as well.

"That's strange! I didn't even sense his magic power!" Go whispered to Ichigo.

"None of us did!" Ichigo said back. "How is that possible?!"

"He's standing there right now! I can feel it now!" Go said.

"Yeah! He has stronger magic than any of us!" Ichigo said.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Azusa asked angrily.

"I am Kou and you, Azusa Pegasus, will be challenged to a fight by me!" Kou said.

Azusa glared at Kou as he pointed at her with a confident smile. Tilly and Bry looked at Azusa with concern, while Ichigo and Go glared at Kou.

They suddenly teleported up to Kou and tried challenging him themselves. "Ya! You're not laying a finger on her!" Ichigo yelled.

"You wanna get her? You're gonna have to get through us first!" Go shouted.

Kou smirked at the two men and chuckled. "Haha! You two weaklings challenge me?! Not a chance!"

As Ichigo and Go still glared up at Kou, Azusa continued glaring until she spoke. "I accept your challenge!"

Ichigo, Go, Bry and Tilly looked at Azusa shocked about what she had said.

"Azusa are you crazy?! You can't!" Ichigo yelled.

"I don't care! I can fight him!" Azusa said confidently.

"Then let us help you!" Tilly suggested.

"No! This is my fight! If he wants to fight me, then okay!" Azusa said.

She then pointed up at Kou, still glaring and shouted. "BUT, IF YOU HURT ANY OF MY FRIENDS, YOU'RE DEAD!"

Kou smirked. "Tch! Why should I be afraid of you?!"

"Because, I won't let you get past me! I will win and you will lose!" Azusa shouted.

"Tch. Fine." Kou smirked.

Silence went throughout the scene, but worries filled the air as Azusa and Kou looked into each others eyes with determination and the will to fight.


Find out what happens next in the next episode! ^^ Bai Bai!