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Survival of the Fittest

Hunter, Prey

Strong, Weak

Good, Evil

To be or not to be

This world

It is strange

We say we

Care for all

Yet we knowingly

Destroy all

With wars

And battles

Many are killed

Through the years

And all of this

With out shedding

A single tear

In these jungles

Of the mind

Green, never-ending

I take

A look inside

And find nothing

But a cold blackened heart

And a soul

That no longer exists

Survival of the Fittest

Is the name of the game

Who is to


Who exactly gets

To die

And who exactly

Gets to survive?

#A public service message from Padded Room Inc. 'The Only Good Room Is A Padded One!'.#

© Meagan Goodman 12/12/00