She felt the sun on her face as it peeked through a gap in the wooden mini-blinds. Not yet ready to face the day, she kept her eyes tightly closed against the brightness. She laid there for a moment, listening to the sounds throughout the house, trying to place them. After stretching languidly, she sat up, as ready as she was going to be to face the day. Opening her eyes, she looked at the room around her and let loose an ear piercing scream.

As the scream died in the air, a man threw open the bedroom door. As he approached the bed, she backed away from him. When her back hit the headboard, she slid off the side of the bed farthest from the door. She backed along the wall until she reached the corner of the room. Never taking her eyes off of him, she slid down the wall into a crouched position, trying to make herself as small as possible.

The man watched her reaction and raised his hands, palms facing outward, trying to show that he meant her no harm. "Ali, what's wrong? You know I won't hurt you."

Her eyes were wild with fear as they darted around the room, trying to figure out how to get out. He was between her and the door, so she couldn't escape that way. She looked out the window and realized that she was in a second story room. She couldn't go out the window either.

Shock and confusion were evident on his face. She didn't understand why he was confused. He seemed to be the one in control.

"Ali, you know who I am." Holding his hand out for her to take, he inched closer to her. "Come on, Ali, trust me. Whatever is wrong, we'll figure it out together."

She looked back at the bedroom door, wondering again if she could get past him. Standing in the doorway, a woman was watching the interaction between the room's two occupants. The woman moved into the room cautiously, not sure what was happening. She looked to the man, hoping for an explanation and found none. His focus was on the terrified and confused girl in the corner.

Taking a few more steps into the room, the woman squatted down to get to on the girl's eye level. "Ali, please take my hand. We can go down to the kitchen, get some breakfast and you can tell me what's wrong."

Deciding that the woman, who was barely over five feet tall, was much less threatening that the man, the girl slowly rose to standing and crept across the room until she was in reached the woman, but didn't take her hand. She kept as far away from the man as she could and followed the woman out the bedroom door, occasionally looking back to reassure herself that the man was not coming after her.

She had followed the woman down the stairs and through the living room to the kitchen breakfast nook. She chose a chair that allowed her to keep her back to the wall and an eye on everything around her. She heard the woman chattering, but wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. Instead, she was looking around the room, taking in her surroundings. She was hoping to find a way out, hoping to find a way to make her escape.

She watched as the man walked down the stairs and sat in the living room. He was obviously letting the woman take the lead, but he wasn't taking his eyes off of the girl. She would have to take his presence into account as she planned her escape. She was quietly biding her time, waiting for an opportunity to arise.

While she was planning, the woman had finished preparing breakfast. She placed a plate with a stack of pancakes and a few strips of bacon in front of the girl. At some point, a glass of orange juice had been placed in front of her as well. The woman sat down in the chair directly across from her with her own breakfast.

She ate in silence, not answering any of the questions put to her. She was too lost in her own thoughts. There was a door to her right that looked as if it led to the back yard. If she timed it right, maybe she could get out the door and disappear into the wooded area she saw from the upstairs window. Once she got away from these people, she would find someone to help her.

After she ate, the woman cleared the dishes from the table. The woman stood at the sink, her back to the rest of the room and washed the dishes. The man had apparently decided that he wasn't needed, because he had gone back upstairs.

The girl stood up and slowly walked toward the door. She looked around to be sure that the woman wasn't paying attention to her. When she reached the door, she opened it slowly, in case the hinges squeaked, and ran like hell for the woods and her life.

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