Note: This takes place in an alternate universe which is purely fantasy, the main plot will be revolving around a traveling guild called "Taravel"

"You wouldn't know the difference between love and lust if it kissed you on your nose!" Aoi yelled angrily, her voice choking up.

She walked away quickly, her cloak billowing after her and her voice sore from screaming. She didn't want to explain to anyone why she was crying, while leaving the worst mistake of her life behind. She didn't want to accept the fact that she was enormously happy, but had pushed her chance at happiness away. She didn't want him to know that if he came running after her telling her that he loved her, she would turn back in an instant. He couldn't. Not in the state he is right now. Not in the state she was right now. She wiped her face as if anyone could tell she was crying in the pouring rain. Maybe they would meet again, but by then he should be on his road to happiness. Leaving her behind. Stranded in the pathetic darkness. With no one to love.

Ryuu shouldn't've done that. He cursed the rain and his life. The one person who understood him, understood him too well. Did he really know the difference between love and lust? You would've thought being the ladies' man he was, he would atleast know where the line was. But the truth was he believed love was a dead man's hoax until he met Aoi. She changed his life. She was that one person who was steady, that one person who wouldn't abandon him. Of course, he had to go and ruin that as well. He guessed that their joke about a traveling guild would never become true and that his dreams of her always being there for him would be as good as gone. She was his anchor. And now he'd been cast adrift once again. In the wide and hostile sea. All on his own. He walked away, aware of casting away the future he once thought possible.