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"Come on!" Hikari yelled at her fellow friend, Aoi with newfound bursts of energy. Aoi simply waves her on, content to be walking and saving her energy if highwaymen decide to attack. But, she was excited all the same. She was going to be part of a traveling guild!

"We're only five minutes away from town! I can't wait! It's been so long since I've seen Chihiro, Aiji, and Brie! I wonder if they grew taller….I wonder if they got a pet!" Hikari blabbers on about her old friends who Aoi knew nothing of. She was content to let Hikari do all the talking on the fine, sultry day. She was just about to ask what the town's name was, when she heard Hikari take a breath.

"I heard Aiji was bringing one of his friends along. Apparently, his friend wanted to be in a traveling guild for a long time now. That sounds sort of like you, Aoi!" Hikari beams at her friend. Her red hair covered one of her golden smiling eyes as she turned.

The purplette-Aoi-just smiled back, her violet eyes however were far way. This town looked much too familiar. The dry dirt ground, loud booming markets, and a magnificent variety of people. As they turned into a narrow alleyway, she recognized some of the bars that were on either side.

"Hikari, this town isn't-isn't...Incipiens….is it?" Aoi asked uncertainly, fidgeting with the ring on her finger.

"You're right! It is Incipiens! How did you guess? Have you been here before?" Hikari asked, obviously surprised that Aoi knew the name of such an incognito town.

Aoi fought off a painful stab to her heart. This town was where she and Ryuu last met, near an alleyway quite similar. Damn it! she cursed under her breath. Out of all the towns this Brie person could choose, why choose this one?

As if magically answering Aoi's thoughts, Hikari stated "Brie chose this town, because it was easier to register the members and the guild name here."

Aoi nodded mechanically, still reliving her painful memories when Hikari stopped in front of a bar. Aoi looked up at the sign, 'The Magic Ale' was written in bold, red letters.

"Here we are!" Hikari proclaimed. "The Magic Ale!" She beamed.

As Hikari was walking in, she saw that her friend was a bit spaced out. While Hikari wondered what could've brought about the change, her oxygen supply was cut off from a body which crashed right into her. Aoi blinked momentarily dazed, but jumped right into action as she had this stranger man who was suffocating her friend at the end of her knife. He was a tall man with dark brown hair that spiked up in many ways. He held up his hands in surrender with a sheepish smile and a glint in his light brown eyes.

"I take it, you must be Aoi, then?" the stranger asked dropping his hands. Aoi momentarily stepped back, startled that he know her name. But slowly regained her composure and forced the knife in closer to his neck.

"Now, now. You deserve that Brie!" She heard Hikari exclaim from behind her. Wait. Brie?

Aoi slowly dropped her knife from his neck and let Hikari and Brie reunite. Brie walked up to her and introduced himself as Brie Fentonäe and that he was honored to have her in his guild. Aoi politely returned the compliments and formalities.

"Now, we should head to the meeting room I booked. Everyone got here already." Brie said as he motioned them to follow him.

They walked to a secluded room in the back and as they went in, Aoi saw a face she thought that she left in this same town. Right in front of her, staring back at her with as much shock and surprise as she, was Mr. Ryuu Emer. And he was looking as good as ever.

SQUEAAAAAL! I love Ryuu. But, you guys probably don't know much about him so...ONWARDS with the story!