Prologue, 3rd person POV

Cana and Eragon sat on their front porch as the night air caressed them, barely changed in appearance since the war. The tiger demon glared at his mate lovingly, his blue eyes shining like stars. Cana's longer black hair caught in the night air, blowing over her shoulders. The youngest child, a girl, was perched in the half elf's arms. The twins were seven now, sleeping soundly in their room. The youngest was a mix of the two great warriors, hair black as her mother's and eyes that swirled green and blue. She had light facial stripes and pointed ears, sucking one clawed thumb. Eragon shifted closer, staring down at his youngest child.

"She is beautiful Cana." He sighed in bliss as the baby blinked sleepily at him.

"She is our child Eragon." Cana laughed and leaned against her mate's side, her eyes glowing softly as she stared up at the stars. "Do you think he's watching over us?" Sorrow flashed so quickly over the elf woman's face.

"Daulton? Of course, he died for us Cana." Eragon wrapped a protective arm about his pained mate. "There was nothing you could have done to save him, don't blame yourself." He stared up at the same clouded stars though, his eyes hard. "You did save us all after all darling."

"Sometimes I feel like that is a lie, like we all lost too much there."

Eragon smirked. "That's true, I almost lost you. I don't know what I would have done if you had died that day Cana."

The elf smiled, curling into his warm side. She glanced up at the dark window where her twins slept safely. "They will never know the pain and loss we did, right?"

"I am not a prophet Cana, but I can promise you I would fight to my last breath to protect my children, our children." Ashling was becoming a hellfire, starting fights and instigating riots at pre-school. Her twin, Kyran, was her calmer half. He bailed his little wild sister out of tough spots, his frozen icy eyes fighting most enemies off with just a glare. "Besides, even if they faced danger like us they would be able to take it. They are our children Cana, and Ashling could put you to shame with her spirit."

Cana scowled. "She's going to get herself into trouble with a mouth like her's."

Eragon laughed, the deep rumble sending tingles down his mates spine. He caught her chin, turning her head to face him. "Now who does that remind you of darling?"

The woman blushed, glaring at the smug demon. "Shut the hell up Eragon, I was never as crazy as her."

"You ripped Asmodeus apart." his blank answer had the elf woman cringing.

"He threatened the people I loved." She shrugged like it was that simple.

"Korsha is going to be the damnable death of you if that is who she views the world."

"Oh don't give me that shit Eragon, your demon is just as wild." She cradled the child closer. "Let's talk of better times, we'll give Beagan nightmares."

"Jesus Cana, you can't coddle the last one like a porcelain doll." He scooped the little girl out of his mate's arms, staring into her swirling eyes. "She is going to be an interesting child."

"She is going to be as wild as her siblings." Cana smirked. "Kyran is going to have his hands full with these two as his sisters."

"Ashling is older by almost two minutes." Eragon smirked. "I'd say she has her hands full as the oldest."

As if on cue a quiet padding of little feet echoed behind the two adults. An exhausted looking Kyran stood behind his parents, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Ash is up and bouncing around like a animal." The young boy scowled, little fangs poking over his lower lip. "She won't settle down."

Cana sighed and stood, brushing her black hair back from her shoulders. "I'll go get the tranquilizers." Eragon laughed as his mate shook her head. "That girl is going to be the death of all of us Eragon." A loud crash echoed from up the stairs, a snarl accompanying the sound. Cana winced. Kyran bolted up the stairs, screaming about his action figures and his psycho twin laughed. Eragon stood with Beagan in his arms, scowling and shouting up the stairs. "Settle down Ashling!"


The demon lord stirred as a spark of dangerous magic caught his attention, the huge lazy orange eye flickered open. His nostril twitched as the smell assaulted him, a rumble echoing from his chest. He closed his eyes as they rolled back at the divine smell, the image of a baby with multi-colored eyes appeared. She radiated magic like a full fledged demon, she was power incarnated. She was an angel. He smirked, her blood would be his.

This is just a introduction, catching up with Eragon and Cana and setting the scene a little bit. I hope all my faithful followers are back, I apologize that this took so long, almost a year. Shit, I feel like crap now. Review! Enjoy! I love you all!