I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. – Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Cold silence filled the car as I drove, we would reach our goal by nightfall at the pace we were going. Ky was silent, even his thoughts were still as water. Dean was furious, his brooding silence like a storm that would break at any unpredictable moment. I sighed, so tired, yet too tense to even consider stopping to rest.

The bright of the sun seemed to tease me, the beauty of the day a painful illusion. It looked like there was nothing wrong in the world. You turned the radio on though, and all you heard were reports on the hole to hell and the flux in demon invasion. We were at war, and I was running the other way. My knuckles were white on the steering wheel as I stared dead ahead. Running was not in my nature.

Mom and dad were fighting, for the second time in their history. I knew about mom and her elf, he apparent death after she had killed the demon known as Asmodeus. They had fought once though, and once should have been enough, it was time for a new generation to rise. This generation, the last royal elven blood crossed with an ancient demon family, we should have been the strongest beings in existence.

"Ash? You look half dead." It was, shockingly, my cousin Quint who shook me out of my thoughts. He was one of Ky's best friends, understandably, and his amber eyes locked on mine in the rear view mirror. He looked so much like Liam that it shocked most people, down to the beautiful black wings that folded close to his back.

"Yeah, I know, I'm a little bit stressed out." I shrugged, trying to make it sound like I wasn't on the edge of a mental breakdown. Quint glanced at Ky, who was passed out, and turned back to me. His amber eyes were sharp and way too observant.

He fell silent, leaving me with my thoughts and fears. I sighed, almost swerving off the road again. A quiet growl shocked me. Dean's ice eyes were on me again, cold. "You're going to kill us." His gruff voice made my hands clench in anger.

"You lost your say in this Dean." My voice was cold, eyes narrowed into deadly slits. He glowered at me, his ice eyes bitter with anger. I simply tossed my dark hair, eyes locked on the road. The sun slitted through my window and shone warm on my skin.

"Stop being fucking dumb Ashling." His hard snarl made my own lip curl in response. The older demon was seething with ire, his eyes snapping with electricity. I pursed my lips in displeasure, keeping my snapping retort back. Dean wasn't worth it, the effort, or the stress.

"You threatened me Dean, we're at war, pick a side that isn't your own." His ivory fangs glinted in the sunlight as he full out snarled at me. I simply curled a lip, my own fang poking over my lower lip. The other demon had stopped scaring me. "Either stay with us or get the fuck out of my car Dean, it's that simple."

"You are frigid bitch Ashling, has anyone ever told you that?" His hands were twisted into tight fists, suppressing his temper. I let out a barking laugh, my eyes flickering with biting anger.

"Yeah, they have actually, and I still don't give a flying shit." I shrugged, my claws biting into the leather of the steering wheel. Dean growled low in his throat, his pale eyes snapping over to mine. The pure resentment in them almost shocked me. He was furious, murderous even. I composed myself quickly as the demon leaned closer to me.

"It will bite you in the ass Ashling Erda." His dark words made a shiver run down my spine. My eyes flashed to his blank face. Nothing showed, no anger, no irritation, it was a mask. I flicked my attention back to the road, sick of clashing with the stubborn asshole.

"We'll reach our destination by sunset, and then I'm going back to the portal to fight." I scanned Dean's face for his reaction. The demon was stoic, his eyes on the road. I sighed and shook my head, there was too much weight on my shoulders.

"And I'm still coming back with you." His voice was harsh, as if it physically pained him to announce that he was still on our side. "Believe me Ashling Erda, the hell portal is not the only thing that is a danger to you." His eyes shone with a malevolent light. I bared ivory fangs at him, my demon surging to the surface with a wild snarl. He sneered at us as wild light glimmered in my ocean blue eyes. "Demons stalk your steps half breed." That stung, no one had called me a half breed in years.

"Let them, I need a good scuffle." My proud demeanor hid a child, one who was still scared, one I would not let the rest of the world see.

3rd person, Dragun's lair

The tall demon paced in front of the smaller archfiend, his eyes bubbling with vexation. The smaller demon trembled under the wrathful eyes on his lord. The news he had brought had almost gotten the poor lizard killed. "When will he arrive Luther?" The lizard jumped at the sound of his lords voice, shivered shooting down his spine.

"The master will be here in days my lord, he wishes you to have a place prepared for his arrival into this plain." The lizard bowed his head as his master snarled and seethed, throwing things around the small chamber and spitting curses at every master of hell.

Luther coward back from his lord's temper, the lack of knowledge on the youngest Erda's location and the arrival of one of the masters of hell had Dragun in a powerful rage. He was excreting fire from his figure tips as he turned on the smaller demon again.

"Make sure the master is greeted and given one of the manners of this ruined town. I'm counting on you Luther, do not fail me." His dark voice made the poor man whimper and take a step back. "You do not want to know what happens to those who fail me Luther." The lizard shook his head quickly, scurrying to the door.

"Of course my lord, I shall not fail you, even." Dragun smirked as the lesser demon scampered from the room as quickly as he could. The fear he evoked in his followers made him feel empowered. The Ashling girl though, she was as challenge. He frowned as the dark haired bitch caught his attention. She was no where near as powerful as the youngest child, but her aura, the power she did possess she wielded with skill.

"Erda bitches will be the death of me." Of course his master would want to know of any progress in tracking the party of young demons. There was nothing, they were cloaked so well that not even his greatest trackers could pin point them. The dragon lord snarled and smashed a small vase that decorated the sitting room the the mansion he had taken residence in. The Erda bitch, she would die, and he would be her executioner.

Ashling's POV

The sun was setting behind us as I flew over the Alaskan boarder. Dean was gripping his seat with razor claws as I almost skidded out. His eyes were wide with barely hidden horror. So my driving had been a little reckless in the last hour, we were still alive. Kyran and Dean disagreed with me. My twin looked a little bit green.

"Did you consider slowing down Ash? We aren't in a race." Ky was gripping the back of my seat so tightly that the leather had split. I glowered at both of them, they had no faith in me. I didn't even reply to Kyran's comment, screw them. I was tired and stiff and in a hurry to get back to mom and dad.

"Seriously Ashling, you want to live to fight, or die here?" Dean's stiff snarl made him sound like he was constipated, I snickered at that thought. His frosty eyes jumped to my face as I pressed the gas pedal down to the floor. "Ashling!"

"We'll be fine, I want to start heading back before midnight." Ky's lips pursed, his eyes blackening with anger. He hated me right now, because I was insisting he stay with Bea while I went back home to fight. Being in disharmony with my twin physically hurt, but I couldn't leave Bea unguarded.

Ky thought that the others were plenty of protection, but unease curled in my gut when I thought of leaving her without one of us. Something dark and vile was brewing on the horizon. I could sense it like an oncoming storm, something that would rock our worlds to the core. Dean could too, his pale eyes had been clouded over with thought for most of the day.

"Why are you leaving me here?" Ky's voice was spiteful, his eyes flashing with glacial anger. I sighed and focused on the road, my hands clutching the wheel tightly.

"Something isn't right in the world Ky, can't you sense the lack of balance?" I peeked up into the rear view mirror to look into his storm cloud blue eyes. "There is a shift in power that is leaving our world shaken up. You need to stay with Bea, she's going to be a target." My little sister whimpered, her swirling, mulit-colored eyes wide with worry. "We won't let anything get her Ky, we have to ensure that."

"So that is why you're going to fight this...unbalance, to protect her?" His eyes were accusing though, he thought I wanted to be a hero. He thought that I was being selfish and stubborn. He didn't even think for a minute that I was scared, that I didn't want to be the hero in this story. I wanted to run the other way with my tail between my legs.
"I don't want to be the hero Ky, I want to go back a few days and kill that fucker before we even fight. I want to reverse all of this so nothing goes wrong in our world." I followed Dean's directions as he told me to exit the free way. We were in a dense forested area of the state, tall trees surrounding the narrow dirt track I flew down. Ky was silent, his eyes glowing with an angry tempest. I glowered at him once, his physic ability had been shut down to me too. I couldn't even touch his emotions to let him know that I was trembling with fear.

"Here Ashling, turn up that driveway." I cut the wheel sharply to the right, hitting the stony driveway with a mighty bump. The silence was oppressive as I parked the car in from of a small wooden cabin. Dean glanced at it, his eyes blank. "Let's get these kids settled in and head out Ash." I winced, it was going to be me and Dean all alone for the ride back. It could be as disastrous as the unbalance in the world.

Ky seemed to understand that too, his fangs glinting in the dusky light as he gazed at Dean. "Don't you dare threaten her again asswipe. I will rip your throat out with my bare fangs." I felt a flare of anger from Ky, the first touch I had since we left the motel. Dumb fucker best leave Ash alone... Ky was really pissed off.

"I will little boy, I kinda need her to help in this fight." Those artic eyes settled on me. "Beside, she already threatened me with death if I was dumb enough to try and betray her." He simpered as I grinned at him, my claws biting the palms of my hands.

"Ya'd better believe it demon, I won't take shit from you anymore." Everyone else in the car was silent as the three of us has a quick stare down. Ky finally turned away, opening his door.

"Just be careful Ash."

"Always." We un-loaded their shit quickly, leaving Dean and I's shit in the van. Beagan's thin arms wrapped around my waist, her beautiful eyes hooded with sleep. I smiled down at her as she buried her head in my shoulder. "Be careful little Bea, learn to sting and you'll be fine."

"Don't go Ash, he almost killed you last time." I stiffened at her words, Kyran cocking an eyebrow at me as if Bea had a good point. I sighed, running a hand through her golden hair.

"He won't get that chance Bea, I have Azza." Steel filled Ky's eyes as he stood in front of me his hands constricted the air as he studied my face.

"You're an idiot." But I love you.

I smiled softly at him, shaking my head. "Thanks for those words of encouragement Ky." I wrapped him in a tight hug, ignoring his grunt of annoyance. "Watch her."

"Let's move out princess, we don't have all night." I glared at Dean over my shoulder, eyes narrowed dangerously. Ky sighed and pulled away from my embrace. His eyes were full of remorse.

"He's right Ash, you need to go." His twisted smile tore at my icy heart. "Be careful you crazy bitch, and remember, an Erda always comes out on top."

I laughed, eyes shining. "Always." I swung into the passenger's side of the car, throwing Dean the keys. "Let's haul ass, I want to come back as soon as I came." Steel filled my own eyes as we drove away though. I needed Bea and Ky safe, they were my weaknesses, and weakness was the one thing I couldn't afford to have.

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