Chocolate-colored orbs painted with liquid glass

Shimmer with intensity and gaze into my soul,

And when he walks daintily, he does so with class,

He wormed his way into my heart and dug a hole.

His obsidian mane, weaved from the finest silk,

Glistens under the sun, like the northern lights,

He defeats all that is foul, even when they bilk,

Nature's lustrous emeralds compare not to the sight,

He glimmers under the full moon, eyes bright and pure,

As he implores me to give in just this one time,

My resolve breaks and I cannot resist his allure,

His plea is so heartbreaking that I must spare a dime,

He barks and yaps, for food his soprano vocals sing,

His fluffy tail sweeps through the air as my eardrums zing.

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