Bronze strips cloaked with a cloud of dust and dirt

Moan under the legion of diverse paws

Coming with a dominance to assert,

Armed with furry snouts, teeth, and sharpened claws.

Into battle cerulean paws trod,

Scarlet fur ruffles and crimson jaws spit,

The house divides and to each their own squad,

Where have joint aims gone to lead to this split?

Grave and weary, a sea of blue swarms the left,

An ocean of rigid red whines on the right,

In the middle, tame canines are bereft,

Oh where, oh where, is the mythical white?

Only red and blue circle the doghouse,

The only stars exist in the night sky,

Lines are blurred between savior and louse,

All solutions are welcome hereā€”to die.

Spilled blood dances over the muddy floor,

Viciously, red and blue scream and grapple,

As if compromise is a silly chore,

And only violence secures the apple.

Cobalt paws push forward a gilded bone,

Engraved with plans, a solution to all,

Red jaws snatch and chew it upon their throne,

A splinter, so small, ends with a war call.

Growls echo as the slobbery bone drops,

And as crimson paws steadily advance,

Deadly smirk cloaked in fur, licking his chops,

By the bone he prowls, evil in his stance.

A russet leg takes upward through the air

And allows a yellow river to flow,

All blue eyes can do is simmer and glare,

As silence delivers the final blow.

AN: So . . . what's the extended metaphor? ^_^