All was peaceful, a new day to be seized,

Until she, self-righteous, did as she pleased,

A storm plowed through order, black winds screeching,

Ash and pumice danced, boundless peace fleeting.

A stark, grisly canvas engulfed the world,

As the heavens overhead spat and hurled,

Decay became the only thing she knew

All because of the one candle she blew.

Bones shattered as blood curdled at the sight,

Birds once cheerful cried black tears at her plight,

Evil slithered inside, laughing and sly,

As flaming light sheared through the sobbing sky.

The truthful mirror, fractured and jagged,

Revealed a face once lovely now ragged,

Let it be pockmarked for beauty is marred

Now that Satan has unleashed his bard.

Sanguine paint curled, crushing former fact,

A halo of hellfire, a broken pact,

She cried in the night, lonely and afraid,

Her hope severed by evil's bloody blade.

Cackling crimson fire, blazing and cold,

Sat on a forked tail for all to behold,

Ivory horns sharpened by thirsty knives

Wreaked merciless havoc on wicked lives.

Her face singed scarlet, bathed in ceaseless sin,

Screamed for her terrible trials to end,

Whipped and raw, her skin refused to heal

Charred it should be, as per the devil's deal.

No breath entered her nose, gnarled and long,

As she melted under his fiendish song,

Her emeralds, shining with agony,

Failed to repent, and died by vanity.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear

Witness the devil, and be struck with fear,

Emulate him, and be consumed by fire

For Lady Justice will never tire.

AN: So . . . what do you think?