Verse 1


Has never seemed this intense.

It's terrifying me,

This uncertainty

Of not knowing what storm is raging on in your mind.

Please open the door, I'm not afraid of what I'll find.

Verse 2


Has never made me this tense.

I have to confess,

I'm feeling helpless,

I've got no clue what I should say to make it better.

So I'm silent, hoping you can hold it together.



You won't answer me, will you, oh, my dearest?

You'll just keep it all bundled inside your chest?

Be the tough guy, say you're alright.

Can't you see that I'm scared tonight?

Of a silence that has you in its fist so tight.

A penny for your thought, or a hundred cents.


Verse 3


Never seemed so loud.

You did it, be proud.

I can hear a million dark thoughts inside my head,

Making me worry about this choice that you have made,

The choice to choose silence.