A choking gasp flooded the dank, dark room,

And a chilling laugh echoed in her heart,

The metal door closed from the outside,

Darkness engulfed her sight, cupping her cheeks.

Inky black brilliance, piercing and vile,

Danced over skin, caressing her arms,

Possessive coils played with stringy hair

Wet from tears, a monster running amuck

In her feebly defended mind, tainted

With invisible scars, devoured by

Shadows creeping along like spooked spiders,

A torrent, a storm invading the shore,

A festering hurricane spinning fast,

Faster—black winds imploding—rapidly—!

. . . The world froze, suspended in an abyss,

As a shaking hand grasped a wan bottle,

Pulling out a circular white capsule,

Hoping that it would make a difference.