Danger's daughter.

Take deep breaths, filled with poison
or hope, that will be known later.
Hold your wings tight, spread your
mind out, seek the ones you trust.

Who truly belongs?

Fight it! Fight it! Is it as clear
as you thought? Doubt burns fear into
its death, not a trace of its blood
left behind, only almost freedom.

What was it we longed for?

Before pain takes root inside a heart,
before night swallows down warmth,
answer clearly, is it way, is it death,
or is it nothingness we fight?

There's peace in knowing.

Holding close the last remains of
what was left behind, these movements
are alive with desperation, with hunger
to feel the everything of today's past.

The spark hurts, but it starts a fire.

System drowns down time, and there's
reassurance on its inaccuracy, let it
be its weakness or strength, both hand
in hand when flowers grow where they lie.

Hold your breath, action can be
as terrible and deathly as them.

There was a time when the song of
revolution and resistance lulled
childish minds to sleep, but their
skin is thicker now, fragile in years.

The electric connection holding up their
soul became wiser now, stronger in pain.

Danger's daughter, voice flowing
through the smoke of devastation,
would the thirst for pain be satisfied
in knowledge of self-destruction?

Sword within words ready, blood
splattered skin burning now.