Strung up on Caffeine

AN: Well, I got the idea actually writing a summary for "Drones Mindless"! Anyway, it's... screwed up. ^^;;;

It's late.
4:56 AM
I'm sitting here,
Strung up on caffeine,
My mind is racing,
Charging away from thoughts on which I would dwell
For hours at a time.
But no more!
With caffeine rushing through my tired blood,
My strangled blood,
I shall but only think of my utopia,
Strung up on caffeine.
It's perfectly natural,
To hide away
From what you wish weren't true…
Isn't it?
Me with my coffee and my cola
And my caffeine.
I sit here staring at the dark and the light,
The cocoa and the cream,
Mixing, swirling,
Tumbling endlessly down into a homogenized being.
What happened to the uniqueness?
Weren't they supposed to be separate?
Now, as I sit here,
Strung up on caffeine,
I look into my white, plaster coffee/cola/caffeine mug,
Carrying my sweet disillusioned liquid,
And I see the dull, pastel brown,
That once used to be two,
Before I poured in the cream and the sugar.
What happened?
The taste, it's not strong…
And it's not sweet,
It's so… in between,
So unsure!
I'm sitting here,
Strung up on caffeine,
At 4:56 AM
It's early.