This is just a little something, not really part of anything. I thought it was enjoyable, and I hope you do too.

Her hands were frozen death, easily felt through the thin fabric of his shirt. He wanted to pull away, to put as much distance between him and her as possible. She made his skin crawl and left an icy shell around his heart that grew layer by layer each passing year. She was his immortal enemy. His season's plague. He hated her with a burning passion that put the sun to shame with its hot intensity, and she knew that.

And she thrived on his hatred.

Well not this time. No matter what she did, who she harmed, he would stay strong. He would keep that fateful phrase locked deep inside. She wouldn't win.

"Hello," she said, breathing her arctic words against his neck. "How will this go, brother? I believe we don't need to struggle this time around. It truly is senseless."

"I will never surrender easily."

He spat it, the blazing heat of his breath melting the ice crystals shimmering in her pale white hair. The newly escaped water dripped down the side of her face. She wiped it away with a flick of her hand; the water hardening once more before shattering against the grass.

"Come on," she gently urged, leaning in close, "just relinquish your hold. What will you gain by being stubborn?"

"I won't give in to you," he said, shoving her and the stench of bitter dormancy away.

"You're being difficult and that will lead me do unspeakable things. I don't want to make Mother's treasures suffer," she said, her voice brittle and hollow; a lie to his ears.

"Then leave me be," he replied. "Let me forever reign."

She smiled, her frost covered lips cracking from the foreign motion only done as a mocking gesture in his presence.

"Mother won't allow that," she said, lightly brushing her fingers against his cheek. Where her skin made contact with his, dark bruises formed. He hardly noticed the pain. "I must have my time."

"I won't allow it," he declared.

"You do with each half orbit around the sun," she pointed out, continuing to stroke his cheek.

He clutched her hand and squeezed it in his. "Not this year. It will be different."

She chuckled at the well-worn phrase, but the sound was as false as the love he made her believe he harbored for her when her sway over the world was meant to end. This was a game—their curse—and it had grown tiresome countless millennia ago. They had no choice but to play their parts, though. Their mother was unrelenting of that rule, of her punishment for their constant bickering.

This time he would change it all.

There had to be a way.

"Brother, I will kindly ask you to abandon your season once more," she said.

"Never," he declared.

She sighed, the pity she meant to display almost convincing, and shook her head. She stepped away from him and surveyed the lush, green forest with her bottomless black eyes. A frown turned down her thin lips as she watched two squirrels chase one another around the bottom of a tall tree.

"You always make me do this," she whispered before opening her mouth and breathing a fine mist that she forced in the direction of the squirrels. The mist swirled around the squirrels, stopping them in their play. Their bodies stiffened and they fell to the ground with heavy thuds.

His jaw clenched and he made fists with his hands. She saw this and smirked.

"You know this is only the beginning," she told him.

"No matter what you do," he replied.

She nodded as if knowing he would say that. She opened and closed her hand, tendrils of ice spilling out of her fingers. They crawled along the grass, petrifying the plant and engulfing everything they touched in a thick layer of ice.

"You can stop this," she said as the tendrils multiplied and killed his forest. "All you have to do is say the magic words. Mumble them…whisper them, I don't care. Just say them."

"No," he moaned, the ache his season was going through searing through his body a hundred fold. It almost brought him to his knees, but he held fast and glared her in the eye.

"You are obstinate this time around," she said, her face radiating a faint glow of horrible joy. "I love it when you give me a challenge."

The ice thickened and wrapped itself tighter around the forest. The silent screams that erupted from the dying caused him to cringe and hot yellow-orange tears fell down his cheeks. She stepped up beside him and took one of his tears. She put it to her lips and where it touched steam rose.

"Is this your surrender?" she asked, wiping away another of his tears.

"Just stop, please," he murmured. It was all too much to bear. He couldn't watch with a steel soul as all those he loved perished. He would have to give in, to step aside and let her have her rule.

"Say it."

"I'll say anything you want."

"I only want those three little words," she said. "Those are the only three that matter."


She pressed her lips tightly against his and mouthed the last word as he said it. As the sound of his voice died and his strength was stolen and given to her to posses for another six months, she wove her fingers in his thick hair and tugged back his head.

"That's a good boy, brother," she laughed. She shoved him away then and started for her kingdom of silence and frost, where she would rule with her iron claw clutched fiercely at the throat of the world until it was time for him to free it once more. There was a slump in her shoulders that he refused to acknowledge.

"I will get you back," he whispered to her retreating figure. "You will pay."

Her voice was a soft, miserable sigh that barely reached his ears. "Don't I always?" She disappeared in the trees. "Don't I always?"