The only light I had as I walked down the dark streets was the pale light of the moon. It gave an eery glow to anything it touched, but I didn't mind. The street lights in these streets had been out for years now.

Any other person would probably have chills up their spine, or constantly be looking behind their back, afraid someone would jump out at them. Especially walking towards an even darker forest.

But not me. I loved the quiet so late at night.

Was probably also the fact that I could probably flatten anyone, or possibly anything, that came darting out to greet me. And you wouldn't think that looking at who I am. There is just so much packed into this...vertically challenged... female.

For people that don't know my story, you would probably think I am insane, and someone should find me like, RIGHT NOW and throw me in a looney bin.

For people that do... you are probably smiling at me right now. And nodding in complete agreement.

I heard a familiar snap of twigs under my feet as I went from hard gravel to soft earth. I heard the forest come alive.

Crunching sneakers soon gave way to silent pads, and all my senses heightened. I heard a birds take flight somewhere in the forest ahead of me. A dragonfly darted from leaf to leaf, probably hoping I wasn't going to eat it. I felt strong. I felt powerful. Even the grumbles in my throat felt like it would unnerve anything living.

This was the way to travel, especially in the forest.

I picked up pace, moving easily now. My eyes spotted obstacles and I easily leapt around them, darting and diving through the forest, liquid grace.

I loved being a tiger. I loved how it moved, how it sounded...

How it fought.

Or rather, me.

Again, anyone who doesn't know my story should probably stop now for fear of me putting you in the looney bin.

Everyone else, please, keep reading.

I traveled in stealth until I heard a distinct metallic banging. Definitely not part of the forest.

Definitely what I was looking for.

I nimbly darted towards the sound, until I came upon a large meadow, seeing a huge metallic structure rising out of the reeds.

Well, not so big if you thought-

"Ah s-" I saw the light of the gun pointed at me, and instinctively ducked. Five years of training will do that to you.

Settle down Ithiell, it's just me.

Silence, then I heard the gun go down and "Jade? Oh, it's you. You startled me"

I can tell. Sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you.

"Just... don't do it again. Or you might have your head blown off next time" I saw him turn around and place the gun back on the ground, then a metallic rustling as I walked towards him, slowly shifting back to human.

"So what are you doing out here so late? I thought you had school tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Can't sleep, so I thought I'd come out here and see what you were up to" I finally reached him, as he pulled out some kind of strange device, fiddling with it in his clawed hands, before going over to an open panel on the outside of the ship and doing something with it.

"What are you doing awake?" I added, walking up the hatch and sitting on the lip, watching as Ithiell worked. A slow smile spread over his lips.

"Couldn't sleep. Came out here to work on my baby"

I laughed "Your baby?"

"Well, with the amount of upgrades on this fighter, it's pretty much my child. I made her everything she is today" He tapped on the hull, the smile on his face growing.

"Getting sentimental in your old age are you?" I grinned at him, and he waved his little device in his hand at me, doing what I could have thought was a chiding look.

Not sure. It's hard to tell with Chanabiens.

Although, Ithiell wasn't just your ordinary alien. He had been kind of stranded here for a while. I mean, after we got the fighter he could have gone back, to live with his own people, but... I think he decided to stay. Almost seven years of watching him grow and learn human customs and even simple things like a shrug.

Put a nice warm feeling in my heart.

"Are you all right?" I was suddenly face to face with wide green eyes, and I yelped, attempting to get up, but failing miserably and tripping on my own feet.

"Ow" I muttered, rubbing the back of my head as Ithiell offered a hand to help me up. I took it, having a wild head spin and leaning my head on Ithiell's shoulder unintentionally.


"I guess now were even" I moved back, managing to lean myself against the edge of the hatch, looking at him as he fiddled with the device he had again. Again, that silly smirk came onto Ithiell's face, and even though he was an alien I could tell he found it amusing at the least.

"Yeah, I guess so" He walked back outside, and I followed him.

"Why did you ask if i was okay?"

His tail flicked a bit, and his head tilted to the side. Big green eyes stared at me.

"You looked a little pink, I was wondering if you had a fever. Either that or you were- there it is again"

"Oh" I felt my face flush "Embarrassment. I was kind of thinking about you and... well..."

He went back to his task as I leaned against the hull beside him, the little device lighting up a purple/blue "Go on"

"Aren't you lonely Ithiell? I mean, isn't it hard to be here, in the forest alone all the time? Wouldn't you rather go back home?"

He shook his head, almost sighing it seemed like, then made a strange noise like a click, before focusing on his task.

"Jade, haven't we had this discussion before? I'm here so the Terinans-"

"You know what I mean. Don't you have family there who misses you?"

Again, a strange noise like a sigh, then he put his device down and turned to me.

"Jade, I lost my parents when I came here. You know this. My sister is out there, somewhere, but I don't know where. The only family I have there are, what you would call cousins and aunts and uncles. My 'grandparents' passed when I was younger. My great grand parents are still there, but I-"

"I'm sorry Ithiell. I didn't mean to-"

He shook his head, stopping me.

"Don't. Not your fault. I know you care, just..." He suddenly placed his device on the console he was working on, then held out his hand for me to take.

I looked at it "What?"

"Trust me, I want to do something"

I stared at him, then sighed, placing my hand in his and then suddenly yelping as he grabbed me, almost threw me against him as he opened his wings and shot upwards.


The panic was short lived as he landed us safely on the very top of the fighter, moving away from me as soon as he did.

"There, not so bad was it?"

"Coulda warned me" I huffed, gingerly sitting down as Ithiell sat beside me, folding his wings back up under the flaps that concealed them. If you didn't know a Chanaiben male, you would never know he had those wings.

We both looked up, both of us obviously enjoying the peace, and the sight of the full moon.

"You know Jade, the truth us... you are my family. You and Amanda and Robert..."

"Robert?" I made a face. He laughed. There was something about that laugh that just moved me inside.

"Yes, even Robert. I do like it here. And I'm not alone, not really"

"So um..." I flushed, not knowing why I was bringing it up but knowing for my own sake I had to.

"So when are you going to ask Amanda out? Or... whatever you guys do"

Both big green eyes were once again on me, and let me tell you its quite intimidating when both those big eyes are trained directly on you.

"I... I don't get what you mean"

"Well, you dig her and shes... you know, totally into you"

What the hell was I? A hip hop rapper?


I sighed, knowing I was going to have to spell it out for the silly blind alien.

"You like her, she likes you. Shes almost out of school so now you can... get together... and make little alien human babies?"

The sound that burst from Ithiell sounded like an explosion. It took me a moment to realise it was laughter.

"I don't think that will be happening Jade"

Now I was the one dumbfounded.


"Well, I admit, Amanda is... an interesting girl... human... but" He scratched his head "She is not who I am looking for in a mate"


My heart was going a million miles a minute. It was stupid to

"So, you... don't..."

He shook his head "I am sorry if this hurts you and her. But... I kind of have feelings for another person"

My heart sunk. Both for myself and Amanda.

"I think that's how you say it" He scratched his head again.

"So... Rtaia?"

Again, another stare.

"Pia no"

"Well, she is your species and-"

"That Ibnit would drive me to my death!"

"Oooookay then..." I put my hands up "Backing off now"

Suddenly his hands were around mine, pulling mine away from my face and staring at me again.

"Jade, I... I think I..."

My heart leapt into my throat as his face came up beside mine, making strange clicking sounds that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

In a good way though.

He pulled away, looking what I thought was a little flushed. He looked away, eyes almost closed as he let go of me, turning to get up.

"Hey, wait... " I grabbed him as I shot up, almost making us tumble off the side of the ship. Ithiell grabbed me, using his tail to ground us and bring us back up to the less slippery part of the ship.

But now I was in his arms. I looked up at him. could I fall could I want...

But I knew the answer. It was Ithiell. He was more than just an alien. Than just someone who came to help us.

"Oh Amanda is going to be pissed" I muttered, then kissed his nose, making him blink.

"One way to settle this then?" He smiled, and slowly started to shift.

The second he had a proper mouth, I kissed him hard. He seemed surprised at first, but then slowly eased into it.

We parted, both of us smiling at each other.

"Well... wow" I smiled. I saw him, smiling his goofy human smile, his face bright red.

Then we both looked down.

"Uh... how do we get off the ship"

Ithiell just laughed, bringing his forehead to mine "We don't"

And with that, he captured my lips in another kiss, the world fading away around us.