This place is less a room or a hut than it might be thought of as a lavish tent in some manner as the walls appear to be made of a fine purple decorative fabric, yet there are glass windows somehow held in felt fabric like frames in the billowing curtain of a wall. Curtains of green cloth flutter despite the windows being closed. The room has a soft wooden colored stone floor with a circular alter raised above the rest near the far end away from the curtain like tent flap of a door; a butterfly pattern with arcane drawings and lines throughout it. The room is filled with a golden apparatus of wires and tubes with a large tube off to the right of a pedestal. Lightning sparks flash in the tube from a black stone suspended in the air. Billows puff and wheels with rods turn throughout the large apparatus whose golden rope woven wires connect to the raised section of the floor, the butterfly pattern starting to glow blue as energy surges through it.

Standing behind a pedestal facing the altar is a pair of women whose age cannot be a certainty, their appearance is human yet distinctly not; youthful in frame and face (despite the enlarged eyes), yet full in bust (a stark contrast to the rest of the primarily thin body). They are dressed in colorful garb best known as the "magical girl" style. Not far from them is another girl/woman dressed in red leather knight armor, carrying a short sword and tiny shield; she stands by the tube containing the black stone.

The magical-girls chant with a scroll unfurled before them, words that become light in the air heard only by faeries as whispers. A cyclone of blue energy erupts on the altar and a figure emerges. The magical girls *whimper* in fear, the knight draws her sword, as what stands before them is a tall woman with a fairly large bust, dressed in a black corset like tip with midriff showing, black tight pants, black hiking boots, long blood red hair, and a black cape with a red inner lining. This woman who easily stands twice the size of any of these people looks across the room with her piercing dark fiery blue eyes.

"Who has summoned me," says the woman in a stern voice, followed by, "also how…and why?"

One of the magical girls speaks up, "G…great Goddess of Magic…we…we summoned you…our…our world is in trouble."

The woman *raises an eyebrow*, "you summoned me…to save your world?"

"As the prophecy states," says the armored girl, "when the world is in trouble, the Golden

Apparatus is to be assembled, a stone of power placed into the cylinder, and the ritual recited to summon forth the Goddess of Magic."

"Yes," says the other magical girl, "The Goddess of Magic, she who crafted our world and wrote the very rules of magic themselves, who framed the mystic matrix that guides creation. Our world is being polluted by an outside power, an evil that flows…and…"

The woman steps down from the altar, looking around the room in clear curiosity; she runs her hand through a green curtain which disperses into a cloud of green butterflies that reassemble into a curtain when she passes by.

The woman takes a deep breath, "the translation spell can be a bit odd at times," she says, "especially when it comes to nouns; when you say The Goddess of Magic, are you saying one goddess of magic or a singular individual as a title."

The two magical girls and the knight look at each other confused; "There is only one goddess of magic…" starts one of the magical girls.

"As I thought," says the woman, "I can sense this world's designs…whimsical magic, butterflies, sparkling spells, rhyme schemes, things poofed into existence with cute effects, the very nature of this world…I bet you even have heart shaped trees or some such things."

"What…" starts a magical girl,

"the other…I can sense it," says the woman, "a completely different school of magic, nay…a different design completely has entered your world…ah yes…one based on darkness, shadows, magic that works better at night, attack spells, secrecy, curses, and necromancy."

"The evil magic," says the knight, "then…you do know of it."

"Dark and icky," says the one magical girl who was stuttering before, "its…scary and nasty…and what's…necro…mancy?"

"Using the dead and commanding them mostly," says the woman.

"ewww," says the two magical girls.

"I have seen it," says the knight, "horrible things that will haunt me for the rest of my life while out fighting them…we…we can't win…and"

"you called the wrong goddess," says the woman.

"What?" they all say in unison.

"You're world," says the woman, "is one based on the book of Splendor, the Green Book of the pleasant scent that causes life to bloom around it. You may never have seen it, but the one who created it and the rules that govern its magic is your goddess of magic. This foreign magic is not from your world, it is crafted by another; let's call her Shadow for simplicity's sake. If you are wishing to call the governess and creator of your very world's magic, then this is a conflict between them not I…although it is curious that you could even summon me using a spell meant for Splendor and…"

She spies the black stone in the cylinder, "that would explain it."

She walks over towards it, the knight steps between her and the stone, sword drawn, "This is a sacred Power Stone, The Thunderbolt Stone" says the knight, "as you are not the Goddess of Magic you come no further."

"you intend to stop me from taking the…seriously…Thunderbolt Stone? Of all the names this item has been called, the Stone of Storms, the Tempest Rock, the Shard of Chaos' Staff, the Original Philosopher's Stone…and your world gives it such a generic name…oh also I already took it."

The woman holds up her hand, the stone is in it.

"How'd you?" says the knight looking behind her at the empty cylinder.

"I am the creator of this stone," says the woman, "it is based on my power, using this powerful item would over-ride your summoning spell and summon I instead."

The woman steps before the much smaller magical girls and eyes the parchment they used for summoning. As she reaches for it the knight leaps at her with sword drawn.

"Telek!" yells out the woman, causing the knight to be stuck in mid-air unable to move.

"I will do you a favor," says the woman who with a gesture causes the parchment to float into the air and flip around into her hand.

"As you wish to summon the one who crafted the whimsical magic of your world against the Shadow magic of another; I grant you two perfect scrolls."

She flips the scroll into the air where it divides into two, a scroll with glowing glittering green letters, and a rod of magic wood, the other a foul thing with letters so black they burn the eye to look at them, parchment made of some kind of skin, and held by a rod crafted from the bone of an unknown beast.

She smiles and says, "these scrolls will summon my sisters, Splendor and Shadow, summon them both and let them decide what fate befalls your world if you do not wish to settle matters with your no doubt also primarily mortal opponents. I however have no stake here, I am not your creator, nor that of your enemy."

"She says weird things," whispers one of the magical girls in fear speaking to the other and eyeing the scrolls, "sis…who is she?"

The woman turns, her eyes glowing bright, electric sparks of blue and purple dance about her corneas, the ground shakes as she speaks, "I am the Storm! The Tempest! She who crafted the magic of Power, of the Elements, and the Sea of Chaos!"

Everything settles down, the three girls are thoroughly terrified.

As the woman stands upon the altar she crosses her arms and says, "Cosmic secrets have been revealed to you…far beyond no doubt than what was ever meant to be known to your world. Your Goddess is not alone, no doubt you have faced trials she herself has made possible, but you now face as you clearly realized a power from beyond your world; wholly unlike any magic good or evil you have ever faced. You are right to call upon her…"

The woman holds up the stone as she glows blue and levitates in the air, "This however was never meant to touch your world, nor was I…farewell little creatures of this whimsical world."

With that she vanishes.

"What…what happened?" asks the knight upon being freed from the spell.

"Where did you get that Power Stone?" asks one of the Magical Girls?

"I got it from a magic dungeon of course," says the knight, "you asked for the strongest power stone I had, and that Thunderbolt Stone was way stronger than any other I ever had, like one shot a Red Dragon powerful…I mean you wanted to summon the Goddess for crying out loud…I…sorry…I had no idea it…whatever that was."

"Its no matter," says one of the magical girls, "We still need to summon the Goddess of Magic and…"

She is brought to reality that the scroll is now two scrolls.

"We need another power stone," says the knight looking at the empty cylinder.

"We don't," says the magical girl reaching for the green lettered scroll, "I can feel the magic in this…its strong…like really strong."

"and…" says the other magical girl eyeing the other scroll which she swears sounds like its breathing.

"bury it," says the clearly older or more mature magical girl, "we must lock it in a guardian mimic box and place it in the deepest depths of the forbidden castle."

"didn't that lady," starts the younger or less mature magical girl.

"We don't know what that giantess was," says the other magical girl, "but this one scroll she left does have the holy aura and the letters are those of the holy language, it is a powerful summoning spell…but this other…if its true the enemy has a different Goddess…a…Shadow Goddess…we can't summon it…nor can we allow this scroll to fall into their hands."

They do not know that an invisible spy, a spirit summoned by the Shadow King Mordrid has seen the whole thing; and through it so has he and his sorceress the dark mistress of magic Nefaria.

The kind in dark armor, with inky black hair, stroking a black cat, sits on a dark throne looking over a pool at the base of the steps of his throne, watching and hearing the whole thing.

He turns to the woman standing beside him, the woman whose sorcery gave him access to this strange nearly defenseless yet filled with resources world, whose magic created his undead army and allows him now to spy on his enemies. A tall pale woman with well sized breasts and hips, wearing an oddly clingy black robe, her hair thick on top, a bit short in back, and odd lacey feather like veil over her ears and down the sides of her face.

"So what is it that we just saw?" asks the king.

"As my magic," says the Nefaria, "is bound to the spirit of Shadows, it seems this world as a whole is bound to the spirit of Splendor."

"and that woman?" asks the king.

"The spirit of the Storm," says Nefaria her voice a bit shaky at saying that, "it seems these small humanoids had an item in their position capable of summoning her…and they wasted it, seems the spirit has no interest in a world or a conflict between schools of magic that are not her own."

"I thought you told me spirits had to obey whoever summoned them?" asks the king.

"If they are summoned correctly," says Nefaria, "this one was not, a…mistake in their power source rather than the incantation summoned a spirit with no bindings upon it."

"I see," says the king contemplating all this, "send some of the spirits and undead to accompany my soldiers, we must have that other scroll before these…things bury it. Imagine having the Spirit of Shadow Magic herself under my command."

"As you wish my sire," says Nefaria.

The magical girls, now with and elder magician once more perform the ritual; their knight on her way with the sealed scroll. It astonishes them but the scroll works even without a Power Stone; what manifest before them is a figure similar to the last; a giantess twice their size, full in the chest and with long hair; this one however her hair is a dark green and wavy like vines, butterflies of every color adorn her hair; her garments are sheer green material that at once seems to be see through yet is not; as it glistens like dew made of light. In the face however there is a clear similarity to the other one that was summoned.

The goddess folds her hands before her waist and nods her head with a smile, "my children, my Whim-chans, I hear your prayers and answer in your time of dire need oh…"

A confused expression comes over her face as she looks at the scroll, and turns to look at the empty cylinder. A moment later this is gone and she is back to her pleasant demeanor.

She walks about the room, "I can feel a great imbalance, a darkness has come to this world that does not belong. Magic from an alien dimension and…"

She cocks her head, "another magic was here…one that…"

She looks at the scroll, "I see now," and looks at the Whim-chan magicians, they feel a slight ting in their heads.

The goddess shows concern, "What have you done?"

The magicians look among each other as the goddess speaks, "the magic that was here only briefly showed you her benevolence, I understand your fear, however in your fear you have endangered your entire world."

She looks off in the distance, the direction the scroll was taken, "the dark scroll is in danger; the enemy is coming for it. Should the scroll fall into their hands they may summon the Shadow Goddess who will be bound to obey their commands; if they do this instead of you my gentle Whims it will be a great tragedy…for when the gods fight it is the mortals who suffer for it."

With that the goddess vanishes like smoke. Although they do not know, she has not left; watching them from the spirit plane.

Far from the world of Whim, across dimensions into a universe filled with clouds and floating flat worlds held in stone like rims upon a white nebular sea, there is a world that may seem familiar; a world that looks like a distorted map of the Earth, with the eastern end being North and South America with half the Atlantic, and the western end being the other half of the Atlantic. There are seas where seas should not be, islands where they should not, as well as islands missing and the positions of mountains and valleys not wholly like the Earth; more a general resemblance really. Near the North Eastern coast of what would be the United States, instead is a continent called Ravashira, there is a place called Stratalia. It is a school for sorcery and adventurers; as well as a city, a space port, and a palace of the Lia family.

Here in a study is the sorceress Rhulan, sitting at a desk with the stone of storms sitting on the desk before her. There is a knock on the door, Rhulan need barely utter a "come in," as the person is very familiar to her; a young woman a head shorter than Rhulan; dressed in white sorceress robes; her long brown cascading over her back like an earthy cape over the blazing white garment; her blue eyes watching Rhulan with a bit of concern.

"Is something wrong?" asks the woman known as Hollia, "you vanished from the party so abruptly."

This is not mere exaggeration as Rhulan had literally been standing there talking with Hollia's mother the Light Elf Jasma, when Rhulan literally vanished into thin air. Hollia had senses when Rhulan returned shortly after.

"Just an old oddity," says Rhulan, "I am taking care of now."

A small black swirling vortex appears on Rhulan's desk, with a *flick* of the finger she knocks the stone into it; both it and the portal vanishing. Hollia of course saw this, but decides not to ask, as that stone was giving off a strange power, so similar to Rhulan's own. Rhulan gets up an smiles as she wraps her arm over the smaller woman's shoulder as they head back down to the celebration.

On yet another world, this one an actual Earth in the void of space; however the continents are not in the exact positions and the coastlines are different due to a higher sea level. Over a grassy plane the sky darkens with spiral black clouds as the Stone of Storms flies from the sky like a meteor from the middle and strikes the ground. Not far off a creature resembling a pony with a bird like head nearly throws off its rider in fear. The three foot tall humanoid rabbit like creature that is the rider, dressed in leather clothes and many pouches calms his beast. As the sky clear he says in his language, "what strange weather, is it an omen about my journey?

He rides over to where the stone struck the ground; his beast is fearful of the smoking crating so he leaps from its back. He examines the crater finding a smooth black crystal like stone as large as his hand. Picking it up he examines that is cool to the touch and makes the fur on his arm rise on end to the touch. He pockets the stone and returns to his beast to continue his mission of peace.

-we now return to the story you were reading…already in progress-

The Whim-chan knights stand defeated, exhausted, the dark army soldiers have better weapons, longer reaches, two feet on any Whim-chan easily, better armor, and are mostly undead soldiers. The Whim-chan are lucky the undead guards had orders to keep them alive as prisoners for the Dark King. The Whim-chan caravan was easy to find, what with having a bunch of colorful knights, colorful ponies, banners, and a large cage in the middle with a large blue colored chest with eyes and teeth snarling at anyone who got to close; a mimic with the dark scroll inside it.

"You will never succeed!" yells the red armored female Whim-chan knight; while she and her company are tied up with rope before the Dark King in one of his many throne rooms, all with a raised throne atop steps, this one lacking the scrying pool and instead a wide floor. The Whim-chan knights are tied up with rope and are bound to the floor with skeleton guards watching them from behind. Between the Whim-chan knights and the king is the cage holding the mimic.

Nefaria descends the steps at the king's command, "Nefaria, destroy that creature, retrieve the scroll, and summon the Shadow Spirit to serve us."

"You can't do this!" yells out one of the male knights, although for them the only real tell on gender is the presence of breasts, "don't you know this is pure evil?"

The female knight adds in, "evil never wins, you will fail, that mimic was created by the great sage herself and,"

Nefaria chants a spell,

"Jeg kaller på deg, med skjell rødere enn solnedgangen
Med øyne som skinner sterkere enn tusen lykter
Med hoggtenner som kan ta motet fra den sterkeste av gudene
Med en pust som kan få de eldste og viseste av trær til å visne hen og dø
Jeg kaller på deg for å forvitre og korruptere de som står foran meg
Korrupsjonens Vilje!


The Dark King raises a brow, her words are no longer in his language despite the spell placed on her. A pink energy comes over the cage and the mimic, the cage dissolves and the mimic after a moment of thrashing explodes in blue flames. The dark scroll is left behind on the floor. Nefaria flips it open on the floor, and in a quick motion bites her thumb; drawing blood and spreads it in a line over the text.

"In my true name," says Nefaria, "known only by my blood I summon you forth and bind you to my command, Sharon the Sorceress of Shadows I summon you!"

A dark cyclone erupt and in the room stands a woman, so much like the other two that had been summoned before, save this one is dressed in black armor that would be sparse and barely cover anything if not for shadow cloth beneath it covering her skin save for her arms and head; her long black wavy hair draws contrast to her pale complexion and deep blue eyes.

Nefaria holds up her wrists, a magical chain and cuffs of orange light emanating from them,

"Sharon, as I summoned you obey me and free me from this mad-man's binding spell!"

"Traitor!" yells out the Dark King, "guards kill her!"

Sharon barely need glance in the direction of the skeleton guards and they turn to dust.

Sharon grabs the magical chain, the whole thing shattering in her grasp.

"Why would I pledge allegiance to you?" scowls Nefaria looking at the dark king, "your Necromancer summoned me from my dark palace, your offer of payment was only a lie so he could place this binding spell on me."

Sharon raises a brow looking down at a mystical purple rune appearing on her left wrist.

Nefaria *laughs*, "You have no room to complain…my master," she says, "as you bound me to your will, now you are bound to mine…oh we will have fun…my master…but first I command thee…"

She is interrupted by a cyclone of green glittering leaves and strange whimsical music filling the air and a bright light. There are the two magical girls holding up the nature scroll.

"Impossible!" shouts Nefaria, "your magic cannot exist in this place!"

"By the magic of creation," shout the two magical girls in unison, "we summon The Goddess of Splendor, bound by the scroll, come forth Goddess Sally!"

Sharon raises an eyebrow as the Goddess of Splendor in all her divine glory appears through a green cyclone and the sound of birds singing.

The Dark King watches in horror at something those down on the floor don't seem to notice, for they are inside a bubble created by these two divine figures, the world around them is distorting, the castle, the floor, shifting and changing with the landscape that had been there before.

"I do not wish to fight you little sister," says Sharon manifesting a dark sword with a horned skull on the guard, "I am however bound by the scroll's magic to obey my summoner."

"As am I," says the goddess in stoic grandeur, "I will protect this world, even if that means I must recreate it."

Those words seem to pass over the heads of the Whim-chan people, however the Dark King looks about him the words of dangerous immortals known all too well to him, the only exit to this room being the door the distortion blocks, he looks down and meets the gaze of Nefaria, whose wicked smile tells him she too can see the distortion and her threats from the day he bound her are holding true, the day the Necromancer's spell of binding were poorly worded enough for Nefaria to kill the Necromancer outright once the binding was done but keep her in the King's command; her threat to kill not only him but all that he has created once the binding is no more.

Her *laughter* confirming his fear, her laughter distracts the Whim-chan from making any orders for their goddess, not apparently noticing that neither goddess is even moving without direct orders to attack one another.

"Yes!" shouts out Nefaria, "bring upon this world's apocalypse! And while you keep the Spirit of Splendor's attention my old master I call down cataclysm upon this ass hole's world, Whim and Homnes shall be no more!"

Nefaria pulls a large card from her sleeve, a card with a box for a picture that is only blackness with red glowing lines that appear at the right angles.

"Behold my most secret of summoning cards!" she shouts, "Ancient Homnes rightfully buried the temple grounds where the cards of the Runemon would appear; your world's forgotten magical past of summoning monsters to fight your wars and for sport shall be its undoing; for I hold in my hand a card of which only one may exist at a time, that can only be used once, and a century or more will pass before another appears to replace it! The Goddess of Cataclysms!"

She holds up the card, "I summon thee hence!"

The card vanishes as a column of darkness filled with lightning. A second larger column appears not far away, with it the distortion grows more violent and the Dark King backs up further, and yet suddenly the distortion vanishes as the two goddesses look at each other, the Whim-chan magical girls are deeply concerned and Nefaria is frozen in fear. For standing over to the side is Rhulan…who is holding a small cupcake in her hand. She glares at the scene before her and pops the cupcake into her mouth, swallowing it whole.

"Seriously," says Rhulan miffed, "Two summoning in one day…it normally takes centuries or even millennia between times that any fool manages to summon me even once *sigh* I spent the last one thousand years as a schizophrenic statue and ghosts…all it would have taken is just one jack-ass anywhere in existence summoning me for my mind and body to be freed completely..and now sometime after I was already freed and repaired myself completely…now…now two times in one frapping day I am summoned and…"

She looks around her, "it's the same world isn't it? I…I took the stone away…so how the hell…"

She looks directly at Nefaria who in turn ducks behind Sharon.

"You…this aura…the…ah yes…Runemon cards…forgot I had one set for myself for that royal family to use in case their world was in danger or something…totally forgot I set it to reconfigure and…Nefaria."

Her voice on Nefaria's name sends a chill down the sorceress' spine.

"Protect me Sharon," says Nefaria, "protect me from Rhulan's wrath."

Sharon turns with her sword drawn.

Rhulan *snaps* her fingers, the dark scroll and the nature scroll burst into flames. The Whim-chan magical girls *shriek* as they put of sparkling energy barriers.

The goddess of Splendor stands by as Sharon's sword vanishes in shadow. She turns to a now *whimpering* Nefaria, an emotionless expression yet conveying anger most extreme upon her face.

Sharon grabs Nefaria by the upper arm, "Okay bitch, seems you need some retraining on who the master is."

With that Sharon and Nefaria vanish in shadows, blacking out from reality and then gone.

The goddess of Splendor turns as green sparks slowly fly up around her, "My dear little creations, return to your lands and know peace, for all shall be right by the 'morrow."

With that the Whim-chans all vanish in green leafy cyclones.

"I may not know exactly what is happening here," says the Dark King, "but I do know the difference between a god and some witches who figured out how to be immortal playing god."

Neither Rhulan nor the goddess of Splendor are looking at him, instead meeting each other's gaze while the Goddess slowly vanishes in sparkling green lights, right before her face vanishes a smile appears that does not belong on such a figure.

"Do not ignore me!" yells out the Dark King brandishing his sword, "I am ruler of the Gothaham Empire I…"

Rhulan *snaps* her fingers and his head explodes. His lifeless body falls on the ground.

"All yours Sally," says Rhulan as she vanishes.

In a moment the air grows light, massive branches rip through the castle, undead soldiers become dust and water, the king's body dissolving as though in acid as the castle melts around his corpse as well.

In the shadow realm Nefaria is tied up to a rack, her ankles and arms spread apart and bound to the table. Sharon stands over her, the shadow cloth retreating into her armor showing off her milky silk smooth skin between the dark metals.

"How…" whispers Nefaria.

Sharon is holding a ball gag, "What was that? Does my disobedient pet who dares bite at her master have a question?"

Nefaria is in a state of disbelief, "the card…it…it summoned the sorceress Rhulan…I…I know she's powerful…second highest ranked spell caster according to the dimension police; only behind the sorceress Misaline…but…the Runemon cards…she…"

Sharon leans on the rack, "She made them, some silly whim of hers or another."

Sharon holds up the ball gag, pull the straps apart.

"But how?" asks Nefaria.

"Oh fine," says Sharon frustrated, "this is really bothering my horny you know, just look at my face and the answer should come to you."

Nefaria looks at her, there is…a resemblance.

Nefaria is about to speak when Sharon shoves the ball-gag in her mouth and straddles her prisoner's waist, "now there will be no more questions about my sister or my other sister or anything else…you will think only of me, and penance for your crimes my little bitch."