A beautiful sunny day. It's only natural that everyone would be spending it outside. Now imagine a park filled with all kinds of people just hanging around. In this crowd of people there are two girls, the main characters. The one on the left is on her roller skates while the other one on a skateboard. The skater girl is rather short and plain looking, a complete tomboy. She has short, black spiky hair, is wearing a black, red and white checkered shirt and dark jeans. On the other hand, the other one is completely different from the first one, model like tall girl with long wavy hair wearing a very girly type of dress. While passing the park at full speed they hear a scream.

"Look out!" A guy yelled out to them. As they notice the ball charging them, the tomboy girl instinctively stops and ducks but the other one obviously inexperienced with dodging flying balls panics and slips. As a result she falls down on her butt.

"Ouch!" She murmurs."Hahahahah…" The tomboy laughs while picking up the ball. The guy who warned them of the danger comes up to the one who fell offering her his hand. "Are you ok?" He asks. Completely ignoring him she says: "Stop laughing already and give me a hand." Still laughing the tomboy girl helps her up and gives the ball back to the guy. "Here" He takes it.

" Oh my god! Ryoko please tell me my dress is fine. The model like girl asks the tomboy. "Calm down. There is nothing wrong with it." The tomboy replies when suddenly a ringtone comes from the model like girls' tiny purse. She picks it up and rides away.

"Is she really ok?" The poor confused guy asks, rubbing his hand on his head. "Yeah, don't worry about it. Asami is like that". She smiles and pats him on the shoulder. "Bye now." She says and goes after Asami. "Those girls are weird." He says to himself and goes back to playing football with his friends.

"I'm home!" Ryoko says while placing her skateboard against the wall. "Oh, welcome." Her mother pops up from the kitchen still holding the plate and the cleaning towel. "Are you hungry?" She asks. "Not now. Maybe later." Ryoko starts to go up the stairs. "Ryoko!" Her mother stops her with just the tone of her voice." Did you choose which high school to enroll in yet?" She asks curiously. "No, not yet. Anyway, I'm really tired now so I'm going to my room." She says and continues up the stairs. "Don't bother me." She adds in the end.

The moment she walks in, she locks the door and turns on the computer. After a couple of hours her phone rings. "What's up?" She answers automatically. "What is with that tone? What are you doing?" Asami asks. "Just…looking through some high school options, you know those with cheaper fees."

"Huh... I thought you were going to a music school." Asami says in surprise."Well…of course I want to, but it's impossible for my parents. My parents wouldn't be able to afford any music schools… and even if they could, my dad would never let me enroll into one. He thinks music altogether is a waste of time. (sighs) What about you? Where are you going?" Ryoko asks while scrolling down options.

"I…still haven't decided. Unlike you I have no idea of what I want to do with my life. So…did you find anything affordable yet?" Smoothly changes the Subject. "Well…I'm actually considering this Tokiwadai named high school."

Asami replies in excitement: "Then let's both go there." As soon as those words were said, Ryoko almost fell off her chair."What?" "Hahah, surprised? Asami continues."I bet you're very confused so let me explain. She coughs on purpose. "You must have noticed it. Not even you are that dumb. She giggles. I always avoided talking about what school I would enroll to. That's because I had made a decision already. Wherever you go is completely fine with me. For me, instead of thinking about my future and all that stuff, being together with my best friend is far more important." She finishes with a sense of pride.

"I thought something was up." Ryoko answers in an annoyed tone. "Admit it. You were just too lazy to figure it out on your own, so you chose the easier path, to follow your master." She raises her voice at the end in order to emphasize her sarcasm.

"Well…it doesn't matter what thoughts brought me to this decision, what really matters is that I did it for the sake of both of us. So stop whining." And so on…they continued to bicker at each other...

While preparing dinner Asami hears the door bell. "Hi mom." She says as she lets her in and then helps her with her jacket and purse. "I made dinner." She says with enthusiasm.

"Sorry, I'm not hungry, just tired." Her mother unties her bun and heads toward her room. "I still have some work to do. Good night." She forces out a smile and closes the door.

Asami sighs in disappointment. "And here I thought of doing something useful." She murmurs to herself. After she picks up the extra dishes from the table and turns to head towards the kitchen she notices a picture. There it was, hanging on the wall. A picture from when she was 10 years old. A family portrait of her, her mother and father, back when they were a family. She takes her glance away and remains silent for a while, sees a flashback from the past and a single tear falls down her cheek. She wipes it off quickly and starts eating.

The next morning comes. The sun shines brightly on the streets, the birds are tweeting…and Ryoko is deep in sleep. Though not for long it seems. A gentle touch on the doorknob, a light push and a quiet slide of the door is all it took. A quiet approach toward the bed and a swing resulting in a splash of water into the sleeping girl follows.

"Aaahh!" She screams and positions herself in a sitting mode almost instantly. "The aliens!" She continues with her arms up in the air. "The aliens are coming!" Then she looks down and notices her water soaked pajamas. She looks up only to see her brother laughing on the floor unable to take a proper breath. On top of that, he is punching the floor repeatedly as if laughing alone isn't enough.

"Why you little brat!" She shouts at him, her eyes burning. He stops laughing the moment he notices her flame lighted eyes and flees the room taking her phone as hostage. "Come back here!" She chases after him immediately. "I can't hit you if you run!" Such were the mornings at Ryoko's house, extremely loud.

At that same time Asami was already up and ready for the new day. She is particularly surprised when she notices an incoming call from Ryoko at such an early hour. She picks it up curious for its nature. "Hello?" She proceeds, but no answer, only strange noises. "Hello? Ryoko?" She starts again in a more loud voice. "Huh?" She hears the surprised voice of Ryo, Ryoko's little brother.

Ryoko finally snatches the phone from his hand. "Sorry Asami. It was my brother. We were fighting over the phone and he must have ringed accidentally." Ryoko explains with an apologetic tone then immediately after glares intently at her brother. "It's okay." Asami laughs. "But fighting so early in the morning? You guys are incredible." She adds.

"It's all because of his stupid pranks." Ryoko continues with an annoyed tone. "Hey, did you have breakfast yet?" She asks suddenly. "No…why?" "Then you should come over. We can hang out later." Ryoko suggests. Asami looks around as if looking for something then she says: "Oh, what the heck. I'll be there in 30." And hangs up.

Breakfast was just as loud as mornings with Ryoko and Ryo snapping at each other constantly. …and fun…thought Asami. After they finished eating Asami and Ryoko went upstairs in Ryoko's room. Ryoko locked it automatically.

"Do you really have to do that every time?" Asami asks. "Of course I do. You never know what kind of a creature might crawl in if I don't." Ryoko answers slightly irritated by the question. "Don't say that about your brother." Asami laughs briefly.

"I really like your family." She concludes and smiles. "Huh?" Ryoko makes a weird face, probably wondering how to react to that. "Sorry, was that weird? I just think that you're very lucky. Your family may be noisy but it's very fun to be around them." Asami stops talking. "You're right. But why talk about my family all of a sudden? Did something happen?"

"Well…-her voice trembles-lately I haven't been able to talk properly with my mom. She works really hard. So I made her favorite dish the other day to surprise her, but she completely blew me off. I guess I'm just feeling lonely…" She could speak no more because she wouldn't be able to hold her tears in if she did.

"I see. I never really thought of it that way. I guess even rich people have problems." She says in a teasing manner. "Hey! What is that supposed to mean?" Asami goes along with the joke and is cheered up a bit. "Ha-ha, sorry. What I am getting at is that your mother was just too tired and overworked to see through your intention. Don't think too much of it. It's bad for your brain." She smiles again.

"Stop that." Asami throws a pillow at her. "I understand that. But the feeling of being left out stays. You know I can't help but admire your ability to change from a child to an adult. How do you do that?" She smiles at the thought. "Never underestimate an idiot." Ryoko replies with a pride voice. And they both laugh…