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And just like that a new day rises. Now imagine a quiet little room in which Ryoko is enjoying her sleep, so warm and so cozy. The door creaks. A silent ninja movement drives him next to the bed. With a mischievous grin he takes Ryoko's hand and gently brings it closer to a pan of hot water. He hears the splash and a terrifying scream as he quickly pulls away. "No! Not yet. I'm not ready to die!" Ryoko snaps out of it feeling the pain in her hand. Soon after the glare she gives to her content brother, who is bursting in laughter, she jumps for the kill.

A game of tag accompanied by Ryo's laughter and Ryoko's rage follows. In this whole mess Minami is able to hear the phone ring. "Hello?"

"Oh, good morning Minami-san. Sorry to call so early in the morning."

"No, don't worry about it. Everyone's awake already." She smiles. "It seems they're at it again."

"Ha-ha, yeah I can hear them. Can I talk to Ryoko?"

"Of course, I'll call her now." Ryoko! Stop playing with your brother and come here! Asami is on the phone!" She leaves the line open as she heads for the kitchen to continue preparing breakfast.

"You better not think this is over because it is not!" Ryoko says as she approaches the phone. "Hey what is it?"

"Hi, what are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm trying to kill my idiot brother."

"That sounds like fun. Anyway, back to why I'm calling. My mom is leaving on a trip this morning and won't be back till tomorrow in the evening so I was thinking of having a sleepover."

"That sounds nice, but I have my part time today. Maybe I could come a little later?"

"Part time?" says Asami in surprise "You didn't tell me you found a job! When did this happen?"

"I haven't? I must have forgotten. Sorry."

"Don't you sorry me! Tell me everything. What is it and where is it?"

"I work at the zoo." A pause follows after that answer.

"The zoo? Why!? What do you do there?"

"I'm a cage cleaner. I know, it's stupid, but it's the only choice I had, so I took it."

"No way! Disgusting! You need a new job ASAP. Also I kind of called some of our classmates. Is that ok?"

"Why are you asking me? It's your house."

"Argh! I can't deal with this now. I know!" Ryoko jumps when Asami squeaks. "I can come there to look around and after you finish we can go to my place together. What do you say?"

"Ok, but I won't be able to keep you company."

"I know idiot." They agree on the meeting place and hour and hang up. "Ryo! Come here you little brat!" And the chase continues.

Immediately after Ryoko arrived at the zoo she was told to go clean up the emptied cages. Of course she was given some tips on how to do it right beforehand.

"Ugh. I never thought I'd be cleaning monkey poop when I accepted the job offer." Murmurs Ryoko while doing just that. After two hours she is fed up with it. 'I want to go home.'

"What are you doing?" She recognizes the voice. Taro starts laughing in matter of seconds. "This is priceless. Hey, turn this way so I can take a picture of you." He takes out his phone still laughing contentedly.

'Great. Just what I needed. A monkey with a camera.' She throws him a glare to shut him up, suppresses her need to yell at him and walks away. 'I'm only enduring this so that I don't lose my job on my first day. Oh, but I'm so going to make it up to him in school I promise.' She continues to the next cage and repeats it all again.

'She didn't yell at me like she always does.' He stands there observing her when he feels a slight touch on his shoulder.

"Hey. Did you wait long?" A girl wearing a very cute knee length pink dress stands next to him and steals a glance of Ryoko. 'Why is he staring at her?' She wonders as she smiles to him.

"Hey, no I just got here too." His voice cracks due to nerves.

"Do you know her?" She points at Ryoko.

"What? Ah…she's…just a girl from school…"

"Oh, a friend?"

"No, not exactly…we have a special relationship…" he laughs awkwardly "…a hate kind of relationship. But I might have taken it a bit too far this time. I'm going to go apologize."

"Wait." She grabs his hand. "Maybe you should wait a little. You know, when she isn't so dirty." She makes a disgusted face, but he doesn't notice. "She might feel embarrassed if you go talk to her when she is like that."

"Embarrassed!" Something clicks in his head. 'Right, she was embarrassed.' He feels relieved. "Let's get something to eat then."

"Yeah, let's." They walk hand in hand past Ryoko and sit at a nearby restaurant.

After an hour Ryoko finishes cleaning the cages and heads back to the manager for her new assignment as she was told.

"How did it go?" He asks her. "I know it's not a job that any girl dreams of, but it pays well. Keep that in mind." He smiles and taps the upper part of her hand encouragingly. "Go help out in filling the water for the animals." He gives her the order and walks up to another employee.

Back at the restaurant Taro and his date, Nozomi, are finished with their meal. "That was delicious." She smiles again. "I'll just go to the ladies room real quick ok? Wait here."

Soon after she leaves Asami arrives at the zoo and notices Taro. "Hey, I remember you." She says as she walks up to him. "What was your name again?"

"Yeah I remember you too. You're that midget's friend or something. I don't think I've told you my name before though."

"Well, you were too busy fighting with my best friend, so I understand." They both laugh and continue to chat.

'Where is it?' Nozomi thinks as she is relentlessly searching for the ladies room. 'There it is!' She notices Ryoko exiting it while carrying around a heavy bucket of water. "Hey, you!" She yells out to her.

Ryoko looks around. "Me?"

"Yeah you!" She is raging in anger. "Listen up you little wench. What do you think you're doing?" She is breathing heavily.

"What are you talking about? "

"I'm just freaking out because you were there in those dirty clothes! Oh my god, who know how much bacteria you must have left in there!"

Nozomi starts to breathe in and out alternately trying to calm herself down while Ryoko stered at her in amazement.

"I'm sorry?" Ryoko says innocently as she raises her shoulders.

After calming down Nozomi pulls out a charming smile. "It's okay. I'll just hold it in. She heads for the restaurant passing beside Ryoko. She accidentally slams her shoulder onto Ryoko's which causes the poor girl to lose her balance and fall down, the water ending up all over her.

After making a surprised look Nozomi squats and whispers in Ryoko's ear. "Serves you right." Ryoko stays silent as she pulls back her wet bangs, desperate to get back at Nozomi. As she gets back up she hears Asami's voice.

"Ryoko! What happened?" She runs up to her in panic. Nozomi already left the scene and now it's just the two friends.

"Wish I knew. This crazy girl suddenly comes and yell at me, something about bathroom and bacteria. After that I have no idea what happened except that she pushed me. I fell and the water I was carrying in this bucket ended up all over me. And I don't even know what it was all about."

"What? How dare she! Where is she now?"

"She split the second you yelled out my name." She picks up the bucket and turns back only to see the manager behind her.

"What is the meaning of this Ryoko? I told you to be careful with the water." He says rather frustrated.

"I'm so sorry sir. It was an accident." Ryoko apologizes and bends down her head. " I'll be careful next time."

He looks up at her. "I'm afraid there won't be a next time for you. Go get yourself cleaned up then come to my office to get today's wage." He says and walks away.

"But wait…." Ryoko stops Asami by placing her hand on her mouth.

"It's okay. I didn't like this job anyway. I'll just get a new one."

"No! It's not okay! You got fired because of that lunatic girl. Don't be okay with it! You should be angry!"

"I am. But anger doesn't solve problems, it just makes them bigger. But hey, at least I'm getting my pay for my suffering." She grins.

"Really? How can you keep calm at times like this yet you get angry at the stupidest things?"

"I can get angry exactly because of that. They're stupid and insignificant."

Asami sighs in surrender as Ryoko heads for the cabin where she left her things. A few minutes later she comes out, her hair still wet. Wait here, I'll go get my money. Ryoko smiles as she walks way leaving Asami who is pouting.

Walking toward the exit Ryoko stops. "There she is." She points left from her.

" Oh, she's so going to get it now!" Asami starts heading towards Nozomi. They then see Taro walk up to Nozomi as they engage in a friendly conversation, laughing every now and then.

"Taro?" Asami looks surprised.

"How do you know his name?" Ryoko shakes her head.

"I can't believe this!" Asami proceeds forwards. Ryoko goes after her in attempt to stop her. But there was no stopping her and Ryoko knew that. Taro notices them coming and so does Nozomi.

"Hey, so you found her." He says ignorant of Asami's fiery rage.

"Yeah I did, and you have no idea in what kind of state I found her."

"What do you mean?" Ryoko finally catches up and stands next to Asami. "Stop this. She says quietly.

"Stop what? What is going on and why is your hair wet?" Taro asks.

"Maybe you should ask your girlfriend that." Taro looks at Nozomi confused and waiting for an answer. She lifts both her shoulders faking ignorance.

"Well if you won't talk then I will. Your pretty little girlfriend got Ryoko fired." She looks content now.

"What?" Taro turns to Ryoko. "Is that true?"

"Well…technically the manager fired me, but… she is the one made me look useless to him."

"You lying bitch! I did nothing to you! She's lying Taro, why would I get her fired?"

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me?"

"You actually trust her more than me?"

"Tell me what happened." He says in a loud stern voice.

"She fell all by herself and spilled the drinking water for the animals. I don't know why she is blaming me."

He looks back at Ryoko who is obviously uncomfortable with the situation. "Well, it's true that I fell and all that…but she left out the part where she yelled at me for a reason which I'm still not familiar with. Then she pushed me. Though it could have been and accident."

"You can't possibly trust that made up story from that dirty peasant girl?" She shouts in self defense.

"Don't call her that!"

Ryoko pulls away Asami. "What are you doing? This is the best part." Asami complains.

"I think we've done enough." Says Ryoko as they walk away.

"Why did you do it Nozomi?"

"What do you mean why? Don't you see how dirty her clothes are?"

"Those are her work clothes. Of course they would be dirty." He stares at her waiting for a more believable excuse.

"You also looked at her in a way in which you never look at me." She says bashfully. "I think I was a bit jealous.

"I don't know what that means, but even so that's not a reason to attack someone so aggressively."

"I only did what I thought was right. Plus she was looking for it."

"You know I'm beginning to wonder why I even liked you in the first place."


"I really like you, but you kind of ruined it for me I don't want to date you anymore.." He sighs.

"No, wait. Let's talk." She hangs onto him. He pulls away from her. "There is nothing to talk about. It's over." He walks away.

"Ryoko!" Taro runs towards Ryoko and Asami. "Can I talk to you for a little bit?" he says as he approaches them.

"I'll go ahead without you. I've got some things to buy since I'm the hostess and all that. Come when you finish. Bye Taro." She waves goodbye and leaves.

"I'm sorry." Taro puts on a surprised face at Ryoko's words. "Why are you apologizing?"

"Well, because of me you had a fight with your girlfriend."

"I didn't have a fight, I broke up with her. And that is not your fault. I'm actually glad that this happened, because I got to know hoe shallow she is. Not that I'm glad you got fired…ugh…that came out wrong." He face palms himself.

"I get it, don't worry." Ryoko bends down her head feeling uncomfortable.

"Why don't we sit down?" He points at a bench.

"Ok." They sit down. A moment of silence makes them both feel slightly out of place and kind of weird. Taro notices a wending machine opposite them.

"You want a drink?" He gets up not expecting for an answer and buys two sodas. "Here." He hands it over to Ryoko.

"Thanks." She takes it, opens it and takes a sip.

"I'm sorry you got fired." He says at last while looking down.

"It's okay. It's not like being a cage cleaner in a zoo was my dream job." Taro laughs.

"I'm sorry about laughing at you before as well. I went too far. I was going to apologize to you but…" He sighs "I really liked her…I like her…"

Ryoko takes a glance at him and taps him on the shoulder. "Well it'd be weird if you didn't."

He laughs again. "Look at it this way, when one door closes another opens, but if it doesn't just climb up the window and you're good."

"Ha-ha, thanks…I think. You're really funny. You should be a comedian."

"I get that a lot." Ryoko smiles then feels awkward by Taro's eyes on her.

"Don't you feel upset or angry? How can you joke with such ease?"

"Hey, I only lost a crappy job, you lost a girl. I'd say you got the short end of the stick this time around, so I've got no right to complain."

He can't help but laugh again. "You know, for an enemy you're quite nice."

"Thanks, I appreciate that. But don't think for a second that I'm going be all friendly to you at school. Remember, I still hate you."

"Yeah, thought so." He turns to her and stays silent which kind of throws Ryoko off. "Anyway that's all I really wanted to say so" he gets up "I'll see you at school." He waves goodbye and walks away.

"If I'm lucky enough I won't, but who am I kidding?" Ryoko murmurs as she herself gets up and heads for Asami's house.

Later that that day Asami, Ryoko and some unimportant classmates whose names I won't say now have a fun sleepover. The end.